30 iconic quotes Gabriel Garcia Marquez

• 30 iconic quotes Gabriel Garcia Marquez

30 iconic quotes Gabriel Garcia Marquez

We love it for the fact that his works are shrouded in myths and mysteries, I want to re-read again and again. He told a lot of humanity, told dozens of fairy tales his magical world in which people are able to love and live in the present. Even in war and in time of plague.

We collected religious quotes Marquez of his writings and interviews that are worth to be remembered.

Do not let yourself die without experiencing this miracle - to sleep with someone you love.

People who love should die, along with all their belongings.

Every thing - alive. We should only be able to wake her soul.

If you meet your true love, it is up to you is not going anywhere - not in a week or a month or a year.

That all will be well if in something involved a woman, I know. To me it is clear that women rule the world.

At the dinner table you can love just as in bed.

Smile, do not bring in trouble pleasure.

In family life a lot easier to avoid accidents rather than from annoying petty trifles. Answer "yes" to him. Even if you die from fear, even if later regret it because you will repent all my life, if we now answer to him "no."

Because there are orders that can be given, but to fulfill them criminally.

Minute of reconciliation is worth more bosom friendship.

I have always said and will never give up their words, that the most interesting people live in Russia.

Soviet Union - is 22.4 million square kilometers without a single advertisement of Coca-Cola!

I try to avoid unpleasant surprises. I prefer stairs escalators. Anything - aircraft.

There is no medicine that can cure that can cure happiness.

Man is not born once and for all on the day when the mother makes it to the light, life makes it again and again - many times - to be born again.

Man loves disposable things because he and a one-time itself.

Who are waiting for a long time, can wait a little longer.

I do not wear hats, so to anyone it does not shoot.

Money - manure of the devil.

Neither a madman is not mad, if you listen to his arguments.

Why waste many words to explain what a man feels in the war, if only one word - fear. We are surrounded by unusual, weird things, and writers persistently tell us about unimportant, everyday events.

Marvelous property - the ability to think of past pleasures without bitterness and remorse.

Glory - a fat lord who does not sleep with you, but when you wake up, she stands by the bed and looks.

Inspiration comes only during operation.

Literature - the best fun was invented to mock people.

The world was still so new that many things do not have names, and they had to point the finger.

Fact or Fiction - what's the difference? All will be true over time, any nonsense!

The day when people will drive themselves in the first class, and the book will carry into boxcars, come to an end.

Knowledge and wisdom come to us when they are no longer needed.

No, I'm not rich. I am a poor man with money, and it's not the same thing.

Stay calm. Die harder than it looks.