Rules of Life by Stevie Wonder

• Rules of Life by Stevie Wonder

Rules of Life by Stevie Wonder

I'm not that old, so you thought I was the creator of R'n'B.

Yes, you can call me blind, but I distinguish light from darkness, and life that is enough.

SAY, some time after the birth, I could see. You know the story? I was born prematurely, and I was put in the incubator, but the doctor gave to too much oxygen and ruined my eyes. It was in Saginaw, Michigan. And then, when I grew up, and when they found out about me, I returned to Saginaw and went to the same hospital. They decided that I want to sue that doctor to the devil, but I just wanted to be in the place where was born.

AT BIRTH I got two useful for quality of life: prudence and poverty.

Sometimes I feel that to be blind - it is a gift of God, because I probably would not last a minute, if he saw a world that exists around.

I think we do not have the right to call the United States, if our people are disconnected.

While there is life, yet the world that something is wrong, as long as people can not overcome the disaster and as long as people do not try to overcome them, while there is violence, destruction, hatred and bigotry, while there is a body in which there is no soul - until it all there is, I would say.

I CAN NOT SOLVE PROBLEMS draws. But I can create music that will encourage people to deal with. Music - this is what awakens in us the memory. The longer the kind of melody lives within us, the more memories strung on it.

WHY IS COLLECTIONS "BEST SONG", but no "Worst Songs"? I would listen to his.

I do not download music. In this action, there is no respect for music as an art, and this attitude devalues ​​it. On the other hand, it is only a reflection of the world in which we live: the lack of respect for the art, the lack of respect for women and the lack of respect for life itself.

Life is changing too fast to say "I did so, and will continue to do." I do what I think is right today.

Once I really wanted to become an electrician, and I think society is ready for this. With all of the modern technology we already have blind physicians and blind programmers. So who will prevent blind electrician?

Life can not be built on other people's expectations.

Everyone has a DAR. But what happens with the gift that you do not use? That's right: you take it.

Having said that I reached the peak - it is for me to say that enough of the Lord with me. Well, no, I'm not ready to believe it.

"It is impossible" - is an unacceptable word.

I LOVE PEOPLE examines. That's just see for me - means touch.

I think that if someday I could see a piano, it would be exactly the way I imagine it. CAN I sit up in the studio to the four in the morning, and many of you know, cleverly use it. They call at night to their wives and say, "Honey, I'm sorry I'm late. I'm in the studio with Stevie. Yes, he is at the piano, playing Fingertips (one of the first hits Wonder -. Esquire) ". He hangs up, and I at this moment quietly sleep in her bed for a hundred miles.

IF NOT USED TO ASK - you will never know the truth.

WHEN my wife died, I asked, "Lord, why do not I?" But the Lord does not like, when we ask such questions.

LOVE - LOVE IT. It arises from man to woman, woman to man, woman to woman and man to man. Yes, someone feels the need to live with the person of your sex - well, people are like that. That's just I think some people calling themselves gay, are wrong. They're just confused.

I have seven children, so something about my life, I know.

I never thought I'd see the day when there will be Ray Charles. But grief - this is another proof that you really exist.

And fifty years pass as a day.