Rules of Life Vladimir Menshov

• Rules of Life Vladimir Menshov

Rules of Life Vladimir Menshov

I, it seems, is to give an interview "Esq." No? Well, to hell with you.

I'm generally a lazy person. If I do not fit some circumstances, I just lie and read. But urged on me the circumstances of this kind - earnings.

His first script I wrote to the centenary of the birth of Lenin - "We need to prove," based on his book "Children Left-Wing Communism, an illness." The result was quite a dashing thing - a thriller in which the discussion, a compromise where it ends and begins a betrayal. In the book, because just talking about it.

In that book I have one example. In 1918 Lenin, with the driver was driving in Sokolniki - celebrate the New Year. They were stopped by a gang. They did not recognize Lenin and just took the car. So, Lenin asked: where is the compromise, and where the betrayal? What is right - give the car and guns or engage in a gunfight and killed? Funny Now remember, but it was in the country's history a time when the head of state landed safely out of the car, because I do not know.

Forces that move history, much higher than those of which we assume brains. History is not done in four years, while you were elected for a term.

The party's history I was taught everything. But I taught her as in the history of the party, you can find the history of the world. And in the history of, say, the Moscow Art Theater, you can see the model of the world. All life develops in one scenario. THOSE WHO BEARS THE MONEY MAVRODI 20 years ago - they are just trusting. And those who bear the money in the same way he is now - vile. They think, perhaps, we would get the very first series, then have time to double the capital, and there - let them.

FIRST Soviet oil went abroad in the late 1960s or early 1970s. And we suddenly found that fantastically rich. But we have lived without these oil and gas, steel, and thus the most powerful world power.

During the 10 years of the Afghan war, we lost fewer people than we are killed per year in road accidents today.

HERD IS DIFFERENT, but all the same herd. There are grazing in the meadows is very fat ladybugs, which share the position of the party. And next - the same flock of: disagree, who say that it's all shit, it's not so, do not go there and not do anything. I stopped somewhere in the middle between the two stages, but it is very difficult.

Eating used to be delicious, that's for sure. I have a very sensitive organism, and I have to feed from the market. I go on weekends.

"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" Run ME missiles. But I obereglo dizzy that I took at the time fame as an adult man. Young glory is very dangerous: it vskruzhivaet head and entire life skosobochivaet.

A long time I was naive provincials. Too much emotional energy spent on other people's enthusiasm for talent.

I am a young say a lot of compliments. Right now, when you came, we watched a movie with my wife, "bitter", the new. So talented! But who is he? Where it came from, the gooseberry? Director is very difficult to return to the ground, if the picture has not turned out. Try Mikhalkov said that the "anticipation" did not work - he points to the thousands of reasons why he just ruined the picture, but it sure took a superb film. Faced with seriously ill children in families? Try to tell parents that their child - the patient.

Be interesting for each other - the most important part of marriage. If it disappears, it all falls apart.

I always live with the film "Eight and a half" - live, I remember. And then there are the Soviet film "Native Blood", which I love, and crying every time in the same place.

GOOD remakes I have not seen. I think that sooner or later will get to "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", but I have distanced themselves from it.

NO, I do not use computers. It should start when you're fifteen years old, and then this is your world. And I did not live to see this.

It's so boring not to make films, and to sit as chairs and puff.

I've infrequently fight in life, literally five times. Clarify the relationship that did not help.