Rules of Life by Robert Zemeckis

• Rules of Life Robert Zemeckis

Rules of Life by Robert Zemeckis

Speaking of my "Back to the Future" would make a good musical. I do not want to see this in life.

I grew up in the South Side of Chicago, in a poor working-class family. Art we were not there - no music, no books, no theater - only sometimes, on Tuesday, we went to the movies, because it was a woman's evening, and my mother could go free. I was watching TV every day, and it was my main source of inspiration. Children and TV? Yes, I know about this problem, but I still believe that knowledge can come from TV, too. For me it was just a salvation.

If I had not become a director, I would have been criminal. Unabomber (real name Ted Kaczynski, the American scientist and anarchist bombs are sent in postal parcels) lived in the same place where I am - in Evergreen Park. When he was arrested, I was shocked. In the photos from the raid was his home, and then I thought: "Yes, I also grew up here."

As a child I did not think that every film has director. Cinema for me consisted only of the actors.

I started to make a film? When I was fifteen, everything went crazy from the bloody denouement in "Bonnie and Clyde", so I asked my father to take me to a movie - I wanted to see it with my own eyes. When Gene Hackman character was killed, I was shocked unbelievable. I became obsessed with the movie. I remember a little later I bought the magazine "Film Memo" Bonnie and Clyde on the cover, but did not understand anything of what was written there. Then I just decided to shoot their movies. A long time ago, right after film school, I was able to meet with George Lucas, who was already a celebrity. "How do I become a director, George? - I asked. - What do I do, "He said," How else?. Do something". Now it seems to me that this is the best advice of all is that I have ever received. Somehow you are bound to do something.

Is a pity that people have less say about the movie. Coming out of the theater after a good movie, they say: "Where shall we have dinner?"

When the LED Shainberg, head of the company "UNIVERSAL", saw the first version of the script, "Back to the future", he said that chimpanzees, which was supposed to live at home of Doc Brown, must be replaced by a dog. He said, "Throw it to the chimpanzee line. Nobody will watch a film. I conducted a study: movies with chimpanzees always fail at the box office. " I say, "Cid, and" Like it or not - you lose "and" As soon as you can (comedy film series, in which Clint Eastwood's character keeps a monkey) And Sid says: "Actually, there was an orangutan," "?".

REMEMBER: you can travel either in time or in space. I was always afraid annoyed when people not only goes on, say, a hundred years ago, but it still gets from Los Angeles to England.

Everything related to film and the process of filming, - unnatural. Stand on a box to appear higher - it is unnatural.

We went March (the protagonist of the trilogy "Back to the Future"), only thirty years ago. Travel in those days, when your parents were young - this is much more than a trip to the prehistoric world. MOST people ask me when I take the fourth part of the "Back to the Future." Never. There can be no film in four parts. The three have drama. Have you heard about the three-act structure? Four - is an even number. Four - it's boring.

I never understood why AMD can not be removed in 3D. It seems to me, "Lawrence of Arabia" would have been great in 3D.

Small budget at all times and in all areas makes you more creative.

I can well understand why the earlier directors loved western. There is nothing better than working in a huge space.

I have the right pilots in instrument flying. So I know how to make films about the plane crash.

I WANT TO BELIEVE that in front of me waiting for something new. I do not want the inscription on the tombstone: "He shot a good movie."

The older you get, the less you still arrogant youthful agnosticism.

We are eternally alone in the responsibility that bear for themselves.

If the movie will bring one dollar, I'll be happy. Because the film was shot, and no one was hurt, and it's my job.

NOBODY CAN legalize sobriety.