22 principle of good eyes and bring up child

• 22 principles of good eyes and bring up child

22 principle of good eyes and bring up child

In the private school "Merry Moppets" coastal town near San Francisco to mental well-being of the students seriously. Every Friday children can bring a favorite toy c, and favorite books - every day. Each week, the school arranges some fun event, for example, announces Day crazy hairstyles or even Day pajamas.

In this school, every child in the class has its own little box. A teacher can leave the material for homework lesson plan for a month or notes to parents. It was there that the reader Psychologies Olga Zhuravskaya found a letter. It typically 21 education happy children, written from the words of a child.

Do not spoil me, because I know that you are not obliged to fulfill my every desire.

Do not be afraid to be straight with me.

Do not let me get used to bad habits. Withdraw from them, I will be even harder.

Do not make me feel as if my opinion does not matter. At such moments I start to behave even worse. You should be aware of this.

Do not correct me in front of others. I perceive the information better when you make comments in private.

Do not make me feel as if my mistakes - this terrible crime.

Do not protect me all the time from the consequences of my actions. I must learn to understand that actions are counter. Do not pay any attention to my minor quibbles - sometimes I just want to talk with you.

Do not worry too much when I say that I hate you - I do not hate you, but rebel against your authority.

Do not repeat everything a hundred times, but otherwise I'm going to pretend deaf.

Do not let a rash promise. I'm upset if you do not fulfill them.

Do not forget that as long as I still can not thoughtfully explain what I feel.

Do not ask me the truth when you're angry. Fear I accidentally cheat you.

Do not be fickle, me it spoils.

Do not leave my questions unanswered. I still go to find answers, but elsewhere.

Do not tell me my fears - unimportant. They are very important, it is not small, and it becomes even more frightening when you do not understand.

Do not pretend to be perfect and not make mistakes. I'm upset, when we realize that it is not.

Do not think to apologize to me - beneath your dignity. When apologize if wrong, you teach me to do the same.

Do not forget that I have to grow rapidly. You'll have to readjust often.

Do not rebuke me to experiment. Without it, I can not develop.

So, please do it on discount.

Finally, remember that I can not grow a happy man if I did not like the house strongly strongly. But you know it and so!