Rules of Life Simpsons

• Rules of Life Simpsons

Rules of Life Simpsons

Exactly 26 years ago on the TV channel "Fox |" debuted one of the longest and most successful animated series - "The Simpsons". It has grown more than one generation, and it is not surprising, as the cartoon wonderful, moderately naive and pretty darn funny.

On the birthday of "The Simpsons," we have decided to recall the most brilliant phrases multgeroya favorite. Caution: there is black humor.

Do not worry, we do not have money. After all, there are things that can not be bought for any money. For example, the dinosaur. Homer Simpson

- Homer, I like me still?

- Sure.

- Do you attracted to other women?

- Why do I need someone else's cake, when a number of its rump?

Rules of Life Simpsons

In order to be loved, you have to be all good every day. To hate - do not have to strain at all. Homer Simpson

Father bedtime wraps me as much as anyone else. And you know what? None of the monster before me did not get. Lisa Simpson

- You knocked me the light! As I have no TV? Homer Simpson

Rules of Life Simpsons

The Fool and money parted quickly. I would pay a lot of money to someone who would explain to me this pattern. Homer Simpson I knew that you forget to buy me a gift, so my gift to you - it is your gift to me. Marge Simpson

- And how much will it cost?

- It's free!

- Sounds expensive.

Rules of Life Simpsons

- Is it true that the money will go to help children?

- Yes, we are all someone's children ...

I actually difficult to surprise ... Oh! Blue car! Homer Simpson

How many interesting things you say! What a pity that it is of little interest to me. Homer Simpson

Oh my God! Space aliens! Do not eat me. I have a wife, children. Eat them! Homer Simpson

Rules of Life Simpsons

I see no reason to leave the house. We still every time to go back. Homer Simpson

- Marge, we leave here, get rich, and the head of the family!

- Homer, we already have a family!

- Head of the better!

Who am I kidding the ingenious lie ?! Homer Simpson

Be patient, Lisa! We are women, which means that we can endure forever! Marge Simpson

For alcohol! The cause and solution to all problems. Homer Simpson

Rules of Life Simpsons

I will do anything ... if it is not too difficult for you. Homer Simpson

Life is more than what we see. All need to believe in something. Marge Simpson