Amazing Secrets of the Moon

The most interesting thing about Earth's moon

Moon - the closest human companion in our journey in outer space, as well as the only celestial body that we visited. Nevertheless, in spite of its relative proximity to us and seeming simplicity, our satellite continues to hide a lot of interesting secrets, and some of them are worth to learn about them.

1. moonquake

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

Despite the fact that, in fact, the moon - it's just a dead piece of rock with very low geological activity, crust movements occur there. They are called moonquake (similar to earthquakes).

There are four types of moonquakes: The first three - deep moonquakes, vibrations from meteorite impacts and thermal moonquakes caused by solar activity - are relatively safe. But moonquakes fourth type can be quite unpleasant. Usually they are up to 5, 5 on the Richter scale - that's enough to start trembling small objects. Last such tremors for about ten minutes. According to NASA, such moonquakes make our moon 'to ring like a bell. "

The most frightening in these moonquake that we do not have a clue about what causes them. Earthquakes on Earth, usually caused by the movement of tectonic plates, but the moon's tectonic plates just yet. Some researchers think that they may have some connection with tidal activity of the Earth, which, as it "pulls" the moon itself. However, the theory does not backed - tidal forces associated with the full moon, and moonquakes usually seen at other times.

2. Dual Planet

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

Most people believe that the moon - a satellite. However, many would argue that the Moon should be classified as a planet. On the one hand it is too large for the present satellite - its diameter is equal to a quarter of the diameter of the Earth, so that the moon may be mentioned the largest satellite in the solar system, if we consider the ratio. Pluto, however, also has a moon named Charon, which is half the diameter of Pluto's diameter. Except that Pluto is no longer considered this planet, so that Charon we take into account will not. Because of its large moon is not actually located in Earth orbit. Earth and Moon rotate around each other and around a certain point in the middle between them. This point is called the barycenter, and the illusion that the moon is in Earth orbit, due to the fact that the center of gravity is now located inside the earth's crust. This fact does not allow to classify the Earth to the Moon as a double planet, but the situation may change in the future.

3. Lunar garbage

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

Everyone knows that a man on the moon was. But not everyone knows that the person (specifically write this word with a capital letter) using the Moon as a standard place for a picnic - on the moon astronauts left a lot of garbage out there. It is believed that rests on the surface of the moon about 181,437 kg of artificial materials.

Of course, the blame is not only astronauts - specifically they are not scattered on the moon wrappers from sandwiches and banana peel. Most of this debris remained from different experiments, space probes and lunar rovers, some of which still operates.

4. Moonlight grave

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

Eugenie "Gene" Shoemaker, famous astronomer and geologist, in their circles is something of a legend: he has developed methods of scientific exploration of outer impact, and came up with techniques that astronauts "Apollo" was used to explore the moon.

Shoemaker had wanted to be an astronaut, but could not get the job because of minor health problems. This was the biggest disappointment throughout his life, but Shoemaker, however, continued to dream that someday he can still visit the moon. When he died, NASA has fulfilled his fondest wish and sent his ashes to the moon with the station "Lunar Prospector" in 1998, the year. His ashes remain there, among dispel the lunar dust.

5. The lunar anomaly

On some pictures taken by different satellites, are seen very strange things on the lunar surface. It seems that the moon is artificial structure whose size ranges from very tiny, generally having a parallelepiped shape, to "obelisks" of at least 1, 5 km height.

Fans of paranormal phenomena even "found" among the objects of the big castle, "hanging" high above the lunar surface. All this seems to point to the development of civilization, previously living on the Moon and supposedly build complex structures.

NASA has never denied these strange theory, despite the fact that all the images are likely tampered with supporters of "conspiracy theory".

6. Moondust

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

One of the most surprising and at the same time the most dangerous things on the moon - is moondust. As everyone knows, the sand gets everywhere on Earth, but the dust on the moon - the substance is extremely dangerous: it is fine as flour, but it is very rough. Due to its texture and low gravity it gets absolutely everywhere.

NASA had numerous problems associated with lunar dust: it breaks the astronauts boots almost completely penetrated into the ships and space suits and causes "lunar hay fever" in the unfortunate astronauts if they inhale it. It is believed that prolonged contact with the moon dust, even the most robust object could break.

Oh, and this devilish substance smells like gunpowder zhzhony.

7. Difficulties with low gravity

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

Although gravity on the moon is equal to only one-sixth of Earth's gravity, moving on its surface - a real feat. Buzz Aldrin said that based on the settlement of the Moon will be extremely difficult: the astronauts in bulky spacesuits legs were buried in the lunar dust by almost 15 cm. Despite the low gravity, inertia man on the moon is high, so move fast and change direction there is difficult. If the astronauts want to move faster, they had to pretend to be a clumsy kangaroo, which was also a problem, because the moon is full of craters and other dangerous objects.

8. The origin of the Moon

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

How did the moon? Simple and accurate answer is no, but, nevertheless, science allows you to make a few assumptions.

There are five main theories about the origin of the Moon. The theory of the division says that the Moon was once part of the world and separated from her at a very early stage of the Earth's history - in fact, the moon just might be on the site of the modern Pacific Ocean. capture theory says that the moon is a "wandering" through the universe until it was captured by Earth's gravity. Another theory is that our moon was formed from asteroids or debris or left over from the collision of Earth with an unknown planet the size of Mars.

The most reliable at this point theory of the origin of the Moon is called the theory of rings: protoplanet (the planet that has just formed) called Theia collided with the Earth and the resulting debris cloud then eventually gathered together and turned into the moon.

9. The moon and sleep

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

The influence of the moon and the earth can not be denied on each other. Nevertheless, the influence of the moon on people is a source of constant debate. Many believe that the full moon is the cause of the strange behavior of people, but science can not provide conclusive evidence for or against this theory. But science agrees that the moon can break the cycle of human sleep. According to experiments conducted at the University of Basel in Switzerland, the phases of the moon affect human sleep cycles strictly in a certain way. Worst of all people are asleep, as a rule, the full moon. These results are fully able to explain the so-called "moon madness": according to the experiment and confidence of many people, it is the full moon they often have nightmares.

10. The lunar shadow of

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the moon, they made a startling discovery: the shadow of the Moon is much darker shadows of the earth because of the lack of atmosphere. All lunar shadows - absolutely black. Once the astronauts stepped into the shadows, they could no longer see his own feet, despite the blazing sun disc in the sky.

Of course, the astronauts were able to adjust to this, but such a contrast between the dark and light areas of the surface still remains a problem. Astronauts have noticed that some of the shadows - namely, their own - have a halo. Later, they learned that a terrible phenomenon is explained by the effect of the opposition in which some dark shadow zones appear bright halo, with the proviso that the observer looks at the shadow at a certain angle.

Moon shadows are the bane of many missions "Apollo". Some astronauts discovered that perform maintenance tasks of the ship impossible, because they could not see what their hands. Others thought that accidentally landed in a cave - this effect is created due to the slopes cast shadows.

11. Lunar magnetism

Amazing Secrets of the Moon

One of the most interesting mysteries of the Moon is that the Moon has no magnetic field. It is surprising that while the stones that astronauts first brought from the Moon to Earth in the 1960s, magnetic properties possessed. Maybe stones have an extraterrestrial origin? How can they have magnetic properties when the moon is no magnetic field? Over the years, science has established that the magnetic field of the moon once was, but so far no one can say why it disappeared. There are two main theories: one reads that the magnetic field has disappeared because of the natural movements of the iron core of the moon, and the second states that it may be associated with a series of collisions with lunar meteorites.