Rules of Life Chulpan Khamatova

• Rules of Life Chulpan Khamatova

Rules of Life Chulpan Khamatova

I do not know how to tell the Tartar "Chulpan my name."

From interviewing me is always a problem. By and large, do not need me or you. Maybe even readers do not need to. But it opened: all pretend that it is compulsory. Therefore, I categorically do not like to give interviews. But today we pretend.

I do not take yourself seriously as an actress. I love my profession, and it is very expensive, but no illusions about the higher purpose of acting I have not.

MY BIG TATAR family and my parents were very patient, when I decided to become an actress. For them it was an unknown world, terrible. The actress - dash prostitute point. I do not even know when they have reconciled. I'll have to ask.

MY CHILDREN DO NOT LOOK MY FILMS. They are not interested. I do not want my mother to take this.

I hate playing performances. I love to rehearse, because it's the most interesting thing in the profession: to dig, to invent, to learn. Happiness and pleasure.

Performance in "Barvikha LUXURY VILLAGE" - this is a very serious test. It antinaslazhdenie and overcoming - just do not understand why. Actors Theater "Contemporary" came to the play, and then told me that the ladies in the audience sat with the dogs. And we played there Theater of Nations performance "Shukshin's Stories". Terrible performance I do not remember, because, apparently, when they are of such prices to buy tickets, then expect that we will do everything at once: to walk a tightrope, sing, skate and do tricks. Fortunately, I'm not scandalous person.

CAPABLE DO I HATE? People are divided into those that you can justify, and to those whose actions you never justified, because these people - other around. They have a different view of good and evil, they have a different lens in the eye, the other pinna. I can not hate them, as I can not hate the wolf, turtle or snake.

MY attitude toward death has changed a lot in recent years. I can easily take his own death - it's easy. It is difficult for someone to lose.

WHAT I DO, I do not to me, praised those who help "Give Life" (Charitable Foundation for Children with Cancer and Blood Diseases, co-founder of which is Hamatova -. Esquire). I do this because I can not do this, and because I would be bad if I rush to someone's phone call for help. But I do not want to suffer. Therefore, what I do, I do to some extent, and for themselves.

I dream that I have had the wisdom to remember every moment I'm alive and that around me - life. I think this is happiness.

I converted to Orthodoxy when I was 14. I had a serious spinal injury; there was a danger that I can not walk. My girlfriend took me by the hand and led him into the church. She believed in the miraculous healing. But the miracle did not happen, and I had a long time to be in the hospital. Beyond this my introduction to Orthodoxy does not extend. But I'm very happy people who are immersed in the present, and can find answers to the tormenting questions. I have a bad habit. For example, a cigarette. And I need music. I put on the music, wake up to the music, and everything I do the music. I'm lonely without music. When I forget the earphones at home, I started to panic.

LAST TIME I cry when listening to Bach performed by Emil Gilels. Later I showed this video a pianist, and she immediately began to cry. Now my tears have some justification.

What can I say about myself? I am a happy person. Or aspire to be happy.

I find it easy to ask for forgiveness, if I know that the blame.