Magician Hayao Miyazaki

The legendary director, who gave the world "Totoro," "Spirited Away," "Wandering Castle Howl" and many other films, has announced his retirement from the animation.

At the Venice Film Festival, a prominent Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, presented his new cartoon "The wind grows stronger," and announced his retirement. The director has long threatened to leave the animation, and three of his previous work interpreted as a will, but every time the world sighed with relief - remains the master. But not at this time.

We want to remember the most famous paintings of Hayao Miyazaki and lift the veil on his work.

Magician Hayao Miyazaki

The future cartoonist was born January 5, 1941. Hayao was the second of four sons in a family of Miyazaki's father - director of aircraft engines manufactured by, his mother - a beautiful, educated woman.

In high school he saw the cartoon "The Legend of the White Snake" produced by Toei Studios. Impression of moving images-images of overturned a lifetime of future multiplier. But the young Hayao went not to the artist or designer - he successfully graduated from university with a degree in "Political Science and Economics."

Animation all not let Hayao, and he attended a storytelling circle. Since the author was awarded an impressive store of knowledge about the legends, epics, legends and myths.

Magician Hayao Miyazaki

By 1963, in Miyazaki animation life still "outweigh" the serious science. He just comes to the studio Toei and gets an assistant animator. Here he met with Isao Takahata, a man with whom together will go through all the setbacks and eventually create their own animation studio "jibla" (Ghibli). In 1982, Miyazaki began to publish the novel in pictures "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind." Publishers put his condition is not to film "Nausicaa", but soon they themselves asked to take off a fifteen-minute episode. Animator refused to do the film length less than an hour, and in the end it was decided that a full-length, two-hour film. The history of the princess with exotic medieval decorations, knights, tanks, air battles, insects tall as a house, with the environmental theme and grand philosophical sounding literally shook Japan. So sorokatrehletny Miyazaki has become a classic.

Throughout his career, Hayao Miyazaki has affected a variety of topics, used a variety of tones and registers. Satire, epic, elegy magically intertwined in his paintings, entirely submerging the audience in a fascinating game of fantasy ... So the master managed to find a way not only to the minds but also the hearts of the audience. If he told the children about the world in their own language, the adults have the road on which you can go to visit a childhood.

Magician Hayao Miyazaki

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, 1984.

"Animation - it's not when you take a pencil and draw a smooth, correct line. Animation - when you're trying to find the line that is hidden inside of you. "

Magician Hayao Miyazaki

My Neighbor Totoro 1988.

"I should not like to talk about it", - he admitted the president of the studio "Walt Disney" Michael Eisner, - "but" Totoro "has long been the favorite film of my children. It has some difficult to define the magic words. Before the film was released in the US in the video, my home was his tape in Japanese. Once they found her children. Although it was not clear Japanese dialogue, the film fascinated them. I can not count how many times they watched it. "

Magician Hayao Miyazaki

Castle in the Sky 1989.

Magician Hayao Miyazaki

Kiki's Delivery Service, 1989.

One day, in an interview with novelist Ryu Murakami, Miyazaki long tried to explain what draws girls not because a pedophile, but because a grown man can not in principle be the hero of any story, in fact, faced with evil, he is always looking for someone to shoot off his head, and it is - a vicious way.

Magician Hayao Miyazaki

Princess Mononoke 1997.

"Of course, we have at the studio and computer department. But I always tell them: "Try to work sloppy, do not aspire to the perfect lines. We're here to build a secret, but the secret is never perfect. "

2001 to Hayao Miyazaki and the whole world saw the film "Spirited Away." This is a colorful and exotic tale about the adventures of a ten-year girl in the wizarding world, but Miyazaki and then remains true to himself, trying to make the audience got not only a joy, but also for the benefit of their worldview.

"Spirited Away" The film was a great success in Japan and quite incredible abroad: Berlin Film Festival Award, and later "Oscar" in the nomination "Best Animated Film".

Magician Hayao Miyazaki Magician Hayao Miyazaki

Wandering Castle Howl 2004.

The last five years of the Japanese animator waiting the most savage and violent fantasies - in general, they have it, and strong. But the light appeared realistic biography aircraft Jiro Horikoshi. Jiro here - not a fairy-tale hero, but a real person, awkward, faulty, often miserable, insane devotee sky. But this is hardly a picture to be taken only as a biopic about a historical person. Miyazaki always looks deeper - aviation here as animation allows to break the boundaries of space and, finally, to make perhaps the most perilous journey - into the depths of his own soul.