Sirota and longitude

Journalist Julia Ioffe and photographer Maxim Avdeev visited five American families had time to adopt children from Russia, the State Duma has not yet banned them from doing so.

Family Vengerov, Waynesboro, PA

In Redelly and Nevin Vengerov did not work to have children, and they decided to adopt orphans from Russia. Mennonite Church helped raise money for the journey to Moscow, and in 2005 took Wenger two years Ryland, whose mother abandoned immediately after birth. Three years later they adopted Roderick suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. Now the boys are 8 and 10 years, and they, along with her sister, which Wenger was adopted from Idaho, working on the family dairy farm.

Sirota and longitude Sirota and longitude Sirota and longitude

Family Tronkalov, Lancaster, PA

One of Tronkalov daughters went to the Russian missionary and attached to the girl Ana, who was living in an orphanage. In the nearby orphanage for deaf she lived her older sister Masha - despite the fact that normally heard. The girls had psychological problems caused by alcoholic parents. In the orphanage, they came after a neighbor saw the 8-year-old Maria delves into the dustbin. In 1999 Tronkaly, who already had four children, decided to adopt a girl. One Russian official told them that they can get Masha "discount" because her "little head". Masha (bottom right), recently married, Anna (bottom left) is still living with his parents and is about to finish studying to be a nurse.

Sirota and longitude Sirota and longitude

Family Uomplerov, Greencastle, PA

After Anita Uompler happened sixth miscarriage, she and her husband Wilber adopted two boys from a relatively prosperous Moscow orphanage and called them Darltonom and Dzhurrellom. Both fetal alcohol syndrome. Darlton (top left) - a vicious boy with learning disabilities. Dzhurrell (top right) - gregarious and charismatic, but hyperactive. In school they do not go - Anita engaged with them at home. Parents showed their consultants to overcome learning disabilities. Wilbur working on a construction site. Trying to be as close as possible to his sons, he bought the e-course in Russian language and is now engaged with them (they themselves have already forgotten Russian).

Sirota and longitude Sirota and longitude

The family Corman, Saksvill, Maryland

In 1999, Carol Corman and her husband Kim traveled to Irkutsk and adopted two teenage sisters and the baby, who was named Dan. Then they brought from Russia has three children. Four senior had already left by parents. 15-year-old Dan - Boy Scout, plays drums in the church orchestra, attends youth courses Reserve Officers Training Corps. Olivia 10 years. On her face visible characteristic signs of fetal alcohol syndrome, and it is difficult to adapt to the school. Olivia loves to ride horses and play "Marines against terrorists" at the entrance to the courtyard Kormann home. He is hilly, and when it snows, there is good sledding.

Sirota and longitude Sirota and longitude Sirota and longitude

Family Hubbard, Ephrata, PA

Krista and Brian Hubbard adopted a child in 2006, following the example of their friends - family Tronkalov. Their son Isaac was born in Podolsk. He was 14 months, and Christa remembers that he could not keep his head and his eyes involuntarily ran. Isaac was born severely premature. He had a brain ischemia. In three years, he could not speak. Then he was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. To soothe the eyes, it took a few operations, and now he regularly goes to the children's neyrookulistu. At school, it is difficult to focus, and it carries out special treatment. After Isaac Hubbard adopted the girl, already in the US, and recently they had a another daughter.

Sirota and longitude Sirota and longitude