25 life quotes Mikhail Bulgakov

• 25 life quotes Mikhail Bulgakov

25 life quotes Mikhail Bulgakov

Bulgakov tried to write in 25 years and has, fortunately, was not able to stop. We call it the mystical writer and a man who fiercely fought the Soviet power, even in his works. Not accept the art of socialist realism, five-year plans and camps, he wrote for himself and for the grandchildren, wrote, as they say, in the table.

His novels have long dismantled for quotes, and today we have gathered the 25 most important ones of the truth, people, love and life.

Never ask for anything! Do nothing, and in particular those who are stronger than you. Themselves and offer themselves give everything!

He who loves must share the fate of the one he loves.

Happiness is like health: when it is there, you do not notice it.

Second freshness - that is nonsense! Freshness is only one - the first, it is also the last. And if the sturgeon second freshness, it means that it is rotten!

He manages throughout the one who is in a hurry.

Only through suffering comes true ... That's right, do not worry! But for the knowledge of the truth do not pay any money or do not give rations. Sad but true.

In the world there are only two forces: Dollars and literature.

Evil people do not have in the world, there are only people unhappy.

The writer will always be opposition to the policy until the policy itself will be in opposition to the culture.

Yes, man is mortal, but this would be not so bad. The bad news is that it is sometimes suddenly mortal, that's the trick! Manuscripts do not burn.

You judge according to the suit? Never do this. You can make a mistake, and, moreover, is very large.

We talk to you in different languages, as always. But the things we are talking about, does not change.

Who said that there is no light faithful, eternal love? Yes cut off liar his vile language!

- Dostoevsky died.

- Objection, Dostoevsky is immortal!

You know, a man without documents is strictly forbidden to exist.

The stars will remain when the shadow of our bodies and affairs will be left on the ground.

On the crime does not go ever, against whomsoever it may be directed. Before they reach old age with clean hands.

Fact - the most stubborn thing in the world.

Revolutionary riding. Hour going, two are standing.

In Russia, perhaps only one thing: the Orthodox faith, the power of autocratic!

Understand that language can hide the truth, and the eyes - never!

Enough to chase a man under fire, and it becomes a wise wolf; replaced by a very weak and in really difficult cases unnecessary mind grows wise animal instinct.

Maybe money hinder be nice. Here, for example, no one has any money, and everything nice.

Evil lurks in men who avoid wine, games, company of charming women, table talk. These people are sick or gravely, or secretly hate others.