Rules of Life of Andrei Tarkovsky

• Rules of Life of Andrei Tarkovsky

Rules of Life of Andrei Tarkovsky

In my childhood was pretty plant life. I was thinking a little.

LITERALLY We went barefoot. In the summer do not wear shoes, we did not have it. Winter boots I wore my mother. In general, poverty - it is not the right word. Poverty! We attach excessive importance to several childhood roles. The manner of psychoanalysts to look at life through childhood, to find in it an explanation for everything - this is one way infantilization personality. I always lacked a father. All the best that I have in my life, I have a mother.

My father, of course, a great Russian poet. He never wrote anything to become famous.

Every man should learn from childhood to be one. This is not to be lonely. This means - not to get bored with yourself.

HOW I AM AFRAID FUNERAL! Even when we buried my grandmother, was terrible, and not because she died, but because the steep there were people who expressed their feelings. I can not look at people who express their feelings.

I enrolled in the Institute of Oriental Studies and a half years he studied there and gone - in terror. Occupation Arabic was so painful, devoid of any sense of it was for me. Strange language. Grammatical forms are mathematically. Why I did it to VGIK, I can not understand.

COMMISSION WOULD NOT TAKE ME AND Shukshin. Said: "Bob SHukshin - a dark man, who did not read Tolstoy and does not know anything, he's too uncouth. And we do not take Tarkovsky's because he knows everything. " The first time I went to the movies when I was seven years old. I only remember two frames. The first - an explosion in the sunflowers when garnet instead of chord musical roar of the explosion. And the second frame - this is when the bayonets - a terrible picture - rousing the air officer. In our time it was impossible to choose, and the fact itself the opportunity to see the film makes a stunning impression on us. I DO NOT THINK SO MUCH about really how much I try to feel it; I treat her like an animal, like a child.

The very idea of ​​searching for artists offensive. It is similar to picking mushrooms in the forest. They can be found, but maybe not. In my opinion, the artist comes not as a seeker, he testifies to the truth, the truth about their world. I reject the idea of ​​the experiment, the search in the field of art. Any search in this field, all that pompously called "avant-garde" - simply a lie.

If you remove from human activities, all related to the profit-only will be arts.

ART CAN NOT BE non-national. If the world is in order, in harmony, he does not need art. We can say that art exists only because the world is badly arranged. Bigotry has never been an effective force of creativity.

The purpose of art is to prepare a person to death.

If an actor DEPRIVED OF TEMPERAMENT - it was his death. The only thing I need from the actor - to keep it in a proposed his circumstances and, God forbid, have not begun to play something, coming up with an image. Movie, perhaps the most miserable of the arts. It is used as a chewing gum, like cigarettes, like things that are buying.

I dread the art hints, some trying to be on the crest of what is happening right this minute.

I considered unsuccessful FILM "Ivan's Childhood" because I can not stand in the film character. Picture pretentious - in the sense, as if the pianist was playing, pressing the right pedal and hold his feet: all pedal, all accented with too much, too expressive. That is to say, once all thirty-two teeth showing an actor - I mean the author himself. Some things I just can not watch, I look down - you know, like when you look at a man who behaved tactlessly, talks about himself too much love. But this picture, I like the way my first independent work. "Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick seems completely unnatural to me, unclaimed, sterile atmosphere, like in a museum, where technical achievements are demonstrated. Criticism or criticize or praise. Neither one nor the other, do not really help. But the task of criticism, in my opinion - to help understand the author himself. I like the limited space. I really like the attitude of the Japanese to the space - their skill in a small space to be reflected to infinity. Life is no sense, of course, does not matter.

I find it hard to imagine the inner world of women, but it seems to me that it should be associated with the world of men. Lonely woman - it's not normal.

Unless the world is becoming common, for bad. It seems to me that I was not like myself. He who loves himself is not enough, do not know the purpose of their existence can not, in my opinion, to love others. I'm a man grim. Now is not the time to laugh a lot. If I suddenly start laughing, I immediately begin to control myself and feel that I laugh out of place. Save all you can, save himself. Common efforts are fruitless.

Present slides and go, like sand between your fingers, and defines its material weight of only the memory of it.

Life has no meaning if I know how it ends. We are not made for happiness, but there are things more important than happiness.

HUMAN misfortune that he imagined himself as a closed system. For example, he thinks that does not cause injury to themselves, when secretly do evil, and does not believe that in this way is subjected to self-destruction.

NOBODY IN RUSSIA, never, not guilty of anything. Just the way it is here.

When the world war-torn, suddenly there is hope for happiness, to change the time.

I refer to the word as to the noise that produces people.

I am very sorry that I'm not a musician. Plans lot of little help.