Judy Garland - girl "lost" in the magical land of Oz

• Judy Garland - girl, "get lost" in the magical land of Oz

Actress Judy Garland (Judy Garland) known to many for her role as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz." It is this tape brought her international fame and recognition, but, unfortunately, took a right to happiness. Producers is so wanted to subordinate his will that girl that made her a heroin addict in the literal sense of the word.

Judy Garland - girl Judy Garland - girl

Judy Garland as a child.

The future star was the third child in 1922 in a family of strolling players. Her mother tried all means to terminate the pregnancy, but the girl was destined to be born. Frances Ethel Gumm (the first named Judy) have a 2, 5 years old began performing with her sisters in the "Trio of sisters Gumm." In addition to speeches mother constantly dragged over all the girls and a casting audition. In the end, 12-year-old Francis has attracted the attention of producer Arthur Freed. He gave her the nickname Judy Garland, t. To. The girl her youth and freshness reminded him of "a garland of flowers" (garland of flowers).

Judy Garland - girl

Judy Garland as Dorothy.

Over the next four years Judy Garland starred in a variety of children's films, but real fame girl brought the role of Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" (domestic audiences better known as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz"). Produced by Judy approved for the role without trial. This was the only case in the history of film company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). Desired role brought Judy Garland glory, but it also made her a hostage to the studio for many years.

Judy Garland - girl

Judy Garland before the shooting.

In sixteen Judy had to play 13-year-old girl. One of the conditions of the studio for the actress was losing weight. During filming, Judy overtighten chest to hide her breasts. In addition, with the consent of the mother, the girl began to stuff pills. Amphetamines its increased efficiency, reduced need for food and delayed physical development, and barbiturates aided sleep after hyperarousal. In the memoirs of Judy Garland recalled that she was allowed to sleep only three or four hours a day, and then my mother gave another pill, and she flitted back on the set.

Judy Garland - girl

Judy Garland long exploited the image of a teenage girl.

The role brought Dorothy Judy Garland universal love and acceptance. But the girl became more popular, the more it tightens control over the producers of the film company "MGM". Judy made for total surveillance. In the breaks between filming watching her specially deputed people and reported to the management, which is the time to eat a meal. After that, the producers wanted to frighten the actress if she too will recover, it will be immediately broke the contract with her. They wanted as much as possible to exploit the image of a teenage longer, even though Judy has long matured. Film company forbade Judy Garland making friends, forced to divorce her first husband, to have an abortion. Once, the actress learned that her only friend was hired by the studio to make friends and keep track of it.

Judy Garland - girl

The tablets that stuffed her mother and producers, addictive and made the actress an addict. Judy Garland starred in 109 films, t. K. Due to continuous driving it was necessary activity. Side effects from taking the pills are not long in coming. Judy appealed for help to a mental hospital, held hypnosis sessions, but all to no avail. In 1969, it took a day for 40 tablets of Ritalin and other drugs. It was then that "tablet cocktail" became fatal for her. Judy Garland died at age 47 from an overdose of the most powerful.

Judy Garland - girl

Unfortunately, Judy Garland passed away very early, but it left behind a daughter who has become not less brilliant than her mother.