Getwear → Responses to some questions


We Getwear produce excellent jeans to order according to your design and measure.

Getwear → Responses to some questions

Under the cut, we talk about the fact that American jeans are not the same, and why working in India can not sit idle. And we show denim plane and how two elephant tearing a fine example of denim.

Why bother ordering and jeans in the network, if I can go out and buy them in the store?

Getwear → Responses to some questions

have clothes from the store has no soul. It is stamped in large numbers, differing only in size. It not very high quality, not very pretty, is not very good sitting. She does not feel her.

And many believe that the jeans - it's like socks. Disposable clothing, which is bought for a couple of months and then discarded. Some of the jeans will never wash because they do not manage to get dirty before they spoil. Rubbed, torn, stretched - in the bucket.

Our jeans - others. They are sewn by hand, custom design. You come up with them, and we produce. Therefore Getwear - it's more than just a pair of jeans. This jeans made specifically for you. These can not be bought in a store.

These jeans - is Levis, they are sewn in the United States! I buy these two times cheaper than your Indian.

Getwear → Responses to some questions

We also like Levis, and consider ourselves their fans (for example, we use the classic Levi's dimensional range). But Levis - is not the same, and we are also very sad.

Since early 1990, Levi's ran into difficulties and closed all of its US factory production transferred to Latin America, China and the Middle East. There's jeans are sewn in these potogonkah. For this the company does not get tired to pay a multimillion-dollar fines - for example, Levi's paid the largest fine in the history of American labor law, $ 9 million in May 1999. Today, American Levis - this is a rare and expensive thing. Levi's has transferred production of its top models jeanswear company Filson, in which the states remained small factory. US Levis for $ 50 - this is a sad joke.

How can I buy jeans, did not die of?

Getwear → Responses to some questions

Buy Jeans, not dead they are much easier than remeasure two dozen pairs in the store.

We are living in a world of ready-made garments. The clothes are made only in size, we only remains to choose your own. Theoretically, you can buy, for example, a size 34 jeans, and they seem to have to sit down. But in fact, the "standard" size clothing is not any standard. The one who wears size 34, one jeans size 36 will be small, and the other 32 size - large.

Hike on jeans in the store is accompanied peremerkoy likely that approximately the right size. In this case, we often do not buy that sits perfectly, but that at least is not too tight or not dumped.

We have two solutions.

Firstly, we use dimensional Levi's line. Have you ever worn Levis, you can not go wrong in his size.

Secondly, we sew jeans to the measure. You are free to take your measurements and get a pair of jeans that will sit perfectly. It is important for those who do not figure issued silly standards. Let the person with ideal body proportions will throw us a spherical stone.

You shote jeans by hand? And where is the concern about the quality? A person can always make mistakes, screw up the stitches and all.

Getwear → Responses to some questions

All the jeans are sewn by hand, and Chinese for $ 20, and Italian superfashionable 500. The only question is in the hands, which they sew.

In pursuit of the quality we have abandoned the modern sewing technology for the benefit of the most simple and accurate.

We do not care about saving time and thread. For each pair of jeans attached separate tailor that "leads" the process for their manufacture, checking for a check-list. We can not afford a mistake, because the responsible head and purse for each pair.

We have a page on the quality of jeans - esteem there is written is true.

Do you manufacture in India? You there slaves sew what?

Getwear → Responses to some questions

clothes from the store is made by people who live in the shop, and get a penny. There all wanted to spit on the rules, and it conducts to tragedies - in November 2012 in Bangladesh on "potogonke" killed more than a hundred people.

Creating Getwear, we know that we need their production, with normal conditions and workers. So we had to build it from scratch. Getwear shops are located in India, in Mumbai.

We sew jeans in India for several reasons:

  • Work in India is cheaper and therefore more cheaply produced jeans.
  • In a very special mentality of the Indians. They work with pleasure, especially if working conditions are sootveststvuyuschimi. The first time we had a few orders, there was a strange problem. The workers were fired because they had to work too little, less than required by karma.
  • In India, arranged the production of all known brands of jeans, so we easy to find skilled tailors denim.

We have the best guys, what you can find. They work very well and earn accordingly. And we provide the production staff health insurance and nutrition - India is absolutely incredible benefits. we have them still, however, was not given on the personal elephant.

How do you decide that your jeans for a hundred dollars are better than mine, trade, for the same money?

I have to disappoint you, but the jeans purchased in the store for a hundred dollars, actually cost no more than $ 12.

Getwear → Responses to some questions

The remaining $ 88 pick up itself sellers and dealers, they go to the rental fee, customs fees and taxes. In addition, the entire retail system tries to make the jeans as cheap as possible. From all this, they do not become qualitative.

If jeans are, for example, $ 300, then most of the cost of these jeans make marketing expenses and allowances to the brand.

In Getwear no dealers and shops in shopping centers, we sell our jeans directly on the network. So we can afford to spend a large part of their value to themselves jeans: good denim, Swedish and Japanese accessories zipper on the "long" tailoring technology and multiple quality control.

The cost of our jeans jeans over themselves.

How do you deliver jeans? And suddenly lost?

Getwear → Responses to some questions

We deliver by courier jeans (usually FedEx). Jeans travel an average of five days and come directly to the house. Basic jeans we are from $ 99, shipping - $ 20.

We sewed and took thousands of couples, and while none of them is lost, delayed even jeans are extremely rare.

Jeans are decent. What do I do if will not do?

Getwear → Responses to some questions

If the jeans do not fit or do not like - we free them pereshom and deliver at their own expense.

Frankly, we did not easily enter such a guarantee. But our goal - to make so that the jeans were produced cool and liked. Wear jeans that do not like unpleasant. So we change them.

Experience shows that exchange happens very rarely. Unless you suddenly lose weight (though, in this case to get new jeans will be even nicer).

Getwear → Responses to some questions

We will respond to your questions. And now you tell us what you think about Getwear, share experiences, wishes or curses. And even better - just order a couple: