5 guests, which can be called the worst in the world

Our world is full of wonders: the presence of some luck, free time and airline tickets all can appreciate the timeless beauty of ancient works of art and fantastic natural phenomena. But unfortunately, some tourists do not appreciate this beauty, forever ruining his fat paws priceless masterpieces.

1. Teenager scrawled his name in the ancient Egyptian temple of

5 guests, which can be called the worst in the world

In May of this year, the Chinese teenager named Dean Jinghai visited the ancient Egyptian temple. He, apparently, 3,000-year-old frescoes were too boring for him, so he quickly decided their "perfect" - he was smart enough to scribble on the wall of his name.

Reminder: this is 3000-year-old temple! This work of art, stood unchanged and remaining intact as possible for three millennia in spite of wars, conquest and ruthless time. And all this in order to be spoiled any to15-year-old prankster. Perhaps this never would have happened if the parents knew her son a little better and would have left it in the hotel. Moral of the story: for the sake of humanity, to educate all their children the same!

2. A tourist found a very rare six-legged octopus and ate it

5 guests, which can be called the worst in the world

An American tourist Labros Gidras while scuba diving in Greece came across a six-legged octopus. Gidras immediately realized that with an octopus faced every day (actually, it's only the second six-legged octopus of all ever found), so he decided to eat it.

And after the octopus got in his stomach, tourist confirmed - yes, it really will be in the next few hours defecate remains extremely rare animal. He prepared it himself, as local chefs have refused to do it. Gidras says that now is not feeling well, and very sad, in his opinion, is that this biological uncommon tastes no different from the usual octopus.

3. Tourists photographed with a dying dolphin

5 guests, which can be called the worst in the world

But the case, which once again confirms that the human race is clearly in need of cleaning. A group of tourists, swim at the beach in the Chinese region of Hainan, found the wounded dolphins floating near the shore. Probably the animal has suffered as a result of a collision with a boat. Of course, finding a dolphin swimmers immediately contacted the organization for homeless animals, and while rescuers rode as best they could do to help him, and from the heavens poured Michael Jackson song "Help Willy."

Oh well. Of course, it should have been. But we live in a much more brutal reality.

Yes, rather than to help the poor animal, these people dragged the dolphin out of the water like a sack of potatoes, and spit, as they wanted before the camera lens, while the life force left the animal's body. After a few shots, intended to impress friends on Facebook, a dolphin broke down and died - not suffered fallen on his injury, assault and battery, and apparently disgrace of being seen in public in the company of those idiots.

4. The man broke the 600-year-old statue of her in an attempt to measure

5 guests, which can be called the worst in the world

During a visit to the Opera del Duomo in Florence, a tourist from Missouri, whose name was not reported, accidentally broke off the little finger at the 14-centuries-old statues. The man was a logical justification for his action: he was trying to measure it.

Why he did it is unknown - perhaps wanted to make a copy of the statue at home, but we'll never know. It is noteworthy that, although the statue of age is 600 years, much younger than the little finger. This means that it has attached the statue in the Victorian era - apparently, someone has already tried to measure the statue before.

5. The Hitchhikers izrisoval graffiti world famous Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

5 guests, which can be called the worst in the world

Cliffs of Moher for centuries considered to be one of the most amazing sights in Ireland. These rocks - evidence that people are born and die, but the greatness of nature remains unchanged.

5 guests, which can be called the worst in the world

Spectacular view, is not it?

Well, two French hitchhikers decided that the rock will look much better if they seem like a garage door, so they covered the bedrock area of ​​2, 5 m² of graffiti. A pair of vandals who call themselves "mother" and "Dirty Edior" even upload video (subsequently removed) on YouTube - apparently as a guide of how to spoil a rock. Look closely at the photo above: it is possible, the nature of the monument will be a couple of years to look like a giant skate park.