Rules of Life of Audrey Hepburn

• Rules of Life of Audrey Hepburn

Rules of Life of Audrey Hepburn

I'm half Irish, half Dutch and was born in Belgium. If I were a dog, I would have been in big trouble.

When I was little, my parents with me forever is not enough time. Chocolate was my one true love, and he never betrayed me.

LIFE Mama gives me that a person should be helpful.

I remember when I became ill with bronchitis during the war, my mother said: "I wish I could drink your orange juice. I wish I could get milk and eggs for you. " I thought how nice that she wants to treat me. But now I understand what it means to go to bed, not knowing for her than she would feed me the next day.

In my childhood I have been taught that to attract attention and to arrange performances - a sign of bad manners. Exactly that I began to earn a living.

I'm not beautiful. My mom once called me an ugly duckling. But if my traits considered separately, it is possible to find something good.

In my life there were periods when I hated myself, I thought of herself as too fat, too high, too ordinary or too ugly.

SEXUALITY - IS SOMETHING THAT IS HIDDEN IN WOMEN. Sexuality implies not put on public display. I can not boast of forms Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, but because sexuality - it's not just size. I do not need a bedroom to prove their femininity. I can be sexy, just tearing the apples from the apple tree in the rain. LOVE PEOPLE WHO ME laugh. Laughter - my favorite activity, it is able to cure many diseases.

I never wanted a divorce. I hate that word: I'm all contracts when it pronounced. I wanted to get married once and for all.

Earrings, which gives you a man, tell all that he thinks about you.

PEOPLE EVEN MORE THAN THINGS needs to be picked up, repaired, have found their place, and forgive; never one to throw away.

The duty of every person - to help children who suffer. Everything else - just a whim and pampering.

I believe, but my faith is not related to any religion.

I really liked the book "Breakfast at Tiffany's", but I was terribly afraid that this role is not for me, for the role of Holly Golightly needed extrovert and introvert I. It was difficult on the set, I was very thin and is often thought of as a bad play.

My greatest victory is that I have learned to live with myself, taking its drawbacks. I am far from being able to be who I want to be. But I decided that I was not so bad after all.

I find it difficult to see themselves SCREEN: I just suffer from it.

In the Netherlands, Belgium, and then in England the happiest moments of my life has always been associated with the village. I love nature, trees, birds and flowers. I'm not a city dweller, cement makes me melancholy. I would be happy if spending a weekend alone in her apartment. So I charge my batteries.

SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG with those who think that Audrey Hepburn does not sweat, no hiccups and sneezing. Incidentally, I often hiccup them all together.

When you're no one to make a cup of tea when you no need, that's when I think life ends.

If we are really honest, I have to admit that I still read fairy tales and love them with all my heart.

READING - my favorite thing.

COSMETICS can decorate your face, but it is powerless, if you're ugly inside. Unless you eat cosmetics.

I heard this definition of happiness: health and a short memory. I would like to be its author, because it's true.

I believe in manicures, screaming in clothes, in fact, that on vacation, too, need to dress up and lipstick. I believe in pink, in that happy girls - the most beautiful and that tomorrow is a new day. I still believe in miracles.

LET to admit that good old chocolate cake helps people to live, I'm sure it helps.

Those who do not believe in miracles, can not be called realistic.

Mama always said good things do not just fall down on your head. God is generous, but he expects you to fulfill your obligations first.

Some people dream of the pool, I - on the cabinet, and not one. Success - is something like a long-awaited birthday, during which you realize that you have not changed.

And a woman can be beautiful, and intelligent.

Between a long life and a good supper there is a small difference - at the dinner dessert served last.

In time, you realize that you are two hands - one for himself, the other for helping others.

I would never have to worry about age, if I know that I will continue to love and I will love too.

That's when I'm acting in 70 films, and the audience will want more, then I believe that I'm a star.

Only the most determined people successfully.

Select a day and enjoy it. The past has taught me to appreciate the moment and I do not want to spoil his concern about the future.

MOST IMPORTANT - THIS IS TO AGE worthy. And it is impossible to do if you're not losing your magazine covers.

How wonderful just being alive.