Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

Have you ever thought about the fact that death can lie in wait for you, for example, in a jar of canned food to spoil, on the slippery steps of a ladder, or let's say, on a dark deserted street, which you get home every night? Moreover - even the most innocuous actions such errors in a game of cards or ill-considered move in chess may turn into an acquaintance with an old woman in a black hood and a sharp scythe at the ready. Remember the story of this collection, the next time you want to play something - maybe it will save your life.

1. Polar players are so severe ...

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

Since the start of the Antarctic Program of the USSR in 1955, the year before the collapse of the country in 1991 on the southern continent of the planet was visited by a total of 36 expeditions by Soviet scientists. It is clear that life on the tiny polar station did not look much like a vacation in the resort, with the main dangers of polar - no frostbite and polar bears, but ... mentally unbalanced counterparts.

Back in 1959, two employees of the Antarctic station "Vostok" seeding for chess, it is hardly expected, it will end. After losing the game, one of the grand masters of the polar counterpart hacked with an ax - after this incident, the Soviet leaders are strictly prohibited to all, without exception, the participants of polar expeditions take with chess.

Fortunately, in our time, the likelihood of such incidents is reduced almost to zero - research organizers are paying psychological compatibility of members of expeditions much more attention, because in difficult climatic conditions, and even with almost complete social isolation, even in a person with a stable psyche can wake bloodthirsty monster.

2. Gambling is not good to bring the

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

September 29, 1929, four residents of the US city of Kansas City decided to pass the evening playing bridge. Unfortunately, the desire to "kill time" turned into a murder of one of the participants in the game - after Jack Bennett made a mistake once, his wife, 35-year-old housewife Myrtle Bennett, stabbed wife in a few bullets.

The bridge is usually four people involved, and the game is carried out "on a pair of couple", then there is a team of two people playing against another team. In that fateful evening Bennett played against their neighbors at home and when Jack made a mistake, my wife casually noted his failure, though in a rather sharp form. Husband back slapped her a slap, Mirtlz sobbed, but Jack continued to express their dissatisfaction with its advice, despite the fact that the partners in the game trying to calm the couple. Finally, Jack said that he intends to leave and not to return home until the morning, and then asked his wife to bring him a gun - a walk through the streets of the city at night it seemed unsafe. Rather than give a weapon, a woman stabbed her husband in two shots, causing Jack died from loss of blood. The court ruled that Myrtle had committed a crime of passion, so that the unfortunate widow and in combination - the murderer of her husband was acquitted.

3. Real Virtuality

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

It would seem, what video games can be harmful to life-threatening? Is it just that unlucky gamers sometimes die right during the long hours of gaming session without breaks for sleep and rest. However, sometimes the virtual world into the real invades so unceremoniously and surprisingly, the killer enters the house peacefully sleeping victims.

In 2005, the Chinese gamer Zhu Tsaoyuan sold a virtual sword that they are a couple and a friend got in a role-playing online games. Offended friend Tsayuanya to find missing artifact, he called the police, but in the Chinese law does not provide liability for the theft of virtual items, so that the 41-year-old Qiu Chenveyu refused to initiate criminal proceedings. Tsaoyuan tried to smooth over the conflict by proposing another 7200 yuan (about $ 870), the proceeds of the sword, but Qiu did not need the money - he missed opportunities that promised possession miracle blade. One day Chenvey Tsaoyuanya entered the house and repeatedly struck him in the heart is not virtual, but real kitchen knife, causing Zhu died and did not even have time to "survive". Court sentenced Qiu Chenveya to death.

4. Women also love football

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

As is known, the fans in different ways to express their love for a specific team or athlete - someone into stadia huge banners obscene content, other traditionally drunk after the game and arrange that British soccer fans call "third time" (fight between fans of different teams), and the third and all ready to kill if the favorites did not show a decent game.

In 2013, the football team of the University of Alabama in the final game defeated by Auburn University, which greatly upset fan of Adrian Briscoe. After the game, the woman went to a party, where she met Michelle Shepherd, as well as Briscoe, who considers himself a passionate cheerleader. In the course of the ensuing conversation revealed that Michelle is not too disappointed with a loss and insult in the best feelings of Adrian, after a drinking party members began to go home, Shepherd caught up in the parking lot and severely beaten, and then finished off with a pistol shot.

5. The Ministry of Education warns ...

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

Normal physical education lesson that the teacher Jon Desborough held in a British school serene day in May of 1999, became the last man.

Desborough showed students how to throw a spear, but it seems that he himself was not too good at athletics - stooping to pick up abandoned their sports equipment, teacher slipped and fell head straight for the spear that pierced his head through.

Of course, John immediately taken to the surgical department of the nearest hospital, where doctors have done everything possible to save him. Doctors were able to stabilize his condition, but a few weeks later the man died from the infection.

6. Korean ideal family

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

The brutality of the couple would probably have surprised even Qiu Chenveya, stabbed his friend because of the virtual artifact. Like the incident with the computer with the sword, the tragedy, which occurred in 2010 in South Korea, it is associated with virtual reality, but here we are not talking about gamers aggression, but rather, about the criminal negligence.

40-year-old Kim and 25-year-old Choi hours indulged in his favorite pastime - online role-playing game "Prius", which is required to take care of a virtual girl called Anima. Computer child so like spouses, they almost forgot about her present child - later revealed as a consequence, the "loving" mother only once a day, his eyes fixed on the monitor to feed the 3-month-old daughter. One day, during another short break in the game, the parents discovered that the girl was not breathing. Fearing criminal liability, Kim and Choi about five months hiding from the police, but the punishment is still caught up with them. Of course, adequate parental death of her own child is much worse than any prison, but those two can hardly be called mentally normal.

7. Revolver - the best argument in a dispute

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

On the life of the famous American outlaw John Wesley Hardin still legends. The first murder he committed at the age of 15, but only for his life is not too long (Hardin walked away to another world, when he was 42), this thug, in his own words, had to kill 44 people. Its saturated shots, women and booze biography, written off like the pages of an adventure novel about the Wild West, there is such an episode.

In 1869, the 16-year-old John in a small Texas town sat down to play cards with a man named Benjamin Bradley. The game turned out to be hot - opponents more and more frequently raised their voices, and now and then threw on their revolvers bad views. Contrary to popular belief, the fights, "one on one" between the hot heads from the Wild West did not occur as often as we show in numerous Westerns, but it was exactly the case. Outside, the players faced each other, and then everything happened as in the classic films about cowboys - Bradley quickly pulled out a revolver and fired the first shot, but missed, then Hardin took aim and killed Benjamin outright, put a bullet in the head.

8. Gourmet chess

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

Again and again chess carnage. Story that happened with Scot Tom O'Gormanom and Italian Saverio Belante proves the fact that dealing with cannibals dangerous for life, even if it is harmless at first glance the game of chess.

During the game between chess players got into an argument, which ended with a scene similar to the scene of the movie Hannibal Lecter - Belante ispolosovannaya O'Gorman knife, and then opened his chest and cut a piece of the Scot still warm heart and ate it "appetizing delicacy", after which he I called the police. Arrived on-call detectives arrested not too versed in the anatomy of a killer - as it later turned out, instead of a heart Belante cut off the corpse of the light, but it was unlikely to soften the allotted by law to punishment. At trial, the Italian-eater and then repeating the phrase "I am guilty", however, the jury understood this, and without touching a voluntary recognition, so the judge issued a verdict in a few minutes after the start of the meeting.

9. The bones are not toys for children

Innocent game ended in a bloodbath

Tamara Mason did not bode nothing terrible Christmas Eve of 2010 - woman offered their sons to play Yahtzee, one of the variants of the dice. The boys did not want to make my mother company, but she insisted, and to put an end to the discussion of options for family entertainment, the youngest brother, Jacob, put the mother on the head with a plastic bag and strangled, with Andrew and Dylan idly watched the agony of a woman begging for help. Of course, like all murderers, the brothers faced with the problem - where to put the corpse. December in Minnesota can not be considered hot, so that the land to Christmas already promorzla through and the guys decided to just throw the body in the trash, standing in the backyard of the house. The corpse lay there for almost four months, until the police get to the real cause of the disappearance of Tamara Mason - a woman had been missing. This "wonderful" Christmas story, so to speak, ended with a happy ending - partly decomposed body of Mrs. Mason was buried, and juvenile murderers felt the full extent of the law of the United States.

10. The princes also can err

The reign of the emperors of the Han Dynasty - one of the most turbulent periods in the history of China. Celestial actively expanded its borders and to keep conquered peoples of what is called "in line", the empire tried to destabilize the situation in the conquered territories, strongly supporting the local elites squabble among themselves.

One of the few cases when the subordinate kingdoms were able to give China more or less worthy rebuff, occurred through the fault of the Chinese Qi prince. When Liu Xiang, the son of Liu Pi - the ruler of the Wu kingdom, captured China, arrived in the capital, decided to play with the son of the emperor in the ancient Chinese game bo, that during the next party in a rage threw the game board directly in Liu Xian, yes so badly that I hit in the head and killed a young man on the spot. Liu Pi son angry death persuaded the rulers of the other six kingdoms go to war against the emperor, and soon more than half a million army marched to the capital of China. After three months of fighting the Chinese managed to defend the empire, but for this they had to destroy almost all the 500 thousand soldiers united armies of seven kingdoms. Half a million lives for one party in the bo - It's good that in this game there is a virtual sword.