Cursed places of our planet

• Cursed places of our planet

Ghosts and spirits inhabiting the minds of our ancestors had for a long time to disappear under the influence of the inexorable progress. Nevertheless otherworldly side of our world is in no hurry to go into the shadows: a strange, frightening events occurring in some places, to explain the science is simply unable to. In front of you a few locations that are not be described as a curse.

San Ji


Cursed places of our planet

The town of San Zhi was supposed to be a haven for local tycoons: futuristic home, carefully thought-out infrastructure, nature, reminiscent of the eve of paradise ... And dozens of workers who have died already at the beginning of construction. By the time the project is completed on the notoriety of San Zhi already knew all of Taiwan. Suddenly it became clear that the city was built on the former site of the Japanese death camps, after which investors failed to sell a single house. The authorities of the country can not even carry a cursed place: the locals are afraid that it will free the ghosts.

Pauwels Island


Cursed places of our planet

On this small island was taken to the sick with plague - XIV century did not leave them a chance for a cure. The corpses were burned, because the mass graves is simply not fit bodies. One of the "horror stories," states that the soil of the island is 40% composed of human ashes. Here, a psychiatric hospital was built in 1922 on patients who puts terrible experiments Dr. innovator. Grim, dilapidated building still grinning at the world fragments of window guards.

The stalemate Mary King


Cursed places of our planet

The municipality of their island at hand was not Edinburgh - so that patients with plague, it was decided to isolate one of the areas of the city. People from across the country were brought to a standstill by Mary King, surrounded by a high wall, and left there to die.

Winchester House


Cursed places of our planet

The Dark house 160 rooms looks like a real haven madman architect. 40 staircases, blind alleys, cellars, closed room without any input - all built Sarah Winchester, trying to confuse attacking her ghosts. Construction of the house lasted for 38 years: she insisted that die as soon abate the sound of hammers. All could be attributed to the shattered nerves and unstable psyche - that only Sarah died the next day at the end of construction.

Forest Aokigahara


Cursed places of our planet

Under the gloomy vaults of the forest people come to die - here in 1950 to end his life for several thousand people. No one can explain this horrible tradition, which is in no hurry to go back in time. Municipality nearest town is set surveillance cameras, forest Aokigahara constantly combing the special police forces, and people just keep dying. On the edge of the forest Suicides hung ads that have psychological help phones - but who when stopped.