10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

Gamers who have lost control

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

Recently, more and more frequently raised the issue of the influence of video games on aggression, especially in adolescents. This theme the subject of many studies and experiments having to prove a direct link between the computer fad "toys" and outbreaks of violence.

Supporters of various prohibitions should remember that many previously argued that the level of aggression increases when watching movies and television programs, and even reading books, but humanity is in no hurry to give up these options for leisure.

Blaming video games of all mortal sins, for instance, in the growth of adolescent and even juvenile delinquency, people turn a blind eye to such factors as the lack of attention given to children by their parents and the state, asocial lifestyle of entire families and, as a consequence, the psychological problems of children and adolescents who then become adults, but most of the free time continue to spend on "shooter" and role-playing online games, because at the time were not able to integrate into society.

Here are a few fans of computer games who have committed crimes, but there is a direct link is, for example, between the killing of a virtual character and his neighbor, try to understand themselves.

1. Justin Williams

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

Jordan Osborne

July 2010-th year, the city of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. 20-year-old Jordan Osborne, disturbed heart-rending screams coming from the house next door, decided to find out what was happening. In the house, he found a neighbor, 21-year-old Justin Williams, playing in the "World Of Warcraft" and loudly shouting into the microphone in the discussion gaming moments with others. Jordan tried to calm the gamer, saying that we should not worry so, because it is "just a game". "It's not just a game, it's my life!" - exclaimed Justin Osborn grabbed by the throat, hit, and then stabbed a knife out of place tucked in the chest. Fortunately, the wound was not fatal: Jordan was hospitalized, and he after some time went on the mend, and his neighbor was charged with assaulting a man with aggravating circumstances, and with the use of bladed weapons.

2. Anthony Graziano

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

Anthony Graziano 19 years of age found on the Internet addresses of the nearest to his house he built synagogues and several Molotov cocktails (it is not difficult to guess that he also got recipes on the net).

January 3, 2012, the year he set fire Molotov cocktails synagogue in Paramus (NJ, USA), and January 11 the same thing took place in Rutherford, with the second case, he knew that at the synagogue the rabbi lives with his family. Aside from damaged buildings, damage was minimal - the rabbi's hand was burned when one of the cocktails went straight to his bed.

Nearly two weeks after the second arson Anthony was arrested, with the lawyer tried to prove the investigators that his client misconduct caused mental disorder provoked by "excessive fascination with video games", but Graziano himself never claimed anything like it.

3. Christian Rivera

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

August 16, 2011 14-year-old resident of Oklahoma City, Christian Rivera absorbed by the game "Call of Duty: Black Ops", suddenly distracted by a shrill sound is clearly not the virtual origin. He turned to the noise, turned his crying 9-month-old sister Linda, who hurt herself in the fall, and when looked back at the screen, his character was already dead.

Frustrated Christian took his sister in his arms and repeatedly shook strongly, hoping it would calm her down, and then put it in the cradle, Linda cried for some time, and then fell silent. Returning in the evening parents soon realized that with her daughter that something was wrong and went to the hospital. Doctors noticed that the nature of injury does not correspond to the received in the fall and called the police. During the interrogation, Christian told what had happened, the girl died three days later from a brain injury, and the teenager was placed in the chamber for minors - he could face life in prison.

4. The incident in Reynheme

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

In 2010, the two teenagers from Raynham (Massachusetts), 12 and 16 years, according to the prosecution tried using Molotov cocktails to burn the garage and the house, but do guys say they had no malice. They played video games until late and then decided to have some fun in real life: teenagers poured gasoline into beer bottles, and then set fire to them on the road in front of the garage.

Police called the vigilant neighbor, at four o'clock in the morning had noticed the flames. As later reported by "terrorists" whose names are in the interests of the investigation were not disclosed, the idea of ​​them suggested the game "Grand Theft Auto", for which they have spent the night a few hours.

5. Julien Barrot

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

One of the many fans of the game "Counter-Strike", 20-year-old Julien Barraud persevered, not worthy of a virtual and a real fighter.

Once, when Julien was playing a favorite of online "shooter", his character killed with a knife the other participants in the battle. The Frenchman held his offense and spent the next seven months, calculating the identity of the player and his house. As it turned out, Michael (the name of the offender), lived only a few miles from Julien, and "unjustly slaughtered" immediately there was a plan "adequate" revenge.

Julien took a knife and went to Michael, and when he opened the door, right on the doorstep plunged the blade into his chest. Attacker was arrested an hour later he told police he wanted to take revenge on Michael for a murder committed in the game. Barro insidious plan, as opposed to a virtual Michael attacks failed - knife held in a couple of centimeters from the last heart, and doctors were able to save him. Julien Barrot was sentenced to two years in prison.

6. Kim Yoo-Chul and Choi Mi-San

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

Two lovers from South Korea lived in perfect harmony: the 40-year-old Kim and 25-year-old Choi was conducted on end days in the online game "Prius", taking care of a virtual baby. The man and the woman gave the girl called Anima all my love. It would seem that nothing marital happiness?

The idyll ended with the death of their real 3-month-old daughter - returned home after a 12 hour game session in an Internet cafe, the parents found the girl died from exhaustion. The couple went into hiding immediately after the funeral, but soon found them and arrested.

7. Will and Josh Buckner

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

The brothers Will and Josh 15 and 13 years of age, decided to play with a sniper rifle, killed one motorist and wounded another. When they were detained by the police, the boys were told that just want to use your virtual experience of the "Grand Theft Auto 3" in real life, but did not want to cause anyone harm.

Teenagers spent several months in prison for juvenile offenders, and when their parents tried to contact the insurance company for compensation for damage from the actions of their children, snipers, insurers refused.

8. Hu Ange

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

A young Chinese man Hu Ange received from the parents of 50 thousand yuan (a little more than $ 7 thousand) for the organization of its business on the seafood trade, however, the full amount of 21-year-old Hu launched the online game. When it came time to talk about their success in business, the young man did not find any other way out but to poison the parents.

July 14, 2007, the year he bought 20 packs of tetramine (Chinese analogue of rat poison) and tried to poison his father, but he did not. Annoying Chinese bought tetramine again, this time to 45 packs, and a few days later his parents had prepared dinner. A second attempt to reach his goal, and while the father and mother writhing in its death throes, Hu sat down to play "Legend", ignoring their requests to call a doctor. When his parents died, the young man tried to convince the police that his mother had poisoned his father first, and then she took poison, but it has given the history of viewing a web page in a browser. Hu Ange was sentenced to death, but just at that time gambling addiction in China recognized mental illness, so that the sentence was appealed.

9. Yonath Savin

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

Romanian teenager Yonath Savin became interested in the game "Counter-Strike", so much so that out of nearly 270-day school year, 15-year-old boy managed to miss the 200. His mother did not know how else to get his son to return home with a virtual "theater of war", and cut off the Internet connection, and then Yonath repeatedly struck her with a knife, then collected all the money in the house and went for four hours in an internet cafe.

teen's father returned home and found the body of his beloved wife (in this day, by the way, they had a 16th wedding anniversary), of course, immediately called the police. After some time, I came home and Yonath, but when I saw in the house of representatives of the security forces, said to them: "I think I'm the one you're looking for."

Young killer faces up to 12 years in prison, but some experts believe that it is recognized by the mentally deranged, as indicated by 17 stab wounds on the body of the mother.

10. Gavin Allen Prince

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

Case Gavin Prins shocked not only the American public in 2011, the year, but also, perhaps, the whole world: not every day that a 15-year-old boy accused of murdering his great-grandmother, and even a samurai sword.

Gavin was playing a computer game when the 77-year-old woman asked him to escape from the process, but the boy in any did not want to yield to its demands. After a brief dispute Prince got a samurai sword and hacked to death with an old lady. Then he attacked the 55-year-old grandmother, but she barricaded themselves in the room, decorated with small cuts, and called the police.

10 known crimes committed by the video game fans

A teenager at this time ran into the street and tried to attack the two neighbors, but it managed to escape. The young man had resisted the police came along and managed to shoot at them from a pneumatic gun before he cleared electroshock. For Gavin it was the third arrest for three months on charges of aggression, with previously in the Prince has seized a samurai sword, but he managed to acquire another.