The best buildings in 2014

Every year in early October, a jury in the world's largest architectural festival World Architecture Festival selects the best building of the year in several dozen categories. Three years ago, WAF in Barcelona moved to the "city of the future" - Singapore. Organizers zoning explained the desire to attract participants from Asia and Australia. Make it possible. And, symbolically, the winner in the category "Building of the Year" was a project of Vietnam. The Russians also participated in the competition. We reached the final project of reconstruction of the cinema "Drummer" and the project "Center for Documentary Film." However, none of these awards are not received.

Of those who did manage to win the "Oscar" of architecture, read on

Building of the Year

The best buildings in 2014

The Chapel The Chapel, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)

Creators: a21 studio, Vietnam

The best architectural construction year WAF jury recognized the chapel gazebo on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. The building is made of materials that have been used in the construction of other buildings, which helped to reduce the cost of the chapel. The chapel is not only used for its intended purpose, but also as a cultural center.

The Best House

The best buildings in 2014

Home House of Trees, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)

Creators: Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Vietnam

In Ho Chi Minh City only 0, 25% of the city area covered by greenery and pollution and fumes in the air is very high. One way to restore green spaces in the city - to plant trees on the roofs of houses. The project of construction of such experts offered Vo Trong Nghia Architects architectural bureau. The cost of the house - $ 156 000. Five concrete boxes, decorated with bamboo siding, perform the function of "pots". A thick layer of soil, which is planted with trees, serves as a pool for rainwater, thereby reducing the risk of flooding in the city.

The best reconstruction of

The best buildings in 2014

Home The Split House, China (Shanghai)

Creators: Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, China

In 2013, the Chinese architectural office Neri & Hu restored three-storey house of 30-ies of the last century. The house, which was originally intended to stay one family has been divided into three apartments, each of which there was a living room, bedroom and dining room. On the top floor is equipped with a common terrace and laundry. Architects have added new windows, and one of the front walls instead of the usual gray monolith made of glass. The house interior minimalist: it is dominated by bright colors and strict form. WAF jury noted how harmonious the neighborhood turned out The Split House with nearby historical buildings.

The best villa

The best buildings in 2014

Villa Dune House, New Zealand

Creators: Fearon Hay Architects Ltd., New Zealand

Dune House is located on the northern coast of New Zealand, an hour's drive from Auckland. It is adjacent to the white sand beaches, and the lower level of the house is almost entirely hidden dunes. Details used in the decoration of the villa, refer to the constantly changing the face of the coastline: for example, on the edge of the pool planted tree.

Best Office

The best buildings in 2014

Office Center Liberty Place, Australia (Sydney)

Creators: Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, Australia

Last year's victor in the category "House of the Year" - Australian Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp architectural office - this time again among the winners. The best office building is recognized as an office center, a project that was created in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis. Liberty Place includes several buildings: a 44-storey office tower, a shopping center and a separate building with apartments, so that we can live and work right in one place, if desired. In addition, during the construction of Liberty Place preserved historic facade of the House of the Legion in 1902 construction. Finishing materials used several complex: glass, brick, and wood paneling. The jury noted that how well an office center fit into the urban space, as well as its functionality and ecological compatibility.

Best Office

The best buildings in 2014

The Catholic Church of La Ascension del Senor, Spain (Sevilla)

Creators: AGi architects, Spain

The church was built for economic reasons, from simple inexpensive materials: stone and steel. A roof constructed so that inside the building fell sufficient amount of natural light. A large courtyard designed in such a way that there could assemble the whole community: in the charity fair or summer theater. Special attention is given to the confessional booth: they have no walls, and parishioner, kneeling on the floor, the priest takes only a wooden partition.

The best library

The best buildings in 2014

Dalarna Media Library Library, Sweden (Falun)

Creators: Adept, Denmark

"The spiral of knowledge" - so the Danish architectural studio Adept described the project Dalarna Media Library Library. It was built on the former site parking, right on the inclined plane. In the center of the library - a huge atrium around the perimeter at a height of three floors surround the stairs and shelves, creating a kind of spiral. Steps also form the auditorium, which is used for watching movies, lectures, and in 2015 it will become a place of broadcasts Championships in ski sports in the world. library building itself is encased in Siberian larch and polished stainless steel screens.

The best educational building

The best buildings in 2014

School Chobham Academy, England (London)

Creators: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, England

During the London 2012 Olympic Games this building was used as a gym and Security Center, and in September 2013 opened already as a full-fledged school, which involved more than 1,300 students between the ages of 3 to 18 years. The center of gravity of construction - a five-story "drum" which supports three interconnected structures. On school playgrounds connected special bridge. A kindergarten occupies a two-storey rectangular case with a separate entrance.

The Best Museum

The best buildings in 2014

Museum of Danish Maritime Museum, Denmark (Elsinore)

Creators: BIG, Denmark

The new building of the Danish National Maritime Museum is located in a former dry dock, leaving seven meters under the ground. Galleries and halls of the museum are located below ground level around the perimeter of the room, and the space in the center, which was previously used for the repair of ships, left untouched. Here, under the open sky, made a platform for lectures and other cultural events. After atrium slung three transparent double-decker bridge that connects urban embankment to the museum, and together form a zigzag fancy.

The Best Restaurant

The best buildings in 2014

Restaurant Son La Restaurant, Vietnam (Son La province)

Creators: Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Vietnam

Restaurant Son La is located in a remote area in northern Ventama, seven hours drive from Hanoi on a mountain road. Due to difficulties with transportation of building materials in the project to make maximum use of local resources. The building is built of stone and bamboo, which is an additional advantage - they are well adapted to the tropical monsoon climate. In addition, the construction cost of one square meter of the restaurant has been very budget - just $ 600.

The best medical building

The best buildings in 2014

Cancer housing Hospitals Prince Alfred Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, Australia (Sydney)

Creators: HDR Rice Daubney, Australia

Cancer Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney housing is not called the hospital. This - "House of Life", named after the famous Australian neurosurgeon Christopher O'Brien, who died a few years ago. Nine-storey building in addition to the wards and operating there a laboratory for scientific research. The jury noted that the Cancer case "redefines the traditional approach in the treatment of cancer."

The Best Landscape Design

The best buildings in 2014

Parc National Arboretum Canberra, Australia (Canberra)

Creators: Taylor Cullity Lethlean and Tonkin Zulaikla Greer, Australia

The National Arboretum is created on the site burned down in 2003, the forest. Specialists of two architectural firms have implemented the concept of "100 forests, 100 gardens" hundred forest land with trees of rare species, threatened with extinction, interspersed with a hundred gardens. The central architectural arboretum object - the building of The Village Center, which houses educational areas, shops and cafes. The project cost of the park was about $ 67 million.

The best sports facility

The best buildings in 2014

Sports Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore

Creators: DP Architects, Singapore

Multi-sports complex. Its central part - a huge stadium with a retractable roof for 55 000 spectators. In addition to his Singapore Sports Hub also includes an indoor stadium for 12 000 seats, a water sports center, a skate park, tennis courts, beach volleyball court, a climbing wall and a sports museum.

The Best Condo

The best buildings in 2014

The Carve, Norway (Oslo)

Creators: A-Lab, Norway

The highlight of the apartment building The Carve in Oslo - a huge terrace right in the center of the building. If you look at the building from a distance, it seems as if out of it neatly laid out piece, reminiscent of the element of "Tetris". Eight floors of the complex are reserved for office space, seven - under the residential apartments. The facade is decorated with white marble and wood paneling.

The Best of "Transport" category

The best buildings in 2014

Bridge Scale Lane Bridge, England (Kingston upon Hull)

Creators: McDowell + Benedetti, England Pedestrian drawbridge connecting the banks of the river Hull, shaped like a comma. When breeding bridge elements do not rise up, and shifted to the side chat with people located on it. £ 7 million has been invested in the construction of the bridge.