18 of the rules of centenarians a happy life

18 of the rules of centenarians a happy life

A common phrase "Wisdom comes with age" is extremely accurate. In today's world many of us have formed a completely wrong value. People also have lived for more than 100 years, its own truth, and other views on life, which affects its depth and insight.

Explore the amazing discoveries in the simplicity of some longevity of our planet.

On one of the Internet resources of a young man offered to readers to ask questions about the life of his grandmother, who 101 years. Here are some of her answers:

- What advice would you give a 20-year-old in the first place?

Never give up. You are young, and some day you may come hard times. Do not give up. Never.

- What is the biggest lesson you get from life?

To be honest, I rarely lie. When you are honest with people, then they are honest with you. Coping with a lie too hard. Nobody needs extra stress.

- What rules would you recommend to stick with for life?

Always listen to the other person. You're sure to learn something. You will learn more useful, listening to people, rather than telling them what you know.

- What would you advise to do at least once in life to absolutely everyone?

Travel the world as much as possible!

- Tell us about the secret of longevity, who helped you, in your opinion, to live such a long life (diet, exercise, genetics and so on). Every day, try to find time to take a nap.

The writer Bel Kaufman was 100 years old when she gave a speech at the College Iona. Ask what is the secret of her happy life? Humor and passion.

The humor is hidden a great life force - is the best way to overcome life's difficulties.

I think people need to be curious. You need to be interested in life around and be constantly in search of new knowledge, contacts and experience. For life should be treated with passion.

I do not care what you are passionate about. Maybe you like to collect painted cups. But if you are getting from this genuine pleasure, it means that you are living right.

104-year-old Shigeaki Hinohara, author of "Live long, live well", shared his tips:

Do not bother to ensure that hoard junk. Remember: you do not know when your days are numbered, but you definitely will not be able to bring your things.

The pain is unfathomable. But fun - it's the best way to forget about it.

I am inspired by Robert Browning's poem "Abt Vogler". Father read it to me. It encourages us to dare to great art, and not dwell on small scribbles. The author proposes to draw such a huge circle, which will be impossible to finish] 6 while we are alive. All that we see - this is only the arc. The rest of the - beyond our vision, but it is there, in the distance.

Elsa Bailey celebrated its hundredth birthday, skiing in Colorado. In the interview she told ABC about a couple of things that have always pushed it forward.

Thanks to optimism can easily through a lot. If you think negatively, you are literally poison your body. Smile. They say laughter - the best medicine.

Be active. For example, I go skiing, even in its 100 years. Some do not, even if they have this strength. And just try to eat right and do not forget about exercise. More likely to be in the fresh air and sunshine.

She also shared the things I learned in 100 years of his life.

While you are young - travel. Do not worry about the money, just start. The experience is much more valuable than a denomination.

Changes are inevitable, so you need to learn to accept them.

Once you realize that spent too much time on the experience of nothing.

I'm not saying that you should or should not follow a particular religion ... I'm just saying that you have to determine what you believe in and follow this to the end.

Do not take life too seriously.