Top 14 "Oscars" of the century

Top 14

is about to be presented with awards at the ceremony "Oscar 2015". Well here or "Bordmen" or "Hotel" Grand Budapest "."

Meanwhile, we have decided to recall the results of the award in the past 14 years, and found that very interesting. Some movies it is time to reconsider.


Oscar 2001

Top 14

It is a sample of epic cinema, where everything just grand barbaric: the city, bloody battles, the burning thirst for vengeance Russell Crowe. In the story, a brilliant general Maximus, straightforward and simple-minded, becomes a victim of court intrigues. Miraculously escaped death, he becomes a gladiator. It was only a dream ears of wheat in the field and sounds marvelous music.

A Beautiful Mind

Oscar 2002

Top 14

The following year, again proved to be successful for Russell Crowe. He managed to play the hero, just the opposite in character. So take a look and do not say that it is one actor. How could a quiet, lightly touched by the mathematical genius John Forbes Nash Jr. a year before this chop the cabbage ancient Romans? Nevertheless, here, he said the figures, builds theory and struggles with his ghosts. A remarkable film that's not what it seems.


Oscar 2003

Top 14

This movie just had no chance to fail, since it starred Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta Jones. And all stylishly dressed, sing and dance, weave, fooling with hypocritical smiles. Here the most important thing - to win, and everything else does not matter.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Oscar 2004

Top 14

It was a major epic beginning of the century: the three films, each of three hours. How much popcorn was spent on these sessions! And then it all broke up on our web. Gollum, of course, it was the main star of the network. So when did the trilogy was completed, the main "Oscar" in 2004 left without talking to Peter Jackson.

Million Dollar Baby

Oscar 2005

Top 14

Just severe sports drama about how the champions are going to win, on "Oscar", of course, would not be pulled. Then shrill talk about talent, will, obstinacy and kindness. And on the other side of the scale - the human greed, meanness and treachery.


Oscar 2006

Top 14

By Hollywood standards, a low-budget film and is not epic, consisting of several stories, linked by a car accident. Most importantly, what it took Americans - a detailed and brilliantly disclosed the theme of racism.

The Departed

Oscar 2007

Top 14

When shooting a crime thriller, Martin Scorsese has managed to make a work of art. In the story, the policeman working undercover in the mafia groups and bandit - the police. And life goes on confusing them, it brings together and preparing a surprise ending stories.

No Country for Old Men

Oscar 2008

Top 14

Western XXI century, the Coen brothers shot, starts with the sudden enrichment. Simple Texan finds money, assign them, and then comes the reckoning as an assassin. But the main thing in the film, of course, not a bloodbath. The film is surprisingly atmospheric, where all pause and black humor to the place, and the actors live their heroes.

Slumdog Millionaire

Oscar 2009

Top 14

The story of a simple Indian boy has touched millions of people around the world. Jamal so much in my life seen so much and learned that he is able to respond to various questions puzzling game "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?". Beautiful and kind fairy tale about love and this harsh world.

The Hurt Locker

Oscar 2010

Top 14

In 2010, the film beat off the main "Oscar" of the movie "Avatar." The people were at a loss. However, here, too, I have something to give the award. Female director made a film about the war, but not the war, where everything explodes, all heroically run and shoot, and a film about the everyday life of the sapper. When the fight - it's just your job, and it is incompatible with life.

The King's Speech

Oscar 2011

Top 14

A very thin, atmospheric film about how King George VI of Great Britain is trying to get rid of stuttering. Here everything is mixed - and humor, and pathos, and the drama, and the pride of a man who has managed to cope with his weakness. And, of course, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are inimitable, and the music is very accurately conveys a special feeling. Secular greatness stands behind an ordinary person, born a king, and so much to the strength to endure this burden with honor.


Oscar 2012

Top 14

An amazing black-and-white silent film about the silent film era. The film was shot on color film, because modern black-and-white film is too high quality, makes grain. Such an experiment, and such charming, expressive characters could not fail to attract attention. And it was found that the film still captivates audiences.

Operation "Argo"

Oscar 2013

Top 14

The film about the events of 30 years ago in Iran wonderfully combines the drama and adventure. On the one hand - six Americans in revolutionary Iran. If they are found, then straightened quickly. It's all serious and in life. On the other hand - the plan of salvation. He's crazy, like in the movies, and if it does not, it will not be a beautiful death, and the blood, guts on the pavement. At the same time remove all the way, it seems that the film is very, very old. Somewhere in the 1970s.

12 years of slavery

Oscar 2014

Top 14

The story of how a free man for 12 years, became a slave and how much he had to endure, turns into a reflection on humanity, hope and resistance. Particular attention is paid to the color scheme - for each period of the life of Solomon Northup it special. The colder it is warmer. It depends on what kind of people brings his fate.

But what will be the "Oscar 2015", we learn today, on 22 February.