25 amazing facts about New York City

• 25 amazing facts about New York

We offer a moment to escape from everyday life and make dizzying virtual trip to New York with this collection of fascinating facts!

1. In the New York subway revealed 12,152 forms of life (including bacteria and insects).

2. Except in emergencies, zooming is prohibited in New York. And yes, we know all the still honking!

3. In 1789, the city has been appointed as the first capital of the USA. It lasted, however, only a year.

4. In 2018 opened the world's first underground park in New York.

5. The city has a skyscraper without windows.

25 amazing facts about New York City

6. Manhattan was purchased from locals in 1626 for a sum today is comparable to one thousand dollars.

7. New Yorkers bite ten times more people per year than sharks.

8. In winter, the city government set fire to the train tracks, so they are not covered with ice.

9. From Suicide kills more New Yorkers than homicide.

10. Keep a stall with hot dogs in the vicinity of Central Park costs about 300 thousand dollars a year.

25 amazing facts about New York City

11. In the language of the Delaware Indians word "Manhattan" means "island of many hills" (the years of the hills razed to develop urban development).

12. New York - the city with the world's largest Polish population (after Warsaw).

13. Approximately half of the population of the city says the house is not in English.

14. In New York, there is Walmart stores.

15. In New York, home to more Chinese than any other non-Asian city, and more Jews than any other city outside of Israel.

25 amazing facts about New York City

16. Every 38 minutes an American living in New York City

17. The city drink seven times more coffee than in other regions of the US.

18. 25% of the world gold bullion stored in cellars under Wall Street (Federal Reserve Bank).

19. Every 21 minutes New Yorker - millionaire.

20. In New York City water supply system lives invisible harmless shrimp called copepods, copepod, or cancer.

25 amazing facts about New York City

21. The city falls about 15 times more snow than the South Pole (it is not surprising, because Antarctica - the desert, and there is little rain).

22. Einstein's eyes locked in some kind of safe city.

23. At the Empire State Building in your zip code.

24. In New York, speak 800 languages, is the city with the world's largest language diversity.

25. While for a long time it was thought that the origin of the expression "Big Apple" is not known, researchers Missouri University of Science and Technology were able to establish probable etymology. Apples called massive jumps in the vicinity of New York (probably because horses love apples). The term was popularized by John Fitz Gerald journalist in the newspaper The New York Morning Telegraph, where he mentioned that he was going to the "Big Apple".