10 tips for search on Google

The effectiveness of our work affects how quickly we can find the necessary information. It would seem that complicated: you drive in a search phrase and get the result. But sometimes trying to find the right, it takes a lot of time.

Here are some simple techniques that will help save time on searching on Google.

Find your finished presentation or other desired file format

10 tips for search on Google

You can find ready-made presentation in Powerpoint or file to PDF, DOC or any other format - is just to write after the request command: filetype: PPT (PDF, DOC, etc...).

Find fun GIF-animation

10 tips for search on Google

It is easy to do, if you select "Images", and then click "Search Tools" and change the type of images on the "Animated" button.

Turn the browser bookmark

10 tips for search on Google

Sometimes we need to quickly write down some important information, and pen and paper at hand is not. You can simply enter the address of the following form: data: text / html.

Once you press Enter, the browser will become a regular blank sheet of notebook. Add this page to your favorites, to no longer enter the code.

Find ticket

10 tips for search on Google

flight search makes it easy to pick up the flight for your trip and book a plane ticket. Go to google.com/flights site or enter information about the proper route in the search box and click "Flights" on the panel to the left of the results.

Read the newspapers of a century ago

10 tips for search on Google

To find a scanned page of a newspaper article, type in the search box address site: google.com/newspapers and your request. Please note that requests will only be accepted in English. For example: site: google.com/newspapers "The Berlin Wall".

Find all the songs

favorite group

10 tips for search on Google

Google will sort the songs over the years, as well as talk about the album and the duration. Likewise, you can find a list of all the books of any author.

Find the exact phrase

10 tips for search on Google

Put quotation marks, and Google will search for the exact phrase with a specified word order.

To exclude a word from the search

10 tips for search on Google

Let's say you want to find an article about the design, but you get only sites design bureau, conferences and exhibitions. You can exclude these words from the search - it just put a minus in front of them.

Read in the search box

10 tips for search on Google

If you need to perform a simple mathematical operation, do not necessarily look for the calculator to your computer. Just enter the interests of the operation in the address bar.

Or convert currency

10 tips for search on Google

In the same way, you can easily and quickly convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, minutes into hours, miles to meters or dollars into rubles.

Find public statistics

Enter the desired phrase in a search and then specify the name of the country. In the results you will see the data provided by the World Bank, the European statistical agency and the State Statistics Service. The information obtained can be compared with those of other regions.


In addition to the essential functions of the developers have hidden a lot of useless but amusing bookmarks - the so-called Easter eggs.

Enter "atari breakout" when looking at the pictures and you will be able to play "Breakout"!

Enter in the search for "do a barrel roll", and the page will make the "barrel".

If you type in the search for "zerg rush", yellow and red Google-letter "O" will destroy the results. Clicking on them will have to kill.

Enter the "tilt" and get rickety page.