Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

Until recently, these alliances of Russian and international celebrities seemed the happiest and unbreakable, but in 2015 their relationship was set bold point. What mistakes they made and what lessons can be learned?

Catherine Arkharova and Marat Bashar

Were married less than a year

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

After a few months after a beautiful wedding Catherine was beaten by her husband, she was in the hospital with a broken nose and a concussion, and later told the entire country of his rage and addiction to alcohol. Marat several times publicly repent on television, but it did not help to restore the relationship. Actors officially divorced in March.

Arkharova: "We have a different understanding of the relationship between man and woman. Different values ​​of life. And family even more. "

Agnes Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov

The relationship lasted 9 years (with a break), there is a common son

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

Native Alexei accused his wife - they say that she had a love affair with a member of the show "Dancing with the Stars" Denis Tagintsevym. Agnes herself said that it is "a negative yellow press", which has no relation to it. She made it clear that her husband was groundless jealousy, not only for another man, but also to work.

Ditkovskite: "We both wanted to create a happy family, but views on how it should be separated."

Andrey and Elena Trishin Proklova

I have been married for 30 years

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

Divorce This couple was not just a surprise - a shock. It seemed that between them there is complete idyll, because Elena selflessly shared her husband's passion even to hunting (for what ever hit the black list of animal rights). But suddenly it turned out that she hates hunting, and indeed any common interests were never connected.

Proklova: "In such a situation, the husband and wife will inevitably begin to live separate lives. And it is unclear why one another to keep on a leash? There is nothing worse than to age with a stranger. So said my wise mother. Loneliness alone - the most terrible loneliness. "

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk

They were inseparable for almost 5 years

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

Even such a magnificent woman did not keep the player a millionaire from adultery - in any case, Irina hinted strongly after the break, it values ​​most in a man loyalty and honesty. A source close acquaintance with the star pair, told the tabloids that Ronaldo also led playful sms-correspondence with women all over the world, so that the Russian model has experienced the bitterness of "betrayal". Sheik: "When it is not next to a woman the man she feels ugly. I felt ugly and wounded. "

Irina Leonova and Yevgeny Tsyganov

11 years of marriage and 7 children

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

In the summer of 2015 the famous actor was a real anti-hero: the tabloids trumpeted that he left his pregnant wife, then Tsyganov friend confirmed that he could not bear the burdens of a large family life, and soon the media found "razluchnitsa": this is supposedly Julia Snigir, which would bear him 8th child in early 2016.

Leonova (before): "I do not understand how people have such a desire to write some nonsense. One thing I can say: "The dogs bark, the caravan moves on."

(Later): "I have no desire to advertise it. I want to live my life. All questions to Eugene, who is engaged to its excellent creativity and genius and talent does it. "

Tsyganov: "Magazines and newspapers reprinted a lie that I allegedly met the daughter from the hospital with his wife. But no one wrote that at the time I released a performance of "Olympia". I would like to ask: Why do you write the truth, exposing Tsyganov scum, and do not write about the performance of a modern play "?

Victoria Lopyreva and Fedor Smolov

It was "symbolically" married a year and a half

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

In May, model and TV presenter has confirmed via Instagram that her relationship with "Krasnodar" footballer ended. Lopyreva: "I made this decision six months ago, but then he managed to convince me that he has matured and is ready to get serious about the family and profession, but for now he was more interested in social networks and beautiful cars. He's a good guy, but, alas, we are no longer on the road. "

Resin: "I thought that in the three years that I loved a man, I deserve at least in order to avoid such remarks."

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

13 years of marriage and three children

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

The leader and vocalist of the group No Doubt filed for divorce in August - reportedly learned of the three-year communication musician husband to babysit their children.

Stephanie: "I'd like that just did not happen. But at the same time it was a part of my life's journey, which I obviously had to go. "

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

10 years of marriage and three children

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

Another celebrity couple, who split from her husband of having an affair with the nanny. That first opened to the press that had a loving relationship with actor Ben at first denied it, but then, in the words of a friend of the family, confessed to his wife and brought her to apologize for this shameful publicity. Although the ex-wife with their children while continuing to live under the same roof, sources insist that their divorce - that's a bargain.

Alena and Timati Shishkov

Have been together for less than two years old, have a common daughter

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

Before the summer of Vice-Miss Russia went from rapper to the goalkeeper Moscow "Dynamo" Anton Shunina that confirm their happy together images in Instagrame. But the former lovers have kept a friendly relationship for the sake of her daughter.

Shishkov: "If a child lives in an atmosphere of friendship and feels it necessary, he learns to find love in this world."

Len Wiseman and Kate Beckinsale

12 years of marriage

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

The actress and director have left many months ago, but the press found out about it only in November. A close source made it clear that due to the employment of both the inevitable happened alienated, but assured that the former spouses are friends.

Vakhtang Beridze and Olga Arntgolts

6 years of marriage, and the general's daughter

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

According to relatives of the actress, which refer to the tabloids, Olga did not just earn more but actually support a family, and her husband, radio host and showman, too fond of events and parties. And besides, in their own words, it was "too full of love."

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

2 years were married, have a common son

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

The sources said that the family happiness of the pair prevented too explosive temper Martinez: "His behavior is often frightening. He could explode for any reason at any time. "

Berry: "When going through difficult times, it is impossible to withdraw into themselves. It is necessary to pay attention to the other - is the best medicine for any unpleasant situations. "

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

11 years of marriage, two sons

Unexpected and scandalous divorce stellar year

The main reason for divorce in a family of actors, whose happiness seemed serene, became an obsession with her career Megan. They say she's eagerly searching for new roles, while Austin wanted her to devote more time to it and children.