25 rebellious quotes Jerome David Salinger

• 25 rebellious quotes Jerome David Salinger

25 rebellious quotes Jerome David Salinger

There are people for whom a protest against the system - it's part of life. One of them - a writer Jerome D. Salinger. The author of the cult novel "The Catcher in the Rye" has left from the literature on the peak of his career and settled in a remote province, far from the bustle of the city. It is not surprising that his book has become a reference for several generations of young rebels: he proved by example that it is possible to live as they see fit, in spite of the fact that society expects from you another.

We've gathered quotes Salinger, in which childlike combined with the mature wisdom.

If a girl comes to dating beautiful - who will be upset that she was too late? Nobody!

Because the man is dead, he can not stop loving the hell - especially if he was better than anyone else alive, you know?

Forever I say "very nice to meet you" when I did not pleasant. But if you want to live with people who speak all.

It would be better, some things have not changed. Well, if they can be put in glass cases, and not to touch.

A sign of immaturity of man - that he wants to die nobly for a cause, and a sign of maturity - that he wants to live humbly for the sake of a good cause.

And does not need to be especially nasty to catch up on the human longing - a good man, too, can spoil the mood completely. The woman's body - the violin, it is necessary to be a great musician to make it sound.

The bad news is that sometimes stupid things give pleasure.

Damn money! Forever because of them upset.

I do not understand what to know everything and everyone hit his wit, if it does not bring you joy.

And captivate me those books, that as they read to the end - so just think it would be good if this writer has become your best friend and to him it was possible to talk on the phone, when you want.

The day will come, and you will have to decide where to go. And once it is necessary to go where you decided. Immediately. You have no right to lose a single minute. You can not be this.

When the sun shines, not so bad, but the sun is shining, then only when he pleases.

If I were God, or I would not have wanted to be loved sentimental love. Very much it is unreliable.

He hated it when he called him a nerd. All nerds hate being called nerds.

I'm paranoid vice versa. I suspect that people conspire to make me happy.

In my opinion, life - is received as a gift horse.

It is a man fall in love, and he immediately becomes stupid.

Boys need to be taught to despise the war, that they were laughing, looking at the pictures in the history books. If the German guys despise violence, Hitler would have to knit himself dushegreyki. Whether a person has a million years at the disposal, it still does not erase all the obscenities of all walls in the world. Impossible thing.

Funny thing: enough naplesti person something incomprehensible, and he will do so, how you want.

There are such illegal strikes, especially in love and boxing - not that cry, then you can not breathe.

With people hard without them - is intolerable.

When something does too well, if you do not take care of yourself, you begin to flaunt. And then there can not be good.

I imagine, like little kids playing in the evening in the big field of rye. Thousands of children and around - not a soul, not a single adult, except for me. And I'm standing on the edge of a cliff over the abyss, you know? And my job - to catch the children, so they do not fall into the abyss. You see, they play and do not see where to run, and then I run up and catch them, so they will not break. That's my job. Watch the guys on Catcher in the Rye. I know this is nonsense, but it's the only thing I want is for real. Perhaps I'm a fool.

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