30 piercing quotes poet Marina Tsvetaeva

30 piercing quotes poet Marina Tsvetaeva

The Great Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva XX century gave the world soulful poetry. Her immortal poems appeal to those who appreciate the sincerity, spontaneity, honesty. Explore the most piercing quotes this wise woman.

About feelings

I fall in love it is only in foreign, native - love.

Love - is to see man as God intended it and has not carried out the parents.

"I will love you all summer" - it sounds much more convincing than "all my life", and - most importantly - a lot longer!

"Endure - slyubitsya". I like this phrase, only in reverse.

Out of the ground the second you.

Men are not used to the pain - like animals. When they are sick, they are immediately evident that anything will do, just be stopped.

Whether dreaming together, whether to sleep together, but crying - always alone.

If I love a man, I want him I was better - even sewn button. From sewn buttons - to all of my soul.

Human love we can sometimes ten, lovingly - a lot - two. Inhumanly - always one.

If you are now entered and said: "I am going away for a long time, forever" - or "I think I have you no longer love," I would not seem to feel anything new: every time you leave, each hour, when you do not - you do not have forever, and you do not love me. Women talk about love and are silent about the lovers, men - on the contrary.

All of the women are in the fog.

30 piercing quotes poet Marina Tsvetaeva

On the work of

Sculptor depends on clay. The artist from paints. Musician from the strings. The artist, the musician's hand can stop. The poet - only the heart.

The most valuable thing in life and poetry - that escaped.

Creativity - a common cause, solubility secluded.

Our best words - intonation.

Do you know why there are the poets? In order to not be ashamed to say the sickest things.

30 piercing quotes poet Marina Tsvetaeva

About Life

Joke, joking, and longing keeps growing, growing ...

What can you know about me, since you have not slept with me and did not drink?

I do not want to have a point of view. I want to have a vision.

In the world of a limited number of souls and an unlimited number of bodies.

The one thing people do not forgive - is the fact that you are without them, after all, cost.

If something hurts - silent, or hit it there.

One thing - a real woman, I judge everyone on their own, everyone puts in the mouth of his speech, in the chest - his feelings. Therefore, all I have in the first minute of the kind, generous, generous, sleepless and crazy. As far as I can see a better man when not with him!

Listen and remember: anyone who laughs at the misfortune of another, a fool or a scoundrel; more often - both.

No one wants - no one can understand one thing: that I'm all alone. Friends and acquaintances - all of Moscow, but no one who is for me - no, not me! - die.

Oh, my God, and say there is no soul! And that hurts me now? - Not a tooth, not the head, not the hand, not the chest - no, the chest, chest, where you breathe - I breathe deeply: it does not hurt, but it hurts all the time, all the while whining, unbearable!

I want a modest-devastatingly simple things: so that when I go, people rejoiced.

Sin is not in the dark, and the reluctance of the world.

30 piercing quotes poet Marina Tsvetaeva