Tips from foreigners

Tips from foreigners

Going to another country, do not interfere familiar with the local rules of conduct and traditions, so as not to lose face, or be rude.

We have gathered for you advice from foreigners about how not to behave in their country. This advice of local residents who are tired of uncouth tourists. Their comments on the Internet better than any guidebooks will tell you how to behave in their homes.


If someone has treated you a drink, you need to treat it in the answer. And it's not just men: everyone is equal here.

Not necessary to leave a tip for those who work at the bar, they are paid well. And here is a tip for the waiter welcome.

Yes, and we've heard a million times joke that the Irish - drunks.


Do not call anyone here Englishman.

The strength of a man depends on how much he can drink. We do not drink enough and do not give up drinking.

United Kingdom

In no case do not break all here, you risk your life.


Do not climb out of turn. You do not nakrichat, and even hateful, no one will look, but someone will write a very, very evil status in facebook, and his friends were upset.

No need to contrive a conversation with strangers you people (unless, of course, you do not need help).

Sit as far away from each other in public transport. And if space just next to someone, it is best to ride standing up.

We are not sociopaths, it's just such a strange way to be courteous, not interfering in other people's comfort zone. By the way, the comfort zone - 3 meters.


If you think you can safely walk on the bike path - you're crazy. Mercy does not wait: in the best case, you just flamed.


Better not tell anyone compliments. We easily spent the next half an hour, to prove that we are actually much worse, and everyone else is incomparably beautiful.


In public places is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol. Moreover, if you do not drink and do not even open a bottle of alcohol, but just carry it in your hands, you may also be fined.

Red borsch often do not eat with us, and drink, so that the glass may not drink, and this soup. You can buy borscht even in the coffee machine.


Do not add water to the wine, pour the sauce over the cheese, add alcohol to a dish, the only exception - the ice cream, then you can let myself go.

If you ask for directions, always start a conversation in a polite manner. Use "hello", "sorry", "Would you be so kind," and others. Of course in French.


Do not point at someone open hand, this gesture offensive and, in essence, the same as if you were talking to someone: "Yes, you are an ass, sir."


Men, we do not wear shorts in public places.

If you openly criticize the government, it will attract a lot of attention.

Local may require from you money for what you are photographing the vicinity. Do not succumb to provocation.

When entering the country you can ask your login and password on your account social network for security purposes. Create a false account before leaving. Just in case.


You need to remove your shoes when you enter the house, unless the owner will tell you that you can be shod. Do not give up tea, but not from the tea. That's rough.

There are two topics that are better not touch in dealing with the Turks - Kurds and Cyprus. It is not necessary to call Istanbul Constantinople and confused state capital (main city in Turkey now - Ankara).

If the meeting takes the hand for a handshake a woman, it looks strange. This gesture means that a woman is ready to meet very close.


It is not necessary to drink water from the tap, unless you want to earn an upset stomach, well or die.


If you leave a tip to someone, you show that you think it unprofessional employee, because you think that he needs an additional fee.

We do not talk on a cell phone at the station, bus stop and all the more in the train - it disturbs other passengers and is considered the top of incivility (all SMSki write).


For uncomplimentary remarks about the king or the royal family can get fifteen years in prison.

If a local invited you to dinner, eat slowly than he. Extremely rude, if the guest before the owner cope with the contents of the plate.


We made a bargain, and is everywhere - on the markets and shops. If you do not know how to bargain, no you will not be respected.

Just do not give white flowers - they decided to give to the funeral.


In any case should not touch children, especially if you are a stranger to them. You do not properly understand and may be arrested.

In big cities (especially in New York) residents quickly move. There is always someone who is faster than you, - do not line up, let's take the opportunity to beat himself. Lean against a stranger in transport - this is normal, the store - no.

The subway phones do not work - please call in advance.


The main thing - do not trust the police and taxi drivers.

Do not show the phone and money in public places - you are sure to be robbed.


If you speak in English, the locals believe that you are from America, so you have the money. So, most likely, they will rob you, when they find the opportunity. Learn Spanish.


Best to stay as far away from our police. Try to keep the police did not hear your accent and do not see your documents. Just expect that you will spread about 50 bucks every time you ignore this warning.

New Zealand

Do not make fun of Jaca.

Do not touch our sheep.

And for God's sake, do not look for the One Ring.


Please try to speak with an Australian accent, we have so much fun. And anyway, it's Australia, do whatever you want.

If you have anything to add about the rules of etiquette and communication features in different countries, share in the comments.