Rules of Life of Lev Dodin

• Rules of Life of Lev Dodin

Rules of Life of Lev Dodin

I was born in Siberia, in Stalinsk Molotov district that is interesting in itself.

AFTER the war, we lived in a large Leningrad communal flats, and it gave me a huge amount of experience, which I use to this day. Lived there about fifty people, most diverse section of society - from the scientist, who was my father, and the engineer, who lived behind the wall, and that because he was short in stature, named only as Jura-nizkosraky to Kolka-policeman who lived in former bathroom. And still there was Kolka-drinker, who is the head crush another wife, then she breaks through her head. And all this was an apartment only a toilet and a single sink, and sink this happened a lot of interesting things. There seething passion: love, betrayal, hatred, poluubiystva. It was not theater - it was much worse. It was a life.

Most of my life I have lived in the Soviet Union and, therefore, was a Soviet man. Do not be at the time the Soviet people - it's like living in Russia, it is impossible not to be Russian. Those who believe in the voice of blood, would not agree, but I believe only in the voice of individuality.

I remember a time when television had only one channel and each program began with joyful music and "on Kubanschine new crop." And it seemed to me that this new crop on Kubanschine year round. And always rustling ears of wheat, and everyone should be showing. As it is today: everyone should be show. I WAS NOT dissidents, I was doing and the arts.

FIND OUT WHAT YOU OFFICIALLY not tell, it is always possible. It's just a matter of your curiosity and desire to learn the truth.

I HAVE STILL KEPT HOME dozen pages "Doctor Zhivago", printed in the Soviet time on the machine. I took them someone to read, somehow healed and did not return. Then, after we allowed to read at night.

I do not remember the moment when I became an adult. Perhaps I did not become them. Elderly - yes, perhaps. Year-old boy, that I can remember, perhaps, knew much less than I know now, but much more felt.

Stalin died, my mother wept bitterly. A dad who was very silent person and never talked about politics, suddenly said, "You cried? What are you crying, "Mother says:" Stalin is dead! How are we going to live, "And Dad suddenly said first and last a rude word, which I heard from him in life:" You fool. " For some reason I remembered it.

When I started to tell about his childhood, I was starting to think that the part of all of this must sound like stories of residents of the XVIII century. A couple of times I even asked: "Tell us about your meetings with Stanislavsky."

I THINK, high executives do not like to be reminded that they are mortal.

The child does not have to wonder about death. He does not think that is immortal - he just does not think that everything in one moment can dramatically cut short. People always get scared when they find something that does not want to know. Therefore, people do not know what you do not want to know.

Athenian democracy was sentenced Socrates to what it should be poisoned, because he slandered the Athenian democracy. It was quite an Athenian sovereign democracy.

I think that all the host - awful.

ME equally close BELIEVER AUTHENTIC and genuine atheists. Terrible infidel - one who does not think about God. Atheist thinks of God: denying it, believing that it is not, he still thinks about something higher. All those who have devastated the church after the revolution - it is not atheists and atheists. And the exhibition on behalf of the faith today, attacking the same atheists.

When we are in 1987, we went on tour in San Diego, I had something wrong with his eyes, and took me to the eye doctor - the best in town. He was an American, but he spoke in broken Russian. I was surprised and asked him: "How do you know the language?" And he said to me: "You know, I was a military pilot, and then graduated from the University and become a doctor. But I knew that sooner or later war breaks out, that Russian, of course, we will win and take over San Diego. And since I was a military pilot, I was, of course, be sent to Siberia. But I somehow have to communicate with the people there? And that's how I learned the Russian language. "

Throughout the history of our country people did not know how to debate - they were not able to hear each other. There are only rare and brief moments when people barely begin to listen to each other. Ninety percent of those who commit evil, say a perfect evil.

When people ask me why I rarely speak out on some political issues, I explain that these are different ways of living and thinking. The politician says: I know how, and the artist says: I do not know anything.

Bathroom and toilet - is the perfect place where you can think of, because there you most likely will not be disturbed.

Art does not reflect the life. Arts predicts life.

IN MOVIES inferiority no one can be a first-class artist.

DISCIPLINE? I do not demand discipline from the actors - a theater demands discipline from all of us.

They used to say that the theater - is a collective art. But today, "team" - the word profane. Let it be "matey".

Any good book is necessary to overcome the first hundred pages. Any good book first hundred pages - it's usually deadly boredom. Only a detective all begins with the murder, and immediately interesting. Try to start "War and Peace", it's quite a feat - to move beyond the first few chapters. But if prodvineshsya ...

LEARN - COOL THING. Must feel.

Ill thought-provoking. But this does not mean that I am for trouble, no. It is better to be well-being. All the same, there are those who think.