How do the "Dreamliner"

"It's the most beautiful airplane that I saw", - admitted in May 2007, the general director of S7 Airlines Vladislav Filev, signing a contract for 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliner. At that time, the aircraft is not only made its first flight, but was not represented even in the "non-flying" form. Roll-out of the B787 - the first public presentation - held July 8, 2007; by the time the Boeing Corporation managed to sell 677 aircraft.

The ceremony was broadcast in nine languages ​​in 45 countries, it saw more than 100 million people - a phenomenal performance for the industry. A B787 became the best-selling new airplane in commercial aviation history.

Liner Composite

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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner many visible and not visible to the eye of innovations. This first aircraft made of composite materials half (a combination of aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber). The fuselage of the traditional aluminum - this is the part connected along and across a huge number of rivets. The fuselage of the composites is created on the principle of one-piece barrel sections, ie. E. One-piece parts are held together only along.

The most hardy

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The composites make the aircraft lighter and stronger. Airlines it saves fuel and reduces maintenance costs. Passengers get more comfortable in the air - pressure is as close as possible to what one experiences on the ground, windows 65% more. Plus V787 is able to overcome without landing 13 679 km - it's like to fly from London to New York and back.

How Dreamliner called

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History V787 began against the backdrop of major changes in the aviation market. In 2003, Boeing lost the lead for the first time - it pushed Airbus, surpassing the number of sold aircraft. That same year, the American corporation announced the beginning of creating a "fundamentally new" airplane (in fact, a response to a competitor) - the first time it was held under the code 7E7. But the main ambition Boeing remained nameless for long. Aircraft manufacturer has launched a campaign uour Name Plane, in which everyone could participate: select name you like. It offers four options - Dreamliner, Global Cruiser, Stratoclimber, eLiner. half a million people from 160 countries took part in the voting; He won Dreamliner. Mysterious "E" was changed to "8" (initially "E" interpreted as "efficiency" or "environmentally friendly", then - "eight").

The first buyer from Japan

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For April 26, 2004 Boeing announced the launch customer - Japanese carrier ANA signed by 50 aircraft total of catalog value of $ 6 billion Japanese got a good discount -. Perhaps 50%, as Boeing needed a significant contract for the launch of the project. The ANA, in turn, supported the authority of the country - a third of "Dreamliner" contractors departed from Japan - Kawasaki, Fuji, Mitsubishi, including GS Yuasa, manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries. Such batteries, like so much else in the V787, was used for the first time in aviation. They provided "Dreamliner" benefits - two light (compared to previous) batteries give a powerful charge, it is almost ten years later, we put him under attack (in January 2013 at the ANA plane caught fire battery, then - a ban on flights) .

Details from around the world

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But not only Japanese companies were in the B787 project - "Dream Liner" makes almost the whole world, ie, Boeing and the production process is organized in a new way... Such a strong international co-operation was not a one aviation project. Usually Boeing outsource 35-50% of components (mainly engines and avionics). In the case of the V787, this figure reached 70%. Boeing proceeded from the fact that this method of production will save money, speed up the process and will effectively promote the new aircraft on the world market (for example - the same ANA).

V787 have turned 50 contractors only the first level (companies with which Boeing direct contacts) and a myriad of subcontractors. And that's the whole map of the world on the same plane: Italy - horizontal stabilizer, fuselage section, Japan - wings, center wing, batteries, South Korea - wingtips, United Kingdom - engines and chassis, France - exterior doors. The project also involved Russia, supplying titanium stamping.

Flight delayed

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The introduction of innovations on all fronts turned to V787 not only the status of "most modern", but also a fair amount of problems. The project was late for three years - the first aircraft ANA received in 2011 alone. A budget instead of the planned $ 5 billion is $ 32 billion Moreover, Boeing was suspected of receiving from the US government subsidies of $ 5 billion -. WTO laws state aid is prohibited.

A Thousand "Dreamliner"

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It is necessary to sell at least 1,000 aircraft to recoup these costs. Now the portfolio of orders Boeing - 1095 V787, 304 of them are delivered to customers (as of July 2015).

Insidious battery

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V787 faced with unforeseen difficulties which required adjustment schedule. It's almost three-month strike Boeing plant in Everett mechanics (in the crisis of 2008 began the personnel reduction); problems with the junction of the wing and the fuselage; difficulties in delivery. Dealt a serious blow to those same lithium-ion battery. After a series of incidents of batteries overheating and fire in January 2013 aviaregulyatory US, Europe and other countries have banned V787 flights have landed in such a way 50 "Dreamliner" for three months.

Aviation fetish

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Now every minute is not less than 100 "Dreamliner" in the sky that can be observed in real time on the Boeing website. There you are given all the airlines with V787 in the park. Whatever difficulties experienced Dreamliner, he became prominent: the plane is not perceived as a vehicle, as well as a fetish of aviation. In October 2011, ANA selling tickets on the first flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong and back to the auction: the most expensive ticket in business class cost the buyer $ 32,700, almost 20 times more than the original price. And still flying on the V787 is perceived as an adventure.

"ahead of the market, but there were not enough mature"

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The President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Boeing, Jim McNerney at the time admitted that the execution of the project B787 was not so good, explaining that only one: "We have applied technology, which outpaced the market, but were not sufficiently mature."

Do Dreamliner gets to Russia

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S7 and "Transaero" managed V787 how to order and cancel the contract. S7 declined from 15 aircraft because of the crisis in 2008 (see photo - CEO Vladislav Filev after signing the contract for the delivery of the Boeing 787 in 2007). "Transaero" has canceled an order for four V787 in 2013. "Aeroflot", the customer 22 "Dreamliner" by Boeing site is listed in the client, but the general director Vitaly Savelyev did not rule out failure - because of the bad situation in the Russian aviation market. While the "dream ship" can be seen in Domodedovo, where it fly Air India and Japan's JAL. And four years ago V787 first arrived in Russia - the international air show MAKS, producing a sensation.