To get out of your comfort zone, you must first be in it

• To get out of your comfort zone, you must first be in it

To get out of your comfort zone, you must first be in it

You know, everything I want to get out of your comfort zone. Not only customers. Relatives, friends, acquaintances. Decent-looking familiar!

Pale chronically enough sleep people saying: "You just have to get out of your comfort zone and chase yourself to the gym." People with panic attacks say: "We have to get out of your comfort zone and stop feeling sorry for yourself." People living painful, very savory life, saying: "It would have out of your comfort zone and stop to eat sweets." This is not the worst alignment. Some simply say "stop to eat." See radical solution to the problem.

I from such words begins to twitch anxiously eye. I'll explain.

To get out of your comfort zone, you must first be in it.

What is a "comfort zone"? This is a place where warm, cozy, free, delicious, happy and safe. Where you love and respect. Where care about you (and you, too, care).

And many of us simply do not have such a zone, which take care of us. In the best case there is an area to lie down or roar. It's more than nothing, but not quite. It's like alcohol in the cold - in principle, helps, but not for long. Finding himself in a comfort zone, it is necessary to stay a little longer. Relax. And then - go.

This feeling with nothing can not be confused - when the forces on all missing, and you're ready, perhaps even learn something; wake up early in the morning and run to yoga; think about the working draft, which hangs in six months plans.

And here it is very important that the impetus for action came sooner than she thought. First, you start to do - then you think. Not always with a song, sometimes it's painful joy of overcoming, and think what the hell I got behind the wheel of this vacuum cleaner - but certainly not the last effort. I reached because it was interesting.

People who talk about the "get out of the comfort zone", usually do not have in mind any interest. If we translate this expression into common parlance, it means something like this: I have now somehow sucks, but if I torment myself even more, maybe I will get better?

Well I do not know. If the person with flu, and even flogged in the stables, maybe then he will recover. But this is unlikely to whipping.

it often sounds like a self-accusation: "Yes, I'm too lazy, I just do not want to leave the comfort zone." And these words, or taste the painful shame ( "I'm not good enough, I do not quite live up to the norm, though burst") or guilt ( "I'm not trying, I'm not done, and I have no one to love"). A shame and guilt as burdock, will always find something to cling to, no matter what real progress you may have made. Even if you finally stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop to eat at all (although it is not a success). But on the strength limit of no normal person would not last long.

As a result, either to crawl back into the "comfort zone", or fall into clinical depression (when it is not bad mood, and diagnosis) or heavy psychosomatics.

Which option you like better? Me first.

Especially, in the court of the hard times. Informational pressure. Financial crisis. Winter. There is no sun. And if all of a sudden you know how to reach the comfort zone, I propose to remain there at least until spring.