Why Russian beard?

The strength of Russia - in its people. The power of the people, at least muzhetskogo sex - in his beard. So for what the Russian people needed a good vegetation on the chin? On the anniversary of the introduction of Peter I tax on beards, I answer this question

Why Russian beard?

1. To enter the Kingdom of Heaven

Patriarch Adrian in the late XVII century, he wrote: "God created man, bearded: Only cats and dogs do not have it." All the "scraping" adult men indiscriminately excommunicated. It was connected with the fact that according to the tradition of the Orthodox man was outwardly sootvetsvovat image of Christ. So gladkovybritym men entrance into the kingdom of heaven was ordered.

2. To show their strength

In Russia, men are not met on clothes, and beard. Its density and okladitosti. Dense vegetation considered to be a good reflection of the external human species, and his masculine strength. People with ill-growing beard recognized almost degenerates. Beardless, as a rule, remained landless.

3. In order to preserve their dignity

Honor from the Russian man was in his beard. The damage caused by vegetation on the chin, is a grave crime against the person. Another Yaroslav the Wise established a penalty for torn hair in his beard. Over the torn tuft offender I had to pay the state 12 hryvnia. When Ivan the Terrible disgraced boyars were subjected to the infamous Civil penalty: they plucked hairs from his beard. Wash off such a shame it was only possible in a monastery or a feat in the war.

4. In order to emphasize its russkost

Beard was considered a gift from God. And the Russian people for this part was very gifted. Beard was our national treasure, which protect including tacit charters not to enter into marriages with foreigners. Especially with those whom nature has not endowed with dense vegetation on the face. Sinned with "infidels" is easily recognizable by their offspring, to be exact - on the "goat", thin beard. Accidents "rewarded" "bastard" status (from the word fornication), and we had to make quite a few efforts to become a full member of society.

5. In order to have harmony in life

Beard for the Russian people was not only honor and conscience, but also the balance in life. Hair loss on the beard certainly affects the destiny of man. By accidentally torn shreds and lost hair on his chin treated very seriously, "balding" man, as a rule, I go to confession, and then sat on a strict fast. But the men who volunteered to get rid of the beard, considered an obsession. Ordinary people shunned them not to be infected by demons. But the worst thing was for the Russian people as "scrape" the king. This is perceived by the people of the national disaster ...

6. To show his independence

In the XIX century beard perceived sign of dissent. They did not cause suspicion beard the priests of the Old Believers and merchants. Raznochintsy same dispensing beards were regarded as potentially dangerous, unreliable element. In the Soviet era, the beard was an attribute of a wealthy farmer, a priest or academic scientist and later as fans suspicious of intellectuals like Hemingway or unformatted Vysotsky. Thus, it can be argued that the wearing of a beard - a kind of non-conformity, showing the independence of the views of its "host" and even his revolutionary spirit. Suffice it to recall the bearded leader of world revolution.

7. To emphasize his masculinity

At all times, the beard was a sign of masculinity and maturity. Beardless man even denied the blessing and were not allowed on the battlefield. Today, during blur gender boundaries, wearing a beard can serve as an additional indicator of masculinity.