35 Captain Jack Sparrow memorable quotes

• 35 Captain Jack Sparrow memorable quotes

It is noteworthy that the character of "Pirates of the Caribbean" was originally conceived as a minor creators, and eventually became the main and the most memorable character of the film.

Jack Sparrow - a brave pirate who, however, prefers to avoid overly dangerous situations and enters the fray only when necessary. Of difficult situations it does not save power and weapons, and the ability to negotiate. We have prepared the post of wit and eloquence of Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow.

35 Captain Jack Sparrow memorable quotes

- You know the feeling: you stand on the edge of the cliff, jump and pull down ... I do not have it?.

- You are crazy!

- Oh, thank God, the normal would not go on like that.

- At least someone saved me because I missed ?!

- all do not move! I dropped brains.

- Yes, before the world was a lot more ...

- No, the world has remained the same. Fewer content.

- My hands are clean! Hmm. Figuratively.

- Beware need honest people: do not even notice when they do something stupid.

35 Captain Jack Sparrow memorable quotes

- They say that they are being robbed of the city and do not leave anyone alive.

- Just one? Then where the rumors come from?

- Now you're the captain? Now appoint someone or falling!

- You've been there?

- Do I look like the one who visited the fountain of youth? - Depends on the lighting.

- Okay, I take you. You will not take - you're scary.

- We're going to steal a ship? That ship?

- requisitioned. We're going to commandeer that ship. This nautical term.

35 Captain Jack Sparrow memorable quotes

- You're not going to the suit. You need a dress or anything ... I prefer nothing.

- But he somehow came across a stumbling block of all men.

- What is this stone?

- Sea?

- Algebra?

- The dichotomy of good and evil?

- Baba.

- You molested me! I was very innocent girl!

- You showed a certain skill during his molestation!

- So this is your secret? Your grand adventure? You're three days lying on the beach and slurped rum?

- Welcome to the Caribbean, love.

- Jack .. We would still have failed.

- Repeat afford it more often, dear.

35 Captain Jack Sparrow memorable quotes

- All we saw it ?! Because I refuse to repeat it!

- My ship is matchless and proud. And he is almost no huge! And he sailed ....

- Captain, let me report on the impending revolt: I'm ready to call the names of the fingers and poking.

- You're either a madman or a genius.

- These are the two extremes of the same essence.

- This is madness!

- No, this is politics!

- Stop perforate my ship!

- It is better not to know when you catch up with death and live vibrantly, admiring the whole soul of the great mystery of being.

35 Captain Jack Sparrow memorable quotes

- is worth it once to die and then changing priorities.

- As you all brought in the Spanish monastery?

- I took him for a brothel. Easily confused.

- Where is the rum always disappear?

- You can live with this? You doom another man to eternal shackles, and he'll have fun, go out and drink?

- Mmm, yes. It is for me.

- Okay, I'll cover your ass.

- I'm more worried about before.

- Yes! I lied to you. No! I do not love you. Of course, it you fat! I've never been in Brussels. The word "bloodthirsty" it is necessary to say through "F". By the way, no, I do not know of Columbus, but I love the beds. But all this fades and pales in comparison to the fact that I have taken away my ship again! Smekaet?

35 Captain Jack Sparrow memorable quotes

- Who forges the sword?

- I kuyu! And to practice fencing, three hours a day.

- It is better to find a girlfriend!

- Mr. Gibbs, throw my hat in the air.

- It's an honour for me. Hurrah!

- Carry ago.

- So you lied to me, telling the truth?

- Yes.

- The original course. Need to remember.

- You'll have to work there, Jack. Souls of the dead pass on the light. Or be like Jones.

- I will not go tentacles! But immortality, it's worth it, right?

- smekaet, chick?