Post Dovlatova memory

24 years ago it was not a brilliant writer and journalist Sergei Dovlatov Donatovich.

August 24, 1990 died Sergei Dovlatov - one of the most popular and widely read Russian writers of the late XX - early XXI century. His novels, stories, note books have been translated into many languages ​​and filmed. Surprisingly funny and sad at the same time piercing prose Dovlatov has long since become a classic, and like almost every classic, "rastaskana on proverbs and sayings." During the twelve years of his life in exile, he published a total of twelve books that have come out in the US and Europe.

Artistic thought Sergei Donatovich simple and noble: to tell how strange people live - the sad laugh, the funny sadness. In his books there is righteous, because I do not have them and villains. The writer knows and heaven and hell - within ourselves.

We have collected for you the best statements and reflections on the life of Sergei Dovlatov, a man and love.

Post Dovlatova memory

- A good human relationships with women always difficult to fold. And I'm a good man. I declare without embarrassment, because there is nothing to be proud of. From a good man are waiting for appropriate behavior. To this high demands. He drags himself to the painful daily load of nobility, intelligence, diligence, conscience, humor. And then he is thrown for the sake of a notorious bastard. And this scum tell, laughing, about the tiresome virtues of a good man. Women love only scoundrels, everyone knows that. But being a bastard is not given to everyone. I had a friend currency dealers Shark. He beats his wife handle of a shovel. He gave it to his beloved shampoo. He killed the cat. Once in a life I have prepared her a cheese sandwich. Wife all night crying with emotion and tenderness. Canned nine years sent to Mordovia. Waiting ...

A good man, who needs it, I ask? ..

Post Dovlatova memory

We endlessly criticize Comrade Stalin, and, of course, for the cause. Still, I want to ask - who has written four million denunciations?

Man used to ask myself: Who am I? There's a scientist, an American driver, a Jew, an immigrant ... But it would be necessary all the time to ask yourself: Do I not shit?

Most people think of those intractable problems, the solution of which little suits them.

The introduction was delayed. We have to go to bed or leave.

You say - so there was no love. Love was. Love is gone forth, and you're behind.

When a man throws a while called the favorite, it is sickening.

All my life I blew through a telescope and was surprised that there is no music. And then carefully looked at the trombone and was surprised that a damn sight.

The only honest way to - this is the way errors, disappointments and hopes.

Anything else, but the lack of solitude. Money, for example, I have quickly come to an end, loneliness - never ...

This is madness - to live with a man who does not go away just because lazy ...

Joseph Brodsky and Sergei Donatovich

Post Dovlatova memory

I was walking and thinking - a world engulfed in madness. Madness is becoming the norm. Norma is a sense of wonder.

You know that the main thing in life? The key is that one life. A minute passed, and the end. The other will not ...

More hopeless goal, the deeper emotions.

Love - it is for young people. For military personnel and athletes ... And everything is much more complicated. There is not love, and destiny.

"The main thing in the book and in the woman - not the form but the content ..." Even now, after countless disappointments of life, this setting seems to me boring. And I still only like beautiful women.

Whole year between us there was something kind of intellectual intimacy. With a touch of hatred and depravity.

Live me now tolerably well, I do not do a damn thing, and I read Tolstoy. But sometimes it is so bad my heart that I want to fill a muzzle himself.

Sergei Dovlatov Kurt Vonnegut

Post Dovlatova memory

I think there is no love at all sizes. There is only - yes or no.

Man to man - anything ... Depending on the combination of circumstances.

I prefer to be alone, but next to someone ...

Normally go to visit, when the name. Awful to go to visit when it is not called. However, the best - it is when called, and you do not go.

I will not change the linoleum. I changed my mind, because the world is doomed.

"Life is Beautiful and amazing! "- as Comrade Mayakovsky exclaimed eve suicide. I have long ceased to divide people into positive and negative. A literary heroes - even more so. Also, I'm not sure that in the life of crime is inevitably followed by repentance, and for the feat - bliss. We have what we feel themselves.

Dovlatov and his son Kolya. New York.

Post Dovlatova memory

"Envious believe that women are attracted to rich men of their money. Or you can buy for the money. Previously, I thought so, but then realized that it was a lie. Not money attracts women. Not cars and jewelry. Not restaurants and expensive clothes. Do not power, wealth and elegance. And what made the man a powerful, rich and elegant. Power that some are endowed with and totally devoid of others. "

"The stimulus is absent, - said Tanya - a good man to love ... not interested in striking the era we live in. "A good man" for us, it sounds like an insult. "But he is a good man" - talking about the bride who looks clear nothingness ... "

Post Dovlatova memory

"Before the New Year another six hours, - said the deputy political commissar, - and you're already drunk as a pig.

- Life, Comrade Lieutenant, ahead of a dream - Fidel said. "