Rules of life Sophie Marceau

• Rules of Life Sophie Marceau

Rules of life Sophie Marceau

NOT LOVE delve into the past. Even in the recent past.

I have no time to digest what I'm doing.

Bond girl I was not. I was the villain. I must admit that playing megalomanku was extremely pleasant.

ME uncomfortable when it comes to undress on the court. Let's better cake thrown in his face.

Once in London, I asked to play in "The Vagina Monologues", but I refused. Here you are interested in all these things vaginal? I - no.

I like to substitute SHOULDER than rely on someone else.

When I did, then every night I come home very tired, primorozhennaya devastated. As if going through great sorrow. In the end, it all comes down to the silly things like dinner for the TV.

At some point, I bothered to squeeze into monstrous ugly, dirty role of the second plan, the whole meaning of which boils down to, to play the fantasy of a lustful man. WITH AGE I NEED less and less. For example, I have always loved to travel, but in recent years understand that the best place in the world for me - it's home. Here I am with the family, here I was never lonely. Trite, but true.

LOVE lays out everything on the shelves.

Many people believe that have been successful because they've been through. Complete crap! Of course, like it or not, life tempers, but I do not think that the negative experience is useful and it's a good school.

FRENCH behave as if the rest of the world does not exist. But the fact that everything is mistaken for arrogance, in fact, self-doubt. The French are very afraid of becoming an object of ridicule, as if it kills us.

I'm strong, but I would not torture endured.