6 extremely useful life hacking Beach

• 6 extremely useful life hacking Beach

If you spend a lot of time on the beach, where you will appreciate these tips. In this article we will not talk about how to properly drink water and use sunscreen, and how to get rid of the main beach of trouble. But we finish the entry and move on already finally to the point.

6 extremely useful life hacking Beach

A simple way to get rid of the sand

Sand - this is one of the main pleasures on the beach, but it can also bring a lot of trouble. Sometimes, it is simply impossible to shake off. But do not worry: buy baby powder and use it all summer - so you get rid of sand and easy. Apply a little powder and shake off the sand - After this procedure, your skin will become soft, and most importantly - free of sand.

Solve the problem with

decaying sandals

If you are constantly falling down sandals, simply attach it to the edge of the wide strap a little bread crumbs - I'm always carry them with me when I go to the beach. Well, it is not very much and stylish, but still much better than going barefoot.

Blow out the ears after swimming

This is a secret I learned from a professional diver. He said that he always carries with him a balloon when it swim. The bottom line is this: you need to cheat a little ball (pair breaths will suffice), while holding the nose of the case. It will blow your ears in seconds.

Soothe the skin after burns

Aloe gel - one of the best remedies for sunburn. Place the gel in the fridge for 10 minutes before going to the beach and use it when you get burned. Just before it's worth making sure that it is a real aloe vera gel, rather than any lotion containing aloe vera.

Keep everything with him - money, keys and mobile phone

You can certainly buy a special beach purse, which manufacturers assure you that such a thing your stuff just stay safe ... But the problem here is that the cunning thieves know how to look like purses, and just steal it, together with all things inside. In this case, you just throw your money away. In this situation, you will come to the aid of your own imagination. Take a pack of tampons or juice - this will be your reliable purse. Well, this is an example. There are ideas?

Once and forever fan the cover

Sew to each corner of the veil on one pocket and shoved to get your heart desires - from a bottle of water, sunscreen, books, everything that comes handy. So you do not have to constantly correct the unfortunate veil, and you can completely surrender to the sun and sun without too much hassle.

Beach - not the place for a headache. Follow our advice and have a great holiday. If you have some other ideas - feel free to write us in comments.