Rules of Life Christian Bale

• Rules of Life Christian Bale

Rules of Life Christian Bale

I'd rather be the third from the end in the list of great actors.

FRIENDS are valuable because they are constantly reminded me that I left school at 16 years of age and that I have no fucking skills.

I LOVE harsh criticism. It turns me on when people look at my film, saying, "Damn, you have played a little better than a dead haddock would play." Or: "You are the most crappy actor ever come across on film."

I did not study acting, except for a pair of classes in the YMCA (Youth Volunteer Christian organization -. Esquire), when I was ten or eleven. I pictured a fried egg.

My mother was a dancer, and his father a pilot. But to tell if it affected my career, I have to go to a therapist.

Childhood ends when begins responsibility. In the thirteen years I played in "Empire of the Sun" (Steven Spielberg 1987 -. Esquire), and my childhood ended at this point, because the father due to illness, lost his job, and the family breadwinner suddenly I became.

Next to the house where I lived as a child, I was a big forest. It starts right from the fence. I was only eight years old, and most of all I liked to walk alone on the forest after dark. At eleven in the evening, at midnight or even later, I climbed into the thicket. It was scary, but I did not allow myself to look back - and no matter what kind of sounds could be heard from behind. That was the whole point: it is something, that fear and that well of darkness into which you plunge deeper and deeper. So the first time I learned something about myself.

THERE IS NO FATE. There is something that you do, and something for which you are afraid to pitch.

I always and everywhere LOOKING dark places - like fungus that grows in the shade and swells from juicy fat shit. But, it seems to me there is nothing wrong to be a fungus. If I were given the chance to be born again and become someone else, I would have been quite specific person - Marc Marquez (famous Spanish motorcycle racer -. Esquire). This is the guy who came to the racing and soon became champion.

MY MOTORCYCLE DAYS of the past. See themselves: I have a steel wrist, clavicle titanium, my hand fasten screws 25, and even once I flew over the handlebars, and I tore off a piece of a finger. But I sewed it back.

The only thing that I'm obsessed with today - it's a dream. And it is a pleasure that anyone can afford.

INTERVIEW always turn the interviewee in the greatest master of what he does. I hate it when people call me the best actor generation, because they have all of the best actors of generation.

I'm not interested LIFE another actor, and I do not understand people who have my interest. If you know too much about the person you see on the screen, it prevents you from looking at it through the eyes clean - not to confuse his character with himself.

WHEN they came to me and offered to play Batman, I thought it was, like, some kind of mockery.

I loved the comic about superheroes only when realized that it is necessary to treat this as a modern mythology. I've always loved Greek myths, and then suddenly realized that superheroes are also gods, just today, the history of which someday will study how the ancient American mythology.

UNFORTUNATELY, Batman can not speak with an English accent. I, an Englishman, was warned about it at once.

The cinema exists a strange pattern: the lighter the role, the more it pays.

It is believed that a serious approach to cinema is only possible in the low-budget independent films. But I hate the snobbery. There are, on the set you fight with someone, and you accidentally hit with all his strength - so that you bend the pain. Then you watch this moment shot looks like a friendly pat. If you shoot a new take, and this strike you specifically applied very slowly, almost without touching. But then you see it all on the screen and think, "Damn, but because it must be very painful."

Now I have a special period in his career - playing Jews.

After the "Exodus" (Ridley Scott Moses with Bale in the title role), I can say that I know the Old Testament books are much better than the absolute majority of those who go to church. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy - I read them several times, and I know in these books are places to which the preachers no one ever told. For example, did you know that Moses experienced sadistic pleasure, killing three thousand of their people, most of them pre-made eat gold? And this episode from the book of Numbers - Chapter 31, verse 13 (which destroys the army of Midian Moses -. Esquire)? Yes, this is only the Hague Tribunal! He orders: let's kill them all. But no, wait a minute. All but not virgins. Soldiers, they are for you.

Bible - very violent book. violence described there is incredible. "Strictly not for children" - that is what should be printed on the cover.

If Moses struggled with the Egyptian empire today, he would definitely have recognized international terrorist.

The accused in the historical film carelessness can any idiot. After all, we're talking there in English.

DIRECTORS FOREVER assure that they will not shoot this film, if you refuse to play it, and then go to the other actor and say, "Hey, I wrote it specifically for you." I do not like to be around people from the film business, when in fact they are no different from all the others. Just a lot of gesticulating.

There is one thing that I always say everything. Like, you know, we have noticed? What do you hate to be among the winners. What do you like losers, and the more in front of you a loser, so you're more in love with him. Well, really successful people plan their every moment and never wasting time, but the losers do not care at the time, and therefore I do with them is much more interesting.

Father always told me: boredom - it is a sin. With this and live.

WIFE once said that she does not care if I razzhireyu. In your background, says, I'll look slimmer.

I hate it when I have photographed. Just can not stand. Perhaps that is why on most photos I look as if I have tetanus.

I seem intelligent and interesting only when a number of clever writer.

Not long ago, I thought, "Damn, I've already 40, and I was still a non-adult". And then I was offered to star in a movie. They say, "Well, this is a movie about a father and son relationship." And I was like, "And who will play the father?" And then he himself: "Damn, I myself have long been a father."

All the jokes that I know told me daughter. That usually indicates a Buddhist seller of hot dogs? "Give me one with everything."

After parting with Batman, I'm going to miss him. I really miss this warm sweaty rubber on the face.

THAT YOU INSIDE, people just have to guess.