Tu-95: History of nuclear Bear

• Tu-95: History of nuclear Bear

"The Cold War" remained so only because the two warring parties have an incredibly powerful weapon. Use it - to condemn to death the entire planet. US trump card and was (officially) is the famous B-52 Stratofortress. Air Fortress Intercontinental monster that can bring in a matter of hours anywhere in the world nuclear warheads. Frankly speaking, the B-52 was designed specifically for a single purpose: the attack the USSR.

Only the existence of a similar monster prevented the implementation of this goal. TU-95, named NATO experts "bear", it is able to perform a similar task. Today we tell you how to create, build and fly the main plane of the Soviet and then Russian air force.

Tu-95: History of nuclear Bear


The prototype, ready for field trials, has been prepared by Soviet designers in just two years. The product "95-1" has proved itself well in the sky. But in 1953, during one of the last test flight, the plane caught fire unexpectedly. Of the 11 crew members were saved seven of the disaster was almost the end of the project began. However, the government decided to give a second chance to designers.

Since 1956, modified and repeatedly tested the plane began to come into service of the Soviet army. By 1990, the strategic nuclear bombers have been formed as many as four of the regiment.

Tu-95: History of nuclear Bear


The main armament "Bear" changed depending on the aircraft modifications. The maximum bomb load the aircraft can reach 12,000 kg. Models Tu-Tu-95KD and 95-20 carried nuclear cruise X-20 rocket. Existing in a single copy of the Tu-95B was designed specifically for the delivery of world's most powerful nuclear bomb. The so-called "Tsar Bomb" was tested October 30, 1961. That was the last time you went up into the air Tu-95B - to use a weapon of such power the party leadership did not dare, even in extreme cases.

As defensive weapons virtually all modifications TU-95 had 23-mm aircraft guns. Low maneuverability aircraft that is not designed to conduct air combat, suggest the kind of gun weapon of last resort. Just in case.

Tu-95: History of nuclear Bear


This version of the classic Tu-95 is, at the moment, the main striking force of Russia. Bomber armed cruise missiles X-55, placed on the installation drum. In theory, this will allow the aircraft to attack without a long recharging multiple targets. In addition, the cargo bay allows the deployment of nuclear bombs weighing up to 14 tons - twice lower than the "Tsar Bomb" and three more than the US "baby", erased from the face of the earth Hiroshima. In 2013 began a program to modernize the Tu-95MS: model strategic bomber will get a new generation of nuclear missiles and navigation system, created on the basis of GLONASS.

Tu-95: History of nuclear Bear


Demonstration of military force Russia began in May 2007. Then, for the first time since the Cold War, the Tu-95MS aircraft suddenly appeared near the Hebrides, where they spent teaching the British sailors. Scrambled fighter jets escorted the British aggressors to district boundaries teachings from the Russian government has not followed any explanation.

Over the next few years "bears" a few more times to disturb the peace of the NATO bloc. Each flight caused a real wave of indignation: US officials openly called the actions of Russian military provocation, designed to unleash the Third World War. Latest incident involving the Tu-95MS occurred recently: January 28, 2015 the aircraft entered the airspace of Veliobritanii. At the moment, the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects the Russian ambassador for an official explanation of the incident.