10 films warm family evening

Family movie - a special genre, allowing the whole family to come together and pass a cozy evening watching movies exciting.

10 films warm family evening

Little Miss Sunshine / Little Miss Sunshine

Olive - sweet girl, who dreams of winning the contest "Little Miss Sunshine." Her family also wants to Olive's dream realized, but they are so burdened with their own quirks and problems that can hardly help it. We promise that the end of the show you will not remain forces to laugh.

Crazy wedding / Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?

It is no secret that in our time is hard to find a really funny comedy. But on one of them you are currently reading. In true French family Verneuil three daughters already married, one of the Chinese, the second - an Arab, a third - a Jew. The whole family is preparing for the wedding of the daughter of the fourth ... Who is the bride? Incredibly tolerant to colic and funny film about a large family will not leave you indifferent.

We Bought a Zoo / We Bought a Zoo

Did you lose something, looking the picture of the notorious Crowe? No way. On the contrary, you will realize that all the problems can be overcome, and any decision may be correct. There is no need to despair, whatever blows fate dealt us no. What you need to love everyone, both humans and animals, and himself. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World / It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

The film - just pure water sample first-class humor and excellent directing. Stretched 3 hours, it flies like three minutes, full of laughter, interest, and, to put it mildly, that he was shot as many as 45 years ago. This is an example of the film, which has passed the test of time, which is loved all over the world, who are not afraid of the economic crisis in the relations between countries.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty / The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Who said that in the heart of the little man can not live big dreams? Even a modest and inconspicuous employee sometimes want to make let crazy, but heroic deeds, to believe in their strength and courage. Why should all save only supermen?

ET / E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

From a humanistic point of view, "Alien" - the highest achievement of 20th century cinema. Praising the movie makes no sense. He certainly you enjoy.


Yesterday Yuri Gordeev - ambitious aircraft designer and a favorite of women - was on the verge of his triumph, if it was not a car accident. Below average student Vanya - the only one who sees it and can help him. Exemplary family movie: funny, moderately sad, sincere and instructive. Time Keeper

Family film from Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese is encouraging to see something really magical. This is a nice, sincere and beautiful fairy tale, what you have not seen.

A Christmas Story / A Christmas Carol

A screen adaptation of Charles Dickens by Robert Zemeckis turned quite impressive even for adults. Despite the slightly intimidating atmosphere of the picture, it is still a truly magical story that teaches us to enjoy life, to give others the love.

Life of Pi / Life of Pi

"Life of Pi" - is that just need to see. The main character is in a boat with a tiger in the middle of the ocean. And they both need to survive. This film is about that you can not lose hope, even when it seems that all is lost. To smile and to do everything possible and impossible.