German Chancellor lives

• As German Chancellor lives

A few days ago the American magazine Forbes named the second year in a row, Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) the most influential woman in the world. You want to see how and where she lives? Known address: 10117 Berlin, Am Kupfergraben, 6. Apartment house, apartment, Angela Merkel is on the fourth floor. To see the house, not necessarily even go to Berlin - his picture is on the Internet.

German Chancellor lives

The predecessor in the post of Chancellor Merkel, Gerhard Schroeder (Gerhard Schröder) lived in a service apartment with total area of ​​200 square meters directly in the Federal Chancellery building. Angela Merkel and her husband Joachim Sauer Professor (Joachim Sauer) preferred to stay in his apartment.

German Chancellor lives

Angela Merkel - not the rich man

In May 2012, Angela Merkel received a raise. It was the first increase in wages Chancellor of Germany in the last 12 years. At the head of the German government Merkel earns about 190 thousand euros per year. In addition, she laid special surcharges for overhead costs. And since she is also member of the Bundestag, in total recruited nearly 290 thousand euros per year. However, this is very, very decent salary, she is forced to pay taxes. But, like all officials, it does not pay pension insurance and unemployment insurance. Top managers, successful doctors, not to mention players and race car drivers are earning much more. Even the president of Germany, although it is the German Constitution - purely representational figure, gets a patch, which is 11 percent more than the Chancellor. At the disposal of the President is a luxurious residence Bellevue Castle in Berlin. In a word, Angela Merkel, according to German standards, not rich.


The apartment is opposite the Pergamon

Chancellor lives in his apartment. The area is nice - the center of Berlin, opposite the famous Pergamon Museum. Here's to the museum and left confusion: surveillance camera was installed on its roof. It turns out that it is completely flat looking over Angela Merkel. A 25 April 2009 Angela Merkel was not allowed home - far away from her home was found unexploded Soviet bomb from World War II.

German Chancellor lives

Vacation Angela Merkel likes to spend in the mountains, for example, in the Tyrol, and paying for it herself. From time to time it is visited by and at his dacha near Berlin. When Affairs Chancellor is in Bonn, it is waiting for a small apartment in the former government quarter. Clothes Angela Merkel pays out of pocket. However, it has the advantage of: fitting a tailor spends at her home.

Angela Merkel travels to the Audi A8 and flies Airbus A340

At the disposal of the Chancellor of the clock is a car with a driver. Many ministers and prime ministers of the federal states prefer armored limousines Mercedes or BMW. Angela Merkel has chosen the Audi A8.

In the past year they have been replaced by airplanes, which fly members of the German government. Now in possession of Angela Merkel and other leading politicians in the country have liners Airbus A340 for long-distance flights and small machines Global 5000 - on average. Prior to this, Merkel flew on the Airbus A310. The liner has been more than 20 years, he once belonged to state-owned airline of the GDR. Neither the yacht nor luxurious palaces for relaxing in the personal possession of Angela Merkel is not. They are not available to it and on the job.