15 most dangerous cities in the world

In a world of many countries and so many cities. And among them is full of places - from the harbor of Monte Carlo to the Australian desert - that it would be interesting to visit. That's just in the world there are places where the tourists is better not to go at all - there you are just waiting for mass violence, rampant terrorism and political instability. A list of these places - here!

15 most dangerous cities in the world

15. Cali, Colombia: still waters run deep

Colombian city Cali takes the place of the most dangerous city in the world, second place on danger of the city - depending on the success or failure of the year. Because of the drug trade is thriving and local gang crime situation in the city is terrible. For every 100 000 inhabitants Kali is killed by 83 persons.

Warning to tourists: Cali beautiful as a butterfly, but the unwary it bites like a thousand bees.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

14. San Salvador, El Salvador: more than 2000 murders in 2015

San Salvador - El Salvador's capital, a small country in Central America. The city lives of 570 000 people, and the number of murders in it is 45 people per 100 000 inhabitants. Only in the first half of 2015 2 200 people killed in San Salvador. Frightening statistics.

So bad crime situation caused by the "war" of criminal gangs. "Violence" - the second name of the city, where civilians are often the victims of shootouts between bandits.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

13. Karachi, Pakistan's most dangerous metropolis

Karachi - the capital of Sindh province, Pakistan's largest city and the second largest city in the world. It is also considered one of the most dangerous places in Pakistan.

Karachi reigns political instability - are conflicting local and non-local terrorist groups. Robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, murder and attempted here - a daily reality. The homicide rate here - 12, 3 per 100 000 inhabitants; while 2015 crime statistics Karachi has improved considerably. Perhaps it is better to skip the capital in their travels, even to those who would like to visit all the capitals of the world.

15 most dangerous cities in the world


12. Detroit, USA: America's most dangerous city

In the movie "Robocop" 1987 Detroit was depicted as a city bankrupt, in which the reign of crime and lawlessness. Except cyborgs and androids, probably, the producers did not expect the futuristic image of Detroit's ever will be so close to the truth.

Named the most dangerous cities in America in 2013 and 2014, Detroit - clearly not a place that you would want to visit. The crime rate in a city of 700,000 people is 2 072 crimes per 100 000 inhabitants, the murder rate - 45 per 100 000 inhabitants. Given that 38, 1% of residents live below the poverty line, it is not surprising that Detroit is such a bad reputation.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

11. Sanaa, Yemen unstable city

Today it is difficult to hear the news, which is not mentioned Yemen. This is because Yemen, and especially its capital, Sanaa are among the most dangerous places in the world.

The political situation in Sana'a has become extremely unstable after the fall of the government in 2012. This led to a sharp decline in the quality of life in the city and the same sharp rise in the crime rate. Bombings, attacks and acts of terror mixed with banal robbery and murder. In Sana'a permanently switched off electricity and water, and the city is slowly dying.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

10. Mogadishu, Somalia: earth, which no one controls the

Over the past few years the word "Somalia" has become synonymous with the word "pirates" and "crimes" and "Tom Hanks". The capital of Somalia - Mogadishu - is one of the most dangerous cities in the earth.

Since then, both have been evacuated from Mogadishu embassy and UN offices in this city there are no permanent government, but there is a constant civil war. Corruption, poverty, crime and bombing - is the daily reality of Mogadishu, which certainly deserves its reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

9. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: The world capital of murders

Ciudad Juarez has a reputation as the center of the drug trade, and one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico. Referred to as "the world capital of murders", and this city is the capital of all that is associated with drugs in Mexico. Crime, drug-related killings and violence here - routine. even the police are often powerless. However, there is progress: 8, 5 murders a day in 2010. Statistics shifted to "only" 530 murders in 2013 and 434 killings in 2014.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

8. Baghdad, Iraq: IG victim

Even before the US invasion of Iraq, Baghdad was called one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

During the war, bombing and shooting became mandatory companions of everyone who lives in Baghdad. Infrastructure and economy of the city virtually destroyed. Since then, US forces withdrew, the city is fighting for survival, and only in 2014 at least 12 282 people were killed due to the strengthening of the "Islamic state."

15 most dangerous cities in the world

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Capital robberies

While in many other cities in Brazil, the number of murders is much higher, Rio de Janeiro - tourist center and second largest city in Brazil, so it is natural that the crime rate there is high.

In recent years, the number of murders in Rio fell from 42 per 100 000 inhabitants in 2005 to 24 per 100 000 inhabitants today. But, although it is less likely that you will be killed in Rio, the probability that you get robbed, still high. The number of street crimes, robberies and burglaries increased from 6626 cases per December 2013 to 7849 on December 2014. Almost 74, 5 percent of the personal mobile phone in a city once have been stolen! But despite this, people are going to Rio - for sights, culture, football and a huge statue of Jesus Christ.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

6. Cape Town, South Africa: The most violent in Africa

Cape Town - Western Cape provincial capital and second most populous city in South Africa. But, despite the fact that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, the level of risk when traveling to and rolls.

In Cape Town, a very high level of crime: here committed 8428 crimes per 100 000 inhabitants. This is a huge number considering that they live 3, 75 million people in Cape Town. The number of murders is also large - 50, 94 murders per 100 000 inhabitants.

Due to the socio-economic disparities and the increasing incidents of armed clashes murder, robbery, rape and kidnapping occur here regularly. If you are in Cape Town - Be sure that you are not very far from the crowded tourist spots.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

5. Guatemala City, Guatemala: the city of violence

Yes, Guatemala - a beautiful city in South America, which is full of attractions and cultural sites, but also a place where there are many problems with drugs and crime.

Since Guatemala is bordered by Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador, it is an important link in the chain of production and distribution of drugs. Add to this the social and economic disparities, poverty and the free circulation of weapons, and you get a lot of robberies, armed attacks, kidnapping and carjacking. Here takes place about 42 murders per 100 000 inhabitants.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

4. Kabul, Afghanistan: at the crossroads of war

As in Baghdad, Kabul hell began with the US invasion. Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, was among the most dangerous cities in the world for decades.

All the worst thing that could happen to the city of Kabul was struck in a moment. Economic instability and poverty has led to kidnappings and massacres, political instability - for fights and attacks. Many different forces fighting each other in Afghanistan, making the future unpredictable Kabul.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

3. Caracas, Venezuela on the streets of attack

Caracas is known for three things: capital status, murder and drug trafficking. Since then, Venezuela has entered a difficult from the standpoint of economic times, street violence and gangs seized Caracas.

The number of murders in Caracas strikes: 100 000 inhabitants here we have 134 murders. Most of them remain unsolved. The population of Caracas is about 3, 5 million people. The number of murders in Venezuela as a whole amounted to 24 000 in 2014. In general, perhaps, from Caracas, Venezuela and at the same time, it is better to stay away.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

2. Acapulco, Mexico: lawlessness

Previously, Acapulco has been a popular resort for movie stars and celebrities, as well as the venue for large-scale sporting events. However, it should only move away from the "tourist" areas - and you find yourself in the most dangerous city in Mexico with the highest homicide rates in the country: it is 104 per 100 000 inhabitants. Local police can not cope with the responsibilities instead extorting money from residents. Also in the city there is the problem of drugs, and often in the dead bodies, you can see the streets of people who died from an overdose.

15 most dangerous cities in the world

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras most dangerous city in the world

Finding the city of San Pedro Sula at the top of the list of the most dangerous cities in the world as inevitable as death and taxes. Located in the northwest of Honduras San Pedro Sula - the most dangerous city in the world in the world's most dangerous country. In 2014, the number of murders here was as much as 171 per 100 000 inhabitants! This is the highest number of murders per capita in the city, located in a combat zone. It turns out that on the day in San Pedro Sula takes place on three murders. Drug trafficking, arms trafficking and collision local gangs attached. And worst of all - the authorities not only fail to solve these problems, but even did not even try to solve them. So it is better to delay travel to Honduras until better times!

15 most dangerous cities in the world