The most high-profile scandals photoshop

We did not include cases from the field of fashion selection. There are Photoshop - the motor industry, which is constantly accompanied by scandals. We will not deal with suddenly lost weight and politicians. It is better to remember those who have used the photo editor of their own laziness, desire something to hide or embellish.

Clock and followers Cyril

This story is familiar to all: in April last year, the press service of the Patriarch of the retouched expensive watch on the hand of Patriarch Kirill, but paid no attention to their reflection in the polished table. Then we joked that the new model of Breguet watches will be at the sight of the camera to creep into the sleeve.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

It would seem, from this case, the press service of the Russian Orthodox Church had to endure a lesson. However, in June this year, bloggers have found a picture sermon Cyril cloned humans.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Snow official

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

In February of this year, I lost work of the head of one of the districts of Moscow, where the snow is removed photoshop brushes.


In 2010, the Young Guard of "United Russia" have placed a photograph in which they allegedly help fight fires in the Voronezh region. However, one of the bloggers studied the service information file, found that the shot for two years. And the smoke it pririsoval in Photoshop.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop



A year later, in blogs spread the pictures on the official website of the district council "Zamoskvorechye" with painted playgrounds. By the way, it became clear that the site is still there, just the officials did not bother to make a real photo shoot.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Kuban officials

Officials from the Krasnodar region with the help of photo editor attended the opening ceremony of the final Rural Kuban games.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Press service of the vice-governor explained the incident "a technical mistake". But that was not so important, because users of social networks have arranged regional officials to travel around the world.

"Fair Nazis"

In 2011, the deputy Lifenews published pictures from the "Fair Russia", which supposedly came to the wedding in a Nazi uniform. Because of this incident, even there was a skirmish between the CEO Aram Gabrelyanov publication and thus deputy. And bloggers Lifenews suspected of fabricating images.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Bulk Berezovsky

January 2012 was remembered joint photo Navalny and Berezovsky, published in the newspaper "Arguments and Facts" in the Urals. Noticing publication, opposition posted on his blog an original picture in which he is shown with Mikhail Prokhorov.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Kemerovo handsome

In 2011, the governor of the Kemerovo region, Aman Tuleyev, held a reception of citizens, and then issued a press release with a photo, which noticeably younger.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop


Scandals related to editing photos, occur not only in Russia. In May 2013, the largest news agency of South Korea published a picture in which President Obama shakes hands, and the leaders of the countries are in different rooms. The meeting of heads of state really took place, but for some unknown reason the agency has not used the official shooting activities.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Shoulder Michelle

A few months earlier, Iranian media covered the shoulders of the wife of US President Barack Obama, pririsoval sleeves to her dress. According to Iranian law, women, appearing on television, should be dressed in a hijab that covers her head, arms and legs.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

It is better for a man

In March 2013 in Iran have forged a photograph of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after he visited Chavez. A picture in which the Iranian leader's mother comforts the Venezuelan president, has caused confusion among the inhabitants of the conservative Muslim country.

The fact that Muslim men is forbidden to touch women who are not their relatives. After the scandal supporters Ahmadinejad said that a fake picture, and replaced a woman to a man.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Great Power

Such scandals occur frequently around North Korea. Exaggerate the extent of the flood, the line of people to recover, then spread the images of military exercises with reproduction in Photoshop ships.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Excess breast

Canada believes that the breast prevents career in Parliament, and the easiest way to get rid of it - use a graphical editor. And received 29-year-old Ratika Sitsabaesan in 2011.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Ahead walking

In 2010, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram has decided to please his President, interchanging of leaders in one of the joint images.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

No Hillary

In May 2011, an Orthodox Hasidic newspaper Der Tzitung published a famous photograph, in which the first US officials are watching the operation to eliminate Osama bin Laden. Only somehow carved out of it, Hillary Clinton and the head of the department for the fight against terrorism, the United States Audrey Thomason.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop

Iranian missiles

In 2008, during the missile tests in Iran have soared, only three of the four missiles, but Iran's Sepah News newspaper decided not to upset the people, and not pririsoval soaring rocket successfully launched. Photo replicated Agency France Presse, and then it spread over the LA Times, Chicago Tribune and other newspapers to publish photos on the front page.

The most high-profile scandals photoshop The most high-profile scandals photoshop

I screwed up with the scale of

National Geographic magazine in 2010 recognized the winner of the photo contest in his picture, which does not actually exist aircraft. However, it is not immediately noticed.

Yes, okay.