8 rich people who were unhappy

Many believe that life would be much better if we had unlimited money wealth, but in fact money can not buy happiness.

People whom we want to tell you were born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but all of them suffer from emotional and physical problems, addictions and abuse, which ultimately made them unhappy.

1. The heirs of the tobacco empire Doris Duke received billions of dollars, but lived in a squalid basement of

8 rich people who were unhappy

The children of one of the largest in the US tycoons Walker Inman Patterson and George Inman, 15-year-old twins, did not live as happily as you might expect. Their father was a nephew of the tobacco empire heiress Doris Duke and the twins Inman should get $ 1 billion when they turn 21, however, young people had to spend three months in a psychiatric hospital recently to deal with a terrible childhood trauma.

Duke family previously controlled the entire tobacco industry in the United States. They founded the prestigious Duke University, and their charitable foundation donates millions annually. However, Walker Inman, was a drug addict, he mocked his children until his death from overdose - at the time the twins were 12 years old. Together with his fifth wife Darel Inman, a drug addict and an alcoholic, Walker regularly locked the children in the basement, smeared with excrement, excrement tossed in their bedroom, made them bathe in boiling water and threatened their lives, being with them, being soundly drunk.

Sometimes rich kids can afford an extravagant luxury - factory as a lion pet or leave on a vacation in exotic countries. And these twins were very different life: most of the time they were in prison, almost did not attend school, and now lag behind in development, both intellectually and emotionally. For example, they still believe in Santa Claus and suffer from anorexia and suicidal thoughts as undernourished throughout his childhood. Walker Inman often force their children to breathe in harmful chemical fumes, because smoking drugs with them. He humiliated them both morally and physically - once he was arrested for being beaten by Georgia, and the servants were forced to press charges, because seriously feared for the girl's life.

Now Inman twins live with their adoptive mother, a former stripper, and undergo intensive therapy to deal with the consequences of their traumatic upbringing.

2. Christina Crawford was adopted by Hollywood legend, who treated her cruelly

8 rich people who were unhappy

Christina Crawford was less than a year when she was adopted by a glamorous movie star Joan Crawford. Christina was one of four foster children, and, although grew up in luxury, claims to have been the victim of physical and psychological violence at the hands of her mother for most of his life. Memoirs of Christina titled "Dear Mama" was published two years after Joan's death. Later, based on the eponymous film was made with the participation of Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford and Diana Scarwid in the role of Christine.

Cristina says that her mother had suffered from mood swings and alcoholism, and she was accustomed to beat and yell at their children, if they do not even the most insignificant trifle. When the book came out, the question of parental abuse by wealthy parents at the center of public attention, and became the model Kristina "poor little rich girl."

After the death of Joan Crawford Christina and her brother found that were not mentioned in the will "of the well-known to them the reasons." Brother and sister, later filed a lawsuit, claiming that their other sister Kathy Lalonde and her husband, Jerome used the mother's mental imbalance, to insinuate himself into her confidence, and thus enrich themselves after her death. Now Christina with her sister almost no contact, but their fate and career has managed to build itself: it is a famous actress and writer, and helps victims of violence to children around the world.

3. Astor family lucky heir neglected his elderly mother in revenge for broken childhood

8 rich people who were unhappy

Anthony Marshall - the only son of the well-known socialite and philanthropist Brooke Astor charity. Astor family is one of the wealthiest and most respected families, "blue" blood in the United States. Unfortunately, it is also known because of the cruelty and neglect of children by their parents, and this story is still being discussed in New York's high society.

8 rich people who were unhappy

Brooke Astor

Brooke was married twice before to marry one of the Astors. Her first husband, J. Dryden Cather, was a wealthy politician in New Jersey, and from Brooke gave birth to a son -. Anthony. Brooke says that her first husband had abused alcohol, and she and their son suffered it for years before she finally divorced him.

According to Brook, Cather subjected her and Anthony physically and verbally abused, cheated on her and drank too much during their marriage. According to the biography Brook, written in 2007 by Francis Kiernan, Brooke was six months pregnant when Cather broke her jaw.

After the divorce, Brooke married Charles Marshall, who was very fond of. Her son respected his stepfather is so strong that even took his name when he was 18, that was the reason for his biological father deny him any parental help.

Although Anthony did not need any material things, he suffered from a lack of parental neglect, abuse and fear. After his mother married Vincent Astor, heir to all the state of the Astor family, Anthony began to pay even less attention. Even Brooke Astor, which considers itself a philanthropist, acknowledged that there was "a lousy mother."

Perhaps it is a sad lonely childhood, Anthony was the reason that he was convicted of abuse of elderly mother in 2007, the year, as well as the fact that he manages to get her bad fortune. In 2006, the newspaper "New York Daily News" published an article about a feud between Anthony and his son Philip Marshall. When Philip visited his 103-year-old grandmother, I discovered that she is living in appalling conditions and are so sick mentally and physically, that is not even in a position to help themselves. Philip gave her father to court to stop the abuse of an elderly woman, and the investigation proved the guilt of Anthony. Marshall was convicted of that, taking advantage of his mother's deteriorating health, she stole millions of dollars. Ultimately, Brook new trustees were appointed, taking care that it is in no way needed until his death. She died at the age of 105 years.

In 2009, the year Anthony was sentenced to prison, and in 2013 went to jail at the age of 89 years. Since then, he returns the $ 12 million that had stolen his mother for many years.

4. The mother star of the series "Modern Family" insulted and starved her daughter

8 rich people who were unhappy

Comedy Lovers "Modern Family" were shocked to learn that the 14-year-old actress Ariel Winter, who plays middle child Alex Dunphy secretly subjected to cruelty and violence on the part of his mother, Walkman, Crystal.

In 2012, the Ariel has filed a lawsuit with the assistance of her elder sister, 34-year-old Walkman, Chanel. The claim was that, according to Ariel, the mother puts her regular physical (slapping, hitting and pushing) and emotional abuse (vile personal insults over a little weight and immaturity, sexual abuse, deprivation of food and the like) for already a long time.

Although Crystal Walkman, denies all the charges against her, her 20 years ago, was deprived of parental rights and custody of her eldest daughter Chanel by the decision of the Department of Child and Family - Chanel then was about the same age as Ariel is now.

Ariel was allowed to live with Chanel, but the mother and adoptive father filed a petition for the restoration of custody. According to the data, laden with during the trial, actors and film crew of "Modern Family" were aware of abuse of Ariel, but could not do anything to help her.

They have seen how Crystal robs Ariel food and allows one to eat only egg whites and raw vegetables. It is also often said Ariel, that her clothes are not talking to her that she is too big ears, and made other derogatory remarks. Members of the crew admitted that it was so sorry for Ariel, they were trying to secretly give her food until her mother could not see.

5. The Heiress "Johnson & Johnson" died in poverty and solitude

8 rich people who were unhappy

Casey Johnson - socialite daughter of Salem Johnson and Woody Johnson, owner of the "New York Jets" and the great-grandson of the founder of the company "Johnson & Johnson". She attended the best private schools, her childhood friends were Nicky and Paris Hilton, she drove expensive cars and won his first bag of "Chanel" in ten years. But in spite of all the wealth, she was unhappy as his mother ignored her completely. To cope with this, Casey started to take heavy drugs when she was 12 years old.

Apparently, the life of Casey Johnson became a tragic yet before she died alone in a filthy apartment at the age of 30 years. She was a regular participant parties where addicted to cocaine and alcohol, and rehabilitation took longer than she could remember. Being bisexual, Casey was not able to find love with any man or a woman, and it is often made her put up a fight in public, once it is burned girlfriend hair in a nightclub, while the other entered the house of the ex-boyfriend and left on his bed to use a vibrator.

8 rich people who were unhappy

In the last years of her life, she got in touch with the star of reality show "Tila-Tequila", which seemed to be more concerned about how much Casey money than what kind of person she was. Casey appeared a child, but after her friends said that she goes to parties and leave the child unattended, Casey's mother intervened and took custody of the baby. Salem Casey also closed access to all bank accounts, after which one had to live in squalid conditions in a cheap house.

December 29 Casey tweeted his last message: "Everybody sweet dreams." Four days later, the maid, who on his mother's insistence, sometimes cleans the house Casey, found her body in bed - Casey died a few days ago from complications of diabetes, which doctors found her when she was a child.

6. Rich Girl started using drugs at age eight, because parents ignore her

8 rich people who were unhappy

Lee Horowitz - the daughter of the general director of fashion giant "Tommy Hilfiger" Joel Horowitz. Lee grew up in a vast wealth attended the best private schools, and conducted in different countries chic vacation. Unfortunately, her father worked long hours and traveled a lot, so by the time when she was only 16 years old, Lee has been completely dependent on drugs.

She began smoking marijuana when she was only eight years old, and then she is addicted to hard drugs - cocaine, LSD and heroin. She always appeared in the school in a state of alcohol or drugs and seemed rolled down the slope, but this one could not prevent.

After father found her drunk and "stoned" at a party at her friend's house in honor of Thanksgiving, he searched her room and found huge reserves of hashish, marijuana and heroin. The next morning, his father lied to her, saying that it sends to a ski resort, but instead, Lee got into a rehabilitation center for troubled children in the state of Idaho.

During the course of intensive and costly care whether the parents learned with horror that she lost her virginity at the age of nine with the familiar teenager and raped her in high school, and both of these terrible events prompted her to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Therapy saved the life of Lee. And, though she hated when her parents, but she found the strength to build good relations with them and begin to lead a normal life of an adult.

7. She won the huge sum in a lottery in 16 years, but lost everything because of his scandalous past

8 rich people who were unhappy

Kelly Rogers was only 16 years in th 2003, she worked on not too prestigious job and received the minimum wage, when she won the jackpot in the lottery of the United Kingdom - the prize sum of £ 1 875 million (approximately US $ 2,846,812 ). Although she vowed that will carry for money with all the responsibility, it nevertheless soon began to squander his fortune. In the following nine years, Kelly was the mother of two children and spent most of his winnings for nothing: on breast augmentation, parties and cocaine (the last took about $ 380 thousand). Of the total state she left only $ 2 thousand. After an appeal for help in the treatment of waste and drug Kelly realized that acting in this way because of the ill-treatment, including sexual harassment she suffered as a child.

She told about herself: "I prayed about winning the lottery, believing that money will make me happy, and I'll forget about what had been done to me. But as soon as the joy of victory had subsided, I realized that I constantly think about what this man did to me. "

Kelly recently got married and is now studying to be a nurse. She and her husband both work to provide their three children.

8. Actress Mackenzie Phillips had used drugs and incest

8 rich people who were unhappy

Mackenzie Phillips - daughter of John Phillips, a member of the group "The Mamas & The Papas", and his first wife, Susan Adams. Mackenzie beginning of an acting career at age 12, having a role in the comedy "American Graffiti", and then the other, no less successful roles.

Although Mackenzie reached a financial and professional success at a very young age, she was unable to assess the achievements of addiction to drugs and alcohol. She claims that he first tried drugs with his father-musician, when she was only 11 years old, and Dad helped her enter the cocaine when she was a child trying to do it the first time.

The whole life of Mackenzie was marred by drugs and arrests. To make matters worse, she in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2009 was admitted that ten years ago, she and her father came in consensual sexual relations. It was when she fainted due to drinking alcohol at the age of 18 years and woke up due to the fact that her father made her a sexual act. Then she continued to use drugs and have sexual relations with his father for many years.