The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

American Forbes March 1 unveiled the annual global ranking of billionaires, 30 th in a row. The list includes 1810 people, 16 less than last year. Their combined state - $ 6, 48 trillion to $ 570 billion less than the year before. List of "younger": a record number of participants, 67 were younger than 40 years. The value of assets owned by billionaires, estimated as of February 13, 2016. Read more about the leaders of the global ranking - on.

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

1. Bill Gates

Net Worth: $ 75 billion

Change for the year - $ 4, 2 billion

status Source: Microsoft

Age: 60Ctrana: US

Bill Gates back on top of Forbes list of the world - for the 17th time in the last 22 years. For several years, he is spoken of not only as the founder of Microsoft, but also as one of the most generous philanthropists in the world - the charitable Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is engaged, inter alia, for the advancement of health care and immunization in developing countries. Together, patronage projects Gates has sent $ 31, 5 billion. In December 2015, Gates among 20 other billionaires involved in the climate summit in Paris. Businessmen have taken the initiative to invest in the development of clean energy. "Our goal - said Gates - come together to achieve a result in the development of clean energy." For Microsoft Project founder Mark Zuckerberg has managed to attract, founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma and Africa's richest man Aliko Dangote.

20% state Gates this year earned him a 3% the Microsoft shares owned by a businessman. Among his other investments, investments in the Canadian National Railways, the American engineering company Deere & Co., a company recycling Republic Services, as well as the company Ecolab. In October 2015, Gates has invested in a startup Impossible Foods, which is engaged in the cultivation of vegetable products that can replace meat.

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

2. Amancio Ortega

Net Worth: $ 67 billion

Annual change: + $ 2, 5 billion

status Source: Zara

Age: 79Ctrana: Spain

Amancio Ortega - the richest man in Europe and the richest retailer in the world. He was born in a family of Spanish railway worker, and in 1975 founded the Zara company - then under the now world-famous brand new entrepreneur with his first wife Rosalia The measure (died in 2013) was engaged in sewing underwear and bathrobes, and production, they settled in own living room. By the mid-1980s, Zara network has covered the whole of Spain and is already the beginning of expansion abroad, in 1989 Ortega opened the first store in the United States.

Management Company Ortega Inditex unlike competitors too to spend on advertising, but a lot invested in the opening of new stores and tightly managed by its founder. Fashion director of Louis Vuitton Daniel Drinks once called business empire of billionaire "is probably the most innovative and destructive retailer on the planet." Thanks largely to a similar management style, businessman Company incredibly successfully weathered the last global financial crisis: for the period from 2009 to 2014. Ortega became richer by $ 45 billion due to the rapid growth in the value of shares of Inditex, which is especially impressive against the background of stagnation of the Spanish economy. The founder of Zara has received billions of dollars of investment over the years, but most of the money never empty on expensive purchases, and returned to the business - to diversify its asset portfolio businessman has invested about $ 8 billion in real estate in major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London, Chicago , Miami and New York.

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

3. Warren Buffett

Net Worth: $ 60, 8 billion

Change for the year - $ 11, 9 billion

status Source: Berkshire Hathaway

Age: 85Ctrana: US

In a letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway at the beginning of 2016, Buffett expressed optimism about the future of the US, despite the bellicose rhetoric of US presidential candidates. His confidence in the future is easy to explain - in 2015, his investment empire Berkshire Hathaway held the greatest deal in its history, for the purchase of metallurgical Precision Castparts. Investment Holding Buffett bought it for $ 37 billion. In addition, he actively bought shares of Phillips 66 Oil Company, and jointly deal with 3G Capital (company controlled by several Brazilian billionaires) on Kraft Foods, Heinz, Burger King and network caffeine Tim Hortons. Berkshire Hathaway - one fifth of the yield Corporation in the United States - owned companies Geico, Dairy Queen and Fruit of the Loom, invests in Wells Fargo, IBM and Coca-Cola. Buffett is still called the best investment in your life reading the book in 1949, Benjamin Graham's "The Intelligent Investor". Later, Graham became the mentor of the young talented entrepreneur. In 1962, Buffett moved to Nebraska, where he took to revive business stagnating textile company Berkshire Hathaway. By 2015, the company has become a modest quarter of the market capitalization of a corporation worth $ 335 billion worldwide.

As for the political ambitions of Buffett, he actively supports the Clinton presidential candidate and even a sponsor of its election campaign.

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating


4. Carlos Slim

Net Worth: $ 50 billion

Change for the year - $ 27, 1 billion

status Source: Telecommunications

Age: 76Ctrana: Mexico

Despite the difficult market situation, Carlos Slim is one of the richest people in the world. Mexican authorities are gradually tightening the antimonopoly legislation in the telecommunications industry, which literally brought down the stock cameraman America Movil, owned by Al. This, as well as the weakening of the Mexican peso and the crisis in Brazil made businessman poorer by $ 27, 1 billion. This is the largest drop in the rankings this year. Nevertheless billionaire still the richest man in Mexico.

In addition, Mexican - the largest shareholder of the publishing house The New York Times. In January 2015 he brought the first stake in the influential Foreign up to 17% and retained options for further extensions. Billionaire controls industrial conglomerate Grupo Carso, Grupo Financiero Inbursa financial and infrastructural Ideal.

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

5. Jeff Bezos

Net Worth: $ 45, 2 billion

Annual change: + $ 10, 4 billion

status Source:

Age: 52Ctrana: US

Jeff Bezos simultaneously manages three companies, and seems to be doing well. In November 2015, the first of its aerospace company Blue Origin has successfully conducted a controlled landing reusable rocket BE-3, which aroused the envy of Elon Musk. Amazon earned a record $ 107 billion in 2015. Nevertheless, in early 2016 the company has lost some of its value on the market. In many ways it has affected an article in The New York Times, which described the slave labor conditions in the Amazon, and the constant pressure exerted by the leadership to employees. In response, Bezos Amazon has sent a letter to employees. According to him, the company described in the article The New York Times, he did not know Amazon, but said that those workers who agree with what was said in the material, "just crazy, if they decide to stay."

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

6. Mark Zuckerberg

Net Worth: $ 44, 6 billion

Annual change: + $ 11, 2 billion

state Source: Facebook

Age: 31Ctrana: US

2015 for Zuckerberg has been particularly successful. The rising price Facebook earned him an extra $ 11, 2 billion to last year's state. In addition, and more importantly, Zuckerberg became the first father. In this regard, a businessman and his wife Priscilla Chan announced that will give 99% of its shares in the social network for charitable purposes. This, they wrote in a letter to their daughter, Max, on to the Facebook page. There's also a billionaire places photos first vaccination Max, the first celebration of the Chinese New Year in her life, her clothes, and so on. D.

Facebook's revenue continues to grow, in addition, Zuckerberg is betting on a head-mounted display Oculus Rift - for their products, the company Oculus VR landlord Facebook posted $ 2 billion, although the gadget is still at the prototype stage. A messenger WhatsApp, bought in 2014 for a record $ 19 billion, increased by another 1 billion users in February.

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

7. Larry Ellison

Net Worth: $ 43, 6 billion

Change for the year - $ 10, 7 billion

status Source: Oracle

Age: 71Ctrana: US

Larry Ellison resigned as general director of Oracle in 2014, leaving behind a position of Director of Technology Development and Chairman of the Board of Directors. This rock star of Silicon Valley, he grew up in the home of his great-aunt in Chicago and had never met his father. A talented software developer, at the dawn of his career he has worked for the CIA, and then in 1977 founded Oracle. In 2015, Ellison announced that Oracle will develop cloud software and will soon become an Amazon competitor in this field.

sailing fan, the billionaire is one of the largest sponsors of relevant events in the United States. He also enthusiastically buying up real estate. For example, for $ 300 million in 2012. The businessman bought the Hawaiian island of Lanai - it belongs to every hotel room in this corner of paradise. Daughter Megan Ellison - a successful film producer. Her Annapurna Pictures studio was behind the Oscar-winning "The number one goal" and "American Hustle."

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

8. Michael Bloomberg

Net Worth: $ 40 billion

Annual change: + $ 4, 5 billion

status Source: Bloomberg LP

Age: 74Ctrana: US

Michael Bloomberg resigned as mayor of New York in late 2013. Today, more and more often you can hear the speculation that the billionaire can become an independent candidate and a candidate for the US presidency, despite repeated promises to dedicate the rest of the life of charity. In an interview with The Financial Times, he admitted that he is considering a run, given the dissatisfaction with the candidates of both parties. Return Policy and Bloomberg urged fellow billionaires - Bill Ackman and Rupert Murdoch.

In 2015, Bloomberg back in business - as CEO he founded Bloomberg LP financial news agency. He intends to breathe new life into the company, that bear his name. The first step is to reduce staff billionaire. The remaining journalists are now more work on the profile - on financial and business news.

Bloomberg has a reputation as one of the most generous philanthropists in the United States: for charity, he has donated a total of $ 3, 8 billion, including $ 1 billion of his alma mater, and $ 100 million to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for polio eradication. The billionaire also received the status of the UN Special Ambassador for Cities and Climate Change.

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

9-10. Charles Koch

Net Worth: $ 39, 6 billion

Change for the year - $ 3, 3 billion

status Source: Koch Industries

Age: 80Ctrana: US

Brothers Charles and David Kohi - among the most influential figures in American business, philanthropy and politics. Kohi jointly owned by the family holding company Koch Industries with revenue of $ 115 billion. The diversified holding company engaged in the construction of pipelines, oil refining, production of construction materials, paper towels and cups, and many more products. Charles Koch in 1967 in Koch Industries occupies the post of chairman of the board of directors, overseeing the intense growth of the business. Brothers actively financing the Republican Party. Charles Koch compares his crusade for minimizing government involvement in the economy and economic freedom and the struggle for human rights. Kohi has not yet announced a presidential candidate from the Republican Party they maintain in the current presidential race, but it is known that it was not Donald Trump.

Among the major charitable projects billionaires - support for education. In mid-2014, they, for example, was given a grant of $ 25 million fund to support African-American students.

The richest people in the world - 2016: Forbes rating

9-10. David Koch

Net Worth: $ 39, 6 billion

Change for the year - $ 3, 3 billion

status Source: Koch Industries

Age: 75Ctrana: US

David Koch on an equal footing with his elder brother Charles owns a diversified holding company Koch Industries -. Second after Cargill on the size of the private US company is worth about $ 100 billion, David Koch spent about $ 900 million to support education, the activities of the Republican Party and the individual projects during the current presidential race like US criminal justice reform.

Brothers Kohi is also actively engaged in charity:. David H. Koch Foundation for all time of its existence sacrificed for various purposes more than $ 1, 2 billion New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the reconstruction of which David Koch donated $ 65 million, called one of the squares on its September 2014 territory its name.