The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

American Forbes on Wednesday, January 22, presented an annual ranking of the highest paid players in the National Basketball League (NBA). This tournament is under the direction of Commissioner David Stern has for three decades is a real factory for the production of sports stars whose names are skillfully converted into money: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant and others.

Advantage is taken both sides: NBA revenue in the "era of the Stern" has grown more than 40 times, and salary league's top players - from an average of $ 1 million to $ 30 million and this figure still does not consider the income of athletes from advertising contracts, primarily. with shoe manufacturers Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

For comparison, the amount of the first contract Jordan with Nike in 1984 amounted to only $ 500,000, and the company's revenue at the time did not exceed $ 920 million, the contract amount of LeBron James in 2014 - $ 42 million, revenue of Nike - at least $ 26 billion.

Ten NBA highest-paid players in this year collectively earn $ 358 million ($ 149 million will come from sponsorship payments), of which $ 125 million will get the duo living legends - Kobe and LeBron. 9 out of 10 participants of the rating on contracts are not less than $ 4 million a year.

1. Kobe Bryant

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: Los Angeles Lakers

Age: 35Covokupny profit: $ 64, 5 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 30, 5 million

Sponsored settlement: $ 34 million

Living legend holds Lakers last season under the current three-year contract with the club for $ 83, 5 million, which made Bryant's highest-paid player in the league. He is the first since the Michael Jordan basketball of the season at the site earns more than $ 30 million in November Kobe has agreed to extend the agreement with the home club on less favorable terms -. Two years career will bring veteran $ 48, 5 million. The five-time NBA champion is still in demand and advertisers, and at the global level - as the league's symbol: the agreement with them entered into the Turkish flag carrier Turkish Air, a Chinese manufacturer of computer equipment the Lenovo, the Swiss watch Hublot giant Italian manufacturer of collectible cards Panini and, of course, Nike. Bryant is particularly popular in China - as Nike Kobe brand ambassador for eight years in a row makes a trip to China. As a result, even after 18 years of career shooting guard - the second most commercially popular NBA player since LeBron James.

2. LeBron James

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: Miami Heat

Age: 29Covokupny profit: $ 61, 1 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 19, 1 million

Sponsored settlement: $ 42 million

"King James" inferior to the leader of the rating level of "professional" income, but more than compensates for the lag due to the excessive attention of advertisers. In the year of the striker earns from sponsors a record $ 42 million in the counterparties in the Champions League twice as a part of Heat -. Nike entirely scale giants, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Audemars Piguet and Dunkin Donuts.

Here are just some of the figures that explain why LeBron - most commercially successful NBA player: last year it sold 210,000 pairs of "registered" sneakers James of of Nike, 110526 headphones Beats by Dre Wireless Studio, which promotes basketball, and 816 copies of luxury watches Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph LeBron James of the Audemars Piguet worth $ 51,500 apiece.

3. Derrick Rose

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: Chicago Bulls Age: 25Covokupny profit: $ 38, 6 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 17, 6 million

Sponsored settlement: $ 21 million

MVP 2010-2011 season for three years now suffering because of serious injuries. In 2012 he missed due to rupture of cruciate ligament of the knee, but only in 2011-2013. due to health problems only participated in 39 matches. In late November, after 10 this championship games at quarterback collapsed new attack: the match with Blazers Rose injured his knee and was out again before the end of the season.

Nevertheless Bulls leader remains in the top 3 best-paid players in the NBA - the club believes in him, and fully complies with the obligations under the contract, and Adidas stable transfers payable to Star's fees under the contract concluded on 13 years in the fantastic sum of $ 185 million His other sponsors. - Powerade drinks manufacturer, the manufacturer of sporting goods Wilson, producer of Skullcandy headphones and Giordano's pizza chain.

4. Kevin Durant

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: Seattle SuperSonics

Age: 25Covokupny profit: $ 31, 8 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 17, 8 million

Sponsored settlement: $ 14 million

Three-time winner of the title of League scoring, Durant in June 2013 the first of the NBA players became a client of the agency Roc Nation Sports, created in the framework of the business empire of the famous rapper-producer Shawn Jay-Z Carter.

5. Dwyane Wade

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: Miami Heat

Age: 32Covokupny profit: $ 30, 7 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 18, 7 million

Sponsored settlement: $ 12 million

Wade, in addition to a lucrative contract with a league club champion, successfully converts their sporting successes in the attention of sponsors: the attacker Heat defender participates in advertising campaigns sneakers Li-Ning, Gatorade drinks, watch the Hublot, care products Dove skin and Pepperidge Farm products, as well as It produces "nominal" accessories such as ties and butterflies.

6. Carmelo Anthony

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: New York Knicks

Age: 29Covokupny profit: $ 30, 4 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 21, 4 million

Sponsorship payments: $ 9 million

The Knicks star forward, is expected in the summer of 2014 perepodpishet his contract with the club for which he receives $ 23, 3 million per year, on more advantageous and long-term conditions. His main advertising contract - Nike.

7. Amar'e Stoudemire

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: New York Knicks

Age: 31Covokupny profit: $ 28, 2 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 21, 7 million

Sponsorship payments: $ 6, 5 million

The six-time member of the NBA all star game, Stoudemire will play another year for a four-year contract with the Knicks at $ 99, 7 million (the agreement was signed in July 2010). Like his teammate Carmelo Anthony, center Knicks gets a basic income outside of the area under contract with Nike.

8. Dwight Howard

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: Houston Rockets

Age: 28Covokupny profit: $ 26, 5 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 20, 5 million

Sponsorship payments: $ 6 million

After crumpled due to injury of the season in the Lakers Howard on a free agent signed a four-year contract with the Rockets:. Texans stellar pivot total payout will be $ 88 million In addition, the player has one of the most generous sponsorship agreements from Adidas.

9. Dirk Nowitzki

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: Dallas Mavericks

Age: 35Covokupny profit: $ 23, 2 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 22, 7 million

Sponsorship payments: $ 500,000

The famous German footballer Mavericks this year celebrated its 35th anniversary, but still not in a hurry to lose its status as one of the leading players in the league. Forward-veteran, in 2011 led the club to the first league title in history, is one of the best contracts in the NBA (more receives only Kobe Bryant), and outside the area in principle is not looking for contacts with advertisers and does not even have an agent - only sponsorship agreement Nowitzki falls on the ubiquitous Nike.

10. Chris Paul

The most highly paid NBA basketball - 2013

The Club: Los Angeles Clippers

Age: 28Covokupny profit: $ 22, 7 million

Salary and Bonuses: $ 18, 7 million

Sponsorship payments: $ 4 million

In July 2013 the leading Clippers point guard signed with the club a new five-year contract worth $ 107, 3 million. It is on the ground floor earns the lion's share of their income. Last year, Paul also became the MVP of the match NBA All-Star and was elected president of the Association League players - union lobbying interests of the athletes.