5 most famous hackers

Even if you almost do not know anything about computer viruses, all the same you've probably heard about the so-called "worms". The first who launched a network of such a virus was Robert Tappan Morris.

1. Robert Tappan Morris

5 most famous hackers

A graduate of Cornell University, Morris created a "worm" and the second in November 1988 launched its network than paralyzed six thousand computers in the United States. He later claimed that just wanted to see how the Internet has grown, but the effects of the experiment got out of control. However, the "worm" was something more than a simple check: he penetrated into the file etc / passwd (the file containing the text format a list of user accounts (accounts); approx mixstuff.ru.), Trying to find the account passwords. Ultimately, Morris was fined and sentenced to three years probation.

Morris later became a professor at Harvard University and author of a huge number of developments in the field of software. Today he is a professor of computer science at MIT. Good career for the hackers.

2. Kevin Mitnick

5 most famous hackers

It all started with the fact that Kevin Mitnick suddenly wanted to free use of public transport.

Mitnick hacked into the bus system of Los Angeles with a fake travel document. Later, at the age of twelve, he was engaged in telemarketing fraud - at first for fun, redirecting the home telephone signals to a payphone and listening to other people's phone calls. Then Mitnick got to make free calls anywhere in the world. A few years later, Mitnick already searched all over America for hacking into the network Digital Equipment Corporation computer company and the theft of their programs. Perhaps it was his first major break-in, but later he entered the network by Nokia and Motorola phone giants. In 1995, the FBI caught for breaking Mitnick, America's leading specialist in the field of computer security computer systems Tsutomu Shimomura. Mitnick was sentenced to five years in prison, and for the release from prison he took up the protection of computer systems and founded Defensive Thinking corporation specializing in computer security. Mitnick also wrote several books about hackers.

3. Adrian Lamo

5 most famous hackers

Sometimes companies hire hackers to test the weaknesses of their systems, but Adrian Lamo nobody ever hired.

In 2002 and 2003, Lamo hacked into the system for the interest of several major companies, and then reported their systems security error. Among the sites attacked by hackers, were Microsoft, Yahoo and the New York Times. On the website of the newspaper New York Times Lamo added their contact information in an expert database.

Known as the "homeless hacker", Lamo often worked by connecting to the Internet cafe and public libraries. In 2003, breaking the website New York Times attracted the attention of opponents of cybercrime, Lamo was caught and sentenced to six months of house arrest and two years probation.

Lamo now is a well-known lecturer and journalist, as well as an independent security consultant, but avoids a hired office work.

4. Gary McKinnon (Solo)

5 most famous hackers

London Scottish-born hacker Gary McKinnon to the activity pursued political goals.

In 2002, McKinnon hacked into the computers of the Ministry of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force and NASA. he said later, he was looking for evidence of hiding information about UFOs, alternative energy sources and other technologies potentially useful for the society.

It is not joke. McKinnon said he has reason to believe that the US government is hiding alien technology that can solve the world energy crisis. However, a self-taught hacker admits that could walking on the trail of "accidentally" delete a large number of other files and cause damage to the hard drives in an attempt to cover their tracks. However, he still insists that nothing unusual had happened.

In turn, the US government reported that McKinnon's hacking cost 800 thousand dollars, and also questioned the fact that the hacker was looking for information about UFOs. McKinnon who took under the protection of British lawyers argued that their client suffers from Asperger's syndrome, deserve special treatment because of unstable mental health.

5. Rafael Gray (Curador)

5 most famous hackers

Rafael Gray described himself as righteous, and insisted that he was only trying to help e-commerce site where in 2000 hacked into the database of online stores data in order to steal credit card numbers and personal data of 26,000 Americans, British and Canadians. Then eighteen teenager from Wales said he was only trying to draw attention to weaknesses in the security system. However, it is not clear why he had put the stolen credit card numbers to the public internet, but that is another question.

In 2001, Gray was sentenced to three years of forced psychiatric treatment.