25 citations Haruki Murakami about the most important

• 25 citations Haruki Murakami about the most important

25 citations Haruki Murakami about the most important

We are often difficult to find the words to describe our feelings, emotions, and other complex phenomena of our life. Haruki Murakami - the writers who are successful. He seemed to know what kind of chemistry going on in the human soul, and describes it precisely, accurately, shrill.

January 12 the writer turned 66 years old. We remember most loyal quotes from the works of Haruki Murakami.

A world without love - is like the wind outside the window. Nor touch it or breathe.

I used to think people grow from year to year, so slowly ... And it turned out - no. Man grows up instantly.

In the world there are no misconceptions. There are opinions that do not coincide with ours, that's all.

The older the person, the more in his life what is not correct.

All that we disappear - even though it is lost for ever, - leaves behind a hole which is not overgrown ever.

Hugging each other, we share our fears.

If everyone is to believe that all will end well, it will have nothing to fear in the world.

No matter how hard you try, when hurt - hurt.

You need to throw out the feelings out. Worse, if you stop doing it. Otherwise, they will accumulate and harden inside. And then - to die.

I do not like loneliness. Just looking for some extra not dating. So that people once again not disappointed.

Apparently, the heart is hidden in the hard shell and split it is given to few. Maybe that's why I did not really get to love. To be honest with each other and want to help - that's the main thing.

Any void is required to be filled with something.

Man bestowed hope, and he uses it as fuel to move on. Without hope there is no "next" impossible.

Our entire reality consists of an endless struggle between what is really there, and that it does not want to remember.

None of these secrets that are not pulled out from the outside of the heart.

The most important thing - not that big, how smart enough to others, but something small, what came yourself.

What is loneliness? It is similar to the feeling that cover you when you stand on a rainy evening at the mouth of a large river, and a long, long look, as huge streams of water pouring into the sea.

Memory warms a person inside. And at the same time tearing it apart.

When a long look at the sea, you start to miss the people, and when people look at long - on the sea.

If you look from afar, everything seems beautiful.

It often happens that it is a trifle begins the most important thing in the world.

Move with high efficiency in the wrong direction is worse than nowhere at all to move.

When you have no one to share the lonely thoughts, thoughts begin to share you with each other.

If everything goes the way you want, then life will become uninteresting.