25 hours fantastic

These watches are not designed to just look at them time. This is a work of art and a masterpiece of engineering.

To see what time it is, there are the usual hours. Among watchmakers around the world, they are called "tool watch" - Watch tool, or "watch watch" - Watch the clock. Watches, about which we will tell in this material - "kinetic sculptures" the best masters of their craft. They are bought by connoisseurs, in spite of the price space, and carefully preserved in their collections.

Each year, the ranks of amazing clocks replenished. From this set, we have selected for you 25 of the best samples of the past three years.

Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage

25 hours fantastic 25 hours fantastic 25 hours fantastic

Model Zenith Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage is dedicated to the great Christopher Columbus to the shores of this American continent.

All items of decor watch is made and painted by hand. At six o'clock position on both sides stands a glass bowl with a tourbillon.

Swiss movement with manual winding consists of 939 parts, the strap is made of alligator leather with triple folding clasp in 18-carat pink gold.

Issue limited to ten copies.

Geo.Graham Tourbillon Orrery

25 hours fantastic

the solar system on one hand conceived Isaac Newton George Graham as early as 1713. On the anniversary of this scheme and were released Tourbillon Orrery.

In the center of the dial tourbillon is located in the middle of which is a diamond shining - this is the sun. Around him the planets move: sapphire Earth with his companion rhodium moon and Mars ruby. Precious time movement "planets" in orbit hours equal to the real turnover of around the sun.

Counter s on the back of the watch indicates the correction to the planets (7 years for the moon, the Earth for 1156 years and 25 years for Mars). The watch has a zodiacal scale and calendar that will perform well for 300 years. The model is only available to collectors.

The cost - about $ 350,000.

Jacob & Co. Epic SF24

25 hours fantastic

Custom Time Zone indicator - "superstructure" above the dial - is very different reactions among connoisseurs: from admiration to resentment. It is similar to a bulletin board at the airport, which displays the city and the difference in hours. Cities changed by pressing the button on the left, only their 24. This option is ideal for those who travel a lot.

There are versions in white and rose gold, high-tech titanium. Power reserve 40 hours.

Cost - from $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 (depending on the case).

U-Boat U-65

25 hours fantastic 25 hours fantastic

Italo Fontana wanted to bring back a little of the sublime in our society and created a minimalist model of a clock, which, as it should have been in the XVI century, a chain attached to the pants. Nothing else from the 16th century in the U-65 no. The rest - is rampant futurism and exclusive. The same chain is made of a specially developed scheme.

Dial with three time zones is made of a titanium alloy has a chronograph.

Total of 99 pieces.

Christophe Claret X TREM-1

25 hours fantastic

The first model chronographs X TREM-1 - fusion of aesthetics and technical innovation. The first thing that catches the eye is the flying tourbillon. This effect is achieved by tilting the tourbillon relative to dial 30 °.

Two hollow steel sphere enclosed in a tube made of sapphire on the right and on the left, move the most mysterious way. They do not have the support and work only under the influence of magnetic fields. In this case, two magnets are installed in such a way that no harmful effects on the course of hours.

Chronograph consists of 419 parts and has a margin of 50 hours.

Cost - from $ 270,000 to $ 300,000.

Romain Jerome. Steampunk Auto 100th Anniversary

25 hours fantastic

The main feature Steampunk Auto 100th Anniversary - genuine metal plating of the sunken "Titanic", used in the housing and second indicator, which resembles a ship blade. The idea is not new, but it looks powerful and in demand.

The back cover is decorated with a medallion pattern reminiscent of the 100-year anniversary of the collapse of the "Titanic", in honor of what model and released. The dial is integrated directly into the mechanism and is protected by a sapphire crystal. Black arrows reminiscent of the anchor of "Titanic." The watch is released in a limited edition of 100 copies.

The cost - up to $ 30,000.


25 hours fantastic

The focus of the new model Magelluna from Magellan Watch - dial decorated by hand. Under realistic sapphire dome is a hemisphere of the moon, which are seen on the surface craters and traces from meteorites. Branded arrows curved exactly along the contour of the hemisphere, and they show, of course, the earthly. Steel body pattern has a black wear resistant coating.

Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon No.3

25 hours fantastic

The third model in the series Histoire de Tourbillon was the result of a complex synchronization between the speed of rotation, the masses of the components involved, the force of inertia and even resonance.

Internal biaxial double tourbillon carriage revolves for 40 seconds, and the outer - 120 seconds. Second, single-axis tourbillon quietly makes a complete rotation in 36 seconds. The entire ensemble is connected integrally in equilibration differential.

The housing component 77 is a three-dimensional structure of zaliuma, zirconium alloy and white gold. indicator disk 50-hour power reserve decorated with sapphires and citrines.

Limited edition of 20 copies.

The cost - about $ 700,000.

De Bethune DB28

25 hours fantastic

The main thing in this model - innovation. Firstly, the "floating lugs" of titanium, which are able to follow the shape of the wrist. With this clock always sit nice and comfortable. The second innovation - the "triple parachute system" that protects the movement from shocks. This titanium bridge, stay on springs - can be seen at the bottom of the dial.

DB28 is available in several versions - in various combinations of gold, anthracite and titanium. At 6 o'clock in a small window located moon phase indicator - it is so precise, that is wrong on the day only after 122 years.

Cost - $ 85,000.

Harry Winston Opus Eleven

25 hours fantastic 25 hours fantastic

In 2011 Harry Winston introduced the eleventh model of Opus series. The watch is made in the form of a combination of three panels fancy cylindrical shape, located at different levels, two of which are infused with their axes in the base panel. One consists of two discs with scales which indicate minutes and tens of minutes, while the second shows the operation of the large wheel balance titanium.

Opus Eleven visual image is made in the spirit of abstract art. The main dial is composed of a plurality of rollers and a gear wheel, which are arranged in a chaotic manner with sockets 24 halves digits every hour "shatter" and collected in an appropriate number in the center of the board. The rear panel is made of glass and transparent three-layer 566 exposes parts of the mechanism 155 for stones.

The limited edition series included total 111 copies.

Cost - from $ 230,000.

Urwerk 110

25 hours fantastic

Futuristic Watch Ur-110 - the product of Swiss company Urwerk. Clad in titanium case, they resemble a planetary companion with three interconnected modules.

From time 0 to 60 minutes displayed in the right side of the clock and moves vertically downwards. Itself arrow indicate the hour of the day. This arrangement allows glances at his watch imperceptibly.

The dial is protected by sapphire crystal. two charge air 'turbine' mounted on the rear wall of the housing that are designed to minimize the wear of the motion hours and serve for automatic winding system. Cost - $ 130,000.

Da Vindice Tourbillon Barometer

25 hours fantastic

Purchase Da Vindice Tourbillon Barometer allow never be wrong about the weather. This is the first mechanical watch with a tourbillon measuring atmospheric pressure. Miniature barometer situated at around six hours. For the first time these clocks were sent on mission by the Swiss company released back in 2010, but at the Baselworld-2013 exhibition presented an updated model of the limited edition of 50 copies.

At around ten o'clock there is a power reserve indicator. Watches are equipped with Swiss automatic movement with automatic winding and a power reserve of 42 hours.

Tourbillon Barometer are available in two versions: 18-carat rose or white gold. Water resistant - 3 ATM.

Cost - $ 210,000.

The Gagarin Tourbillon

25 hours fantastic

The watch is released for the anniversary of the first manned flight into space.

Built-in magnifying glass allows you to estimate the smallest details of decoration of the dial, it rises and falls. Tourbillon watch Gagarin Tourbillon rotates around its axis in 60 seconds, and makes a complete revolution around the dial in 108 minutes. And this figure - as a reference to 108 minutes, during which Gagarin circled the globe.

Tourbillon itself seemed suspended by a curved bridge, which resembles an obelisk mounted near the town of Engels where he landed, "the East."

Gagarin Tourbillon watches have been issued in a limited edition of 50 platinum pieces.

Cost - $ 405,000.

Eva Leube Ari

25 hours fantastic

The development of curved watches the company Eva Leube spent four years. In order to select the ideal angle "curvature", a plurality of measured and calculated wrists average "curvature".

Watchmakers company brilliantly realized curved mechanism that fit perfectly into the case of sapphire glass with hand engraved 18-carat gold or platinum 950. All the dials are also made of 18-carat gold, and arrows - blued steel.

The cost - up to $ 126,000.

Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down

25 hours fantastic

An independent watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard developed a new version of its model Upside Down ( "upside down"). The name is connected with the inverted display of digits, except for the one that indicates the current hour.

Dial Upside Down equipped with one central arrow for indicating the minutes. It is not the minute markings. For 6 hours, an additional dial with second hand. Closes dial sapphire crystal.

Strap clasp with platinum formed from dark-blue leather.

Cost - from $ 55,000.

Nord Zeitmaschine Quickindicator

25 hours fantastic

The Swiss Daniel Nebel probably wanted to speed up the time. On the new model Quickindicator minute hand makes a turn from "60" to "60" exactly one hour, but on her way - a lot of intricate loops, thereby have to run faster clockwise than normal hours.

This clock with the minute hand of the fastest in the world.

Cost - $ 12,000.

Greubel Forsey GMT 3D titanium Globe

25 hours fantastic

On GMT dial mounted rotating three-dimensional model of the world that provides a world clock display.

Globe is fixed at the level of the South Pole and at night makes a full turn anticlockwise that corresponds to the actual motion of the planets. Equator "Earth," you can see through the window on the side of the unit.

The rear cover 24 is a disc with city names, each of which represents one of the time zones. In the middle is the scale of summer time, and the outside - the local.

Cost - $ 650,000.

Hublot MP 05 tribute to Ferrari

25 hours fantastic

The dream of the owners of the "Ferrari": a powerful engine under the hood, and a copy of it - on the hand. Work above the clock ran parallel to the work on the super car "Maranello". sapphire shaped like a Ferrari hood transparent lid, and a mechanism - the engine. The back cover is made of titanium coated with a black heavy-duty PVD. Speakers adds rubber strap with titanium buckle. The mechanism consists of a moving component 637, and the tourbillon guarantee 100% accuracy. 11 shafts provide a power reserve of 50 days. Large numbers painted on each cylinder svetonakopitelnye pigment, so the time can be seen in the dark.

The watch is released in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies.

Cost - $ 345,000.

ArtyA Son of a Gun Target

25 hours fantastic

In the spotlight watches Swiss brand ArtyA - target and dust from powder, mixed with gold. "Ears" decorated with 32 diamonds, which is inconsistent with military theme, but imparts luxury. Watches are equipped with Swiss automatic mechanism that is in limbo. On the rear side ArtyA Target also adorned target.

The cost - up to $ 22,000.

Devon Tread 1- Exoskeleton

25 hours fantastic

These watches were clearly designed fans of steampunk. Devon skilled body made open and transparent, leaving in its ballistic based polycarbonate, bulletproof and scratch-resistant.

The watch is available in two versions - in white and pink gold. Belts, performing the role of the dial in Exoskeleton made of transparent material.

Horological Machine No.5. HM5

25 hours fantastic 25 hours fantastic

Model MB & F HM5 earned the nickname "On The Road Again", for two reasons. Firstly, the watches are designed specially for drivers. Second, the design of the case resembles a fastback with back slit windows - as in the famous car Lamborghini Miura. These blades can be opened and closed by means of a small lever. Due to this light falls on the figures and the items covered svetonakoplyayuschim element.

The body is made in a wedge shape, making it easy to check the time without taking your hands off the wheel. Special prism sapphire shows numbers on the side with which it looks, and increase them by 20%. Only 66 copies will be sold in the world.

Cost - $ 63,000.

Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater

25 hours fantastic

Limited model Bird Repeater from the Swiss company Jaquet Droz is a symbol of life in every sense. When you run the repeater trigger 8 different animated mechanisms: move not only birds, but even the chicks and eggs in the nest.

The body is made of 18-carat pink or white gold, dial - black onyx. Sapphire glass installed on the front side of the housing and its rear cover.

Issue limited to 8 copies.

The cost - up to $ 500,000.

Konstantin Chaykin "Lunokhod"

25 hours fantastic

This is only a model of the Russian watchmakers adopted in AHCI (Academie horlogere des createurs independants), Konstantin Chaykin.

"Lunokhod" is named in honor of the glorious achievements of the Soviet space program in the study of the Earth's satellite. The main part of novelty is the ball diameter of 12mm, representing the moon, adapted from the Indian wootz vutsa (Wootz). It, like the earth's shadow, gradually closes silver hemisphere with a black rhodium plating, rotating around it. This indication of the lunar phases used for the first time in watchmaking.

The cost - about $ 800,000.

Chopard 201Carat

25 hours fantastic

The most expensive watch in the world worth $ 25 million, and against the background of the clock for half or even more for 100 thousand dollars so do not look too expensive. But much more beautiful than this unrestrained luxury of the 874 diamonds.

Cost - $ 25 million.

Haldimann H9 Reduction

25 hours fantastic

This watch we want to introduce you to the last, because they challenge the entire watch industry and, in a sense, high society, with its glamor and luxury. A sort of hour of trolling the level of "God."

Haldimann H9 Reduction feature floating tourbillon and caliber H.Zen-1 with manual podzavodkoy frequency vibrations which reaches 18,800 per hour. But to see the technical perfection can not be as elementary to see the time. The dial is protected in every sense opaque blue and black sapphire crystal. The owner can only hear the continuous operation of the gears and look at your reflection in the black "mirror." Owner of the brand Bill Haldimann still did a favor for the admirers of his talent - a cover of the back panel is made of a translucent material.

Cost - $ 175,000.