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Supporters and opponents of an invigorating drink does not get tired to argue about its effects on the body, supporting his arguments with numerous statements of physicians and scientists. Ardent fans will find even more of what bet - methods of purification, drying and roasting coffee beans, cooking options and coffees there are countless.

Studying the essence of the issue, we found a lot of information about coffee that may surprise and interest of any indifferent.

From coffee making tea

Post Coffeemania

The trade-off between the lovers of tea and coffee is found - the taste of the tea leaves of the coffee tree is no less interesting than the taste of the drink from its grains. Brewed coffee leaves, you get a nice drink - not as strong as the coffee itself, with a rich taste and without the usual bitterness of tea.

Moreover, coffee tea contains more antioxidants and other nutrients than ordinary black tea.

Coffee makes you receptive to the beliefs

Post Coffeemania

Studies have shown that caffeine causes your brain to accept allegations that previously seemed wrong. It turned out that coffee increases the brain's ability to understand the logic of these statements.

So you can safely offer a cup of coffee to the man whom you really want something to convince.

more coffee invigorates lazy than workaholic

Post Coffeemania

The scientists often conduct country studies. During one of those studied the rats undergo a maze with a dose of coffee and without it. It was found that caffeine significantly reduce the activity of the most moving rodents. Those rats that initially "lazy" after the caffeine began to behave more actively. From this, scientists have concluded - coffee works better on a lazy people than active.

The most expensive coffee in the world is made elephants

Post Coffeemania

Many long-known type of coffee Kopi Luwak, which is made only of those grains that have passed through the digestive system of small animals - Asian Palm Civet. Sly residents of Thailand found the "producers" bigger and began to sell the most expensive coffee in the world ($ 50 for a cup of drink). To change the flavor characteristics of the class, called "Black mammoth" coffee berries are fed elephants and washed grain from their droppings.

Our planet has a "coffee belt"

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This is the title of the land on which the coffee is grown under natural conditions. This tropical zone is located at an altitude of 600 to 1,200 meters above sea level - the best habitat for the coffee tree.

Coffee inspired great

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There are legends about his favorite Beethoven sturdy coffee beverage, which has been prepared by a special recipe - of exactly 64 grains.

Balzac was an avid fan and drank a lot of coffee, neglecting sleep (he died at 51 of heart disease, so it is not worth repeating).

And Johann Sebastian Bach is the product of "coffee cantante" written by request of one of the coffee houses, the owner of which he was a friend.

The coffee was opened thanks to the Ethiopian goats

Post Coffeemania

According to popular legend it is believed that the properties of invigorating coffee Ethiopians learned of goats who behaved suspiciously cheerful, after eating coffee berries. In the following year, the coffee beans are often eaten enough, not thinking about the complex handling and preparing beverages.

Coffee can be beneficial if you drink it in moderation

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Even Pythagoras advised around know when to stop. When used without fanaticism, coffee can help you lose weight, focus and lead to normal nervous system (the latter - only if you do not accidentally spill it on the keyboard).

Coffee banned

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Throughout its history, coffee has repeatedly banned the authorities of different countries. The most famous ban in Mecca in 1511 and in England in 1675. As a rule, the authorities considered coffee a source of revolutionary ideas and place the conspirators collection.

Caffeine - a crystal

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And very nice.