10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

January 6, 1934 in Leningrad in the "Plant Kozitsky" the first Soviet electronic television receiver TC-1 was released under an American license. Today overview of the most iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet production.


10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

TK-1 Electronic TV receiver

Television receiver TC-1 was a very bulky cabinet with vertically disposed and positioned kinescope screen horizontally. The viewer should not look at the screen, and at his reflection in the mirror is fixed on the inside of the flip cover tables. Before viewing the cover had to be set at an angle to the screen. For quality settings it was necessary to adjust the handles 14, which required a certain technical knowledge and practical skills.

TC-1 TV set in the palaces of culture, in the red corner and workers' clubs. Then the TV seemed a miracle of technology. and today, many set home house mini cinema Soul of Pop. Only 6,000 units were produced. Today, TC-1, released the serial number 172, can be seen in the Central Museum of Communications. Popov.


10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

Mechanical TV B-2

The first opto-mechanical TV brand "B-2" with a screen size of 3x4 cm was designed by engineer AY Breitbart. In 1931 in the newspaper "Pravda" there was a message: "Tomorrow is the first time in the USSR experimental television broadcast will be made (Farsight)." A year later, in April 1932, the Leningrad plant "Comintern" started production of the first Soviet TV. It is worth noting that in 1930 the Soviet television sets, as indeed any other, were quite expensive pleasure. At a salary of a few hundred rubles, the price was about 10 thousand rubles.


10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

TV Moskvich-T1, released in 1946 - the first Soviet television, which was first used by the standard definition of 625 lines. While none of the countries did not have a machine with a high-definition image. The TV was built in FM receiver capable of receiving broadcast program with frequency modulation.

However, the drawbacks of this device have been much more: the high price of television (3500 rubles), making it a luxury even for very wealthy people, the rapid failure of the CRT (for 4-6 months of operation), with spare parts and maintenance problems. In addition, television broadcasting at the time was irregular - only 2 days a week from 19 to 23 hours. Televisions have accumulated in the trade network and became unprofitable. At the beginning of 1949 their production was discontinued.


10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

Soviet electronic TV KVN-49

The first truly electronic Soviet TV became established in 1949 by the legendary KVN-49. In the TV was so small screen (105h140 mm), that is more or less comfortable viewing of the television screen in front of the lens set, which was filled with distilled water. The TV was 16 lamps, and it was designed to receive the first three TV channels. KVN-49 TV was worth more than 900 rubles (some average salaries), was produced until 1960, gradually becomes modernized. This TV has been and Joseph Stalin.

TV "Record A"

10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

Since the beginning of 1950 at the plant "Electrosignal" (Voronezh) and at the factory in the town of Alexandrov started producing TV "Record". A distinctive feature of the first TV "Record" was that they could take 5 channels. In 1956, TV "Record" at the international exhibition in Brussels received the "Grand Gold Medal", and in the early 1960s, one in five TV in the homes of Soviet citizens was precisely this brand.

It is worth noting that even the more recent television sets "Record" were unsafe due to the fact that the chassis of the TV is under voltage 220V, and it depended on how has been inserted into the plug socket.

TV "Evening"

10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

In 1965, at the Leningrad plant Kozitsky was released tube-conductor TV black-and-white image 2 Class "Evening." He has been assembled completely on transistors. CRT Size -. 47 m This Soviet television had one feature - the automatic brightness control. Image brightness changes depending on the light conditions of the room.

TV "Electronics - VL100"

10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

Small TV Electronics VL-100

Black and white portable TV "Electronics VL-100" was issued in September 1969. Its release was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin's birth, which is celebrated in 1970. "VL-100" stands for "Vladimir Lenin 100 years". This TV is manufactured on silicon and germanium transistors, and able to work on the lighting network through the AC power supply, as well as the type of 10KNG-1 battery, 5, and from any source of DC power 12 V. In spite of the small screen, the TV was extremely popular - it was an easy, reliable, mobile and low-cost (140 rubles). Interestingly, the TV was on sale and as a designer "Do It Yourself". Buy it can be had for $ 100. The structure consisted of a kinescope designer, customized boards, chassis, control knobs, and fasteners. The instructions offered unsolder a few bundles, and then assemble the TV.

TV "Dawn"

10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

TV "Dawn" was produced from the late 1950's and was designed as a mass and cheap (only 118 rubles) TV. He worked for 5 diodes, lamps and led 12 reception for 5 channels. Image size 210h280 mm. The main drawback of this TV had poor sound quality. In addition, it was made in a metal casing, and it fell voltage.

TV "Horizon 101"

10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

Black-and-white tube-transistor TV with a screen diagonal of 65 cm "Horizon 101" in serial production was launched in 1970. It was produced at the Minsk Radio Factory. In the television circuit all the latest technological advances of recent years have been used, including the speaker of the closed type with phase inverter.

Teleradiola "Kharkiv"

10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

Teleradiola "Kharkiv", released in 1959, consisted of a TV, radio and Class 2 universal EPC. Teleradiola was equipped with broadband loudspeaker and create a normal sound even for a large room. To switch the TV receiver and on different bands produced using semiklavishnogo switch. In 1961 teleradiola "Kharkiv" cost 360 rubles. Today, this model is quite rare and is popular in the design of retro cafes and other similar establishments, as well as from private collectors. However, the creators of modern TVs have gone further and introduced NapTV - TV hybrid and chairs.

It is interesting to

10 models of the iconic black-and-white TVs Soviet-made

The first Soviet color television Rubin 401

The first Soviet color TV "Ruby 401" appeared in 1967. His dull paint could be considered only in a dark room. First broadcast program in the USSR held November 7, 1967. But for a long time color televisions shown in black and white, delighting their owners with flowers only on holidays. Today in the market you can find the most unusual models of TVs that are capable to surprise even the modern man.